Author's Note: Okay, so this story is the revival of the Witch Trials in the year 2034. Just for the record, the town where this story takes places, Hillsdale, doesn't actually exist in Wyoming. I did this both to have my own town full of people to work with, and so no one gets upset because I turned their Wyoming town into a new Salem. XD.

Bill 2047-B98Q

Also known as: Bill for Pursuit of Those Who Practice Witchcraft, the Black Arts or Assist Practitioners Thereof.

This Bill, approved on the day of December 17th, in the year of 2033, is enacted in order to prevent the violent acts of witches and other practitioners of the black arts onto the innocent public.

This Bill authorizes the arrest of any person suspected of witchcraft or suspected of associating with those who may practice witchcraft. These suspects may be brought in for questions and held until they are deemed innocent.

If any person or persons should be judged guilty of practicing witchcraft or consorting with those who do, the punishment shall be determined by the People's Committee of Pure Life, a committee created in accordance with subsection 82 of this Bill. The recommended punishment is imprisonment in a small concrete chamber, lacking windows in order to prevent any sort of escape attempt. In the case of an emergency trial, if the accused party is found guilty of the crime of witchcraft an officer of the law may authorize an execution by fire in order to neutralize the threat.