First story of the new profile, and I've been wanting to post this one ever since I wrote it! And I'm almost done with the sequel!

Warnings: MxM, Twincest, heavy explicit content, a very dominant twin. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Plotless. But who needs a plot, when you have man sex?

Stop Complaining





Laugh out loud.

Julian hated lol. It was short, didn't make sense, and looked like someone with their mough open wide in shock.

Lol. He didn't want to laugh out loud. Why would people even put that? Were they actually laughing outloud? If so, that was odd. If not, they needed to shut the fuck up.


STFU wasn't so bad, because it was a demand, and not fake action. Not as bad as ROFL. Were they seriousy rolling on the floor, laughing? He hoped not, because usually what had been said was not that funny.

His thoughts were disrupted when the teacher slammed a book down on his desk. Julian jumped half a mile into the air, then frowned at the snickers and chuckles it caused.

"I'm sorry Julian, am I boring you? the teacher asked, and Julian saw his twin brother, Ash, grinning. Julian resisted the urge to stick his tongue out at his brother. Instead, he shook his head.

"No sir."

After Julian was able to five a pretty good summary of what the teacher had been talking about, the teacher left, and Julian went back to hating lol.


So, what were you complaining about in your head this time?" Ask asked as they left the classroom.

"I was thinking about how I hate l-o-l, and r-o-f-l, and especially l-m-f-a-o. They don't make any sense!

Ash shook his head. "Stop complaining."

They weren't new words. Ash was always telling him to stop complaining. And okay, maybe he did complain alot, but there shouldn't be so many things to whine about.

Suddenly, a girl came up beside them.

"Hey Ash." she cooed, and her eyes glowed. Julian found himself frowning. Why did firls like Ash so much more, when they had the same face? Same blond hair, same tanned skin, same suffer like body type. The only reason people could tell them apart was because Ash was taller. By like, two millimeters. So unless they were standing side by side, or back to back, it was impossible to tell which was which. So why did they all focus on Ash?

Julian realized he was complaining again. About something that didn't really even bother him that much. What really bothered him was that Ash always flirted back. He was supposed to only love Julian. They way he loved Ash.

It was wrong, he knew, but he didn't care. Not anymore. He just wanted his younger brother to love him back.

And yes, he was the older brother, despite the fact that Ash was taller. Besides, it was only a twelve minute difference.

Still, it was kinda embarrasing to be the older brother hopelessly in love with the younger brother. Especially when they didn't love you back.


Chere comes the smut and lemons. Sheild your eyes, least the plot bunnies tear them out themselves. If you enjoy the lemons, then I'll see you wherever we go when we die! Cheers!


He arched his back as Ash's tongue glided down his stomach...

He bit his lip to hold back the moans and whimpers of pleasure...

His fingers curled together, then uncurled, the pleasure building up in his stomach, ready to explode...

Julian's eyes snapped open, his breathing fast and heavy. He could feel his cock throbbing under his pajama pants, begging to be touched. He closed his eyes, trying to wash away thoughts of his brother, who's bedroom was right next door.

He looked around the room guiltily, then slid his hand under the blanket, then under his pajama pants. Just as his hand was about to slide under his boxers, his bedroom door opened.

"Hey Julian, are you okay? I thought I heard noises."

Julian froze as his brother entered the room. This stuff only happened on tv, it couldn't be real...

Ash froze too, completely caught off gaurd. The two brothers stared at each other, their eyes matching pools of wide surprise, but his voice came out quite and shaky.


When the name left his mouth, Ash suddenly smirked, and he came into the room, shutting the door behind him. He began to approach Julian's bed.

"A-Ash, w-what are you doing?" Julian stammered out, but Ash said nothing. His smirk only widened, causing Julian's heart to thump in fear and excitement.

"Ash." he whispered, and his brother climbed into the bed, crawling over his body until they were face to face, and it was like looking into a mirror. A sexy, steamy, dream of a mirror.

"Hmm, Julian. You seem to have a problem." Ash said, pulling the blanket away, letting his fingers slide across his brother's erection.

When he did, Julian gasped, as a flash of pleasure swept through him. Before he could process his thoughts, Ash pulled down his pants and boxers in one quick move, revealing his pulsing organ.

"Ash! What are you-!"

Ash wrapped a hand around Julian's cock, cutting him off as the heat from his hand traveled to his older brother's cock. Julian gasped, his thoughts frozen. He wanted Ash to stop, but he so so wanted him to go on.

Ash solved the dilema for him, his hands slidding up and down Julian's cock. Julian's breathing hitched in his chest, and his fingers curled around the sheets, just like in his dreams.

Ash stopped his ministrations as he reached the head of Julian's coc. He wrapped his fingers around it securly and gave it a hard squeeze.

"Hn!" Julian moaned, biting his lip as a warm fire started to grow in his lower regions. Ash's hand came away from his red, swollen member, which was leaking with pre-cum, ready to explode at the lightest touch.

Ash's eyes met his, boring into them like he was looking into his soul. The gaze told Julian everything he needed to know. That his mind, body, and soul belonged to his brother now, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He didn't want to stop it, it felt so right, but it also felt so wrong.

"Ash," he whispered, "s-stop, we-we're's wrong." And yet as he was speaking, his body was rising to meet Ash's, pleading wordlessly for his brother's attention.

A dark chuckle escaped Ash's mouth, and his hand came back, leaving his older brother's cock neglected. He didn't say anything in reply. His head came down, pressing his lips against Julian's. Julian's body glowed at the touch.

Ash bit on his lower lip, demanding acsess. JUlian responded instantly, even though he had been the one telling Ash to stop. Ash's tongue wrapped around his, pulling, pushing, sucking, and even biting. He drew the kiss out as long as he wanted, asserting his dominance over his twin, adding a deep growl to really prove his point.

Julian responded with a loud whimper, his body begining to shake in need. When it did, Ash pulled away with a grin, coming back down once to lick at Julian's nipple, which was perked in ecstacy.

"Ah! Aaah!" Julian gasped. It was all so good, too good, so much pleasure, only making his cock twitch harder. A wave of pleasure swept through his body, and he gasped, causing his little brother to come up again, and he grinned, looking pointedly at Julian's aching erection.

"Hmm, do you want me to go back to what I was doing before, Julian?"

"Yes! Yes, Ash!" Julian answered, his waist raising, begging to be touched. Ash nibbled on his ear impatiently, licking at the shell.

"You didn't say the magic word." he whispered, his finger's tweaking at Julian's nipple's; the rosy buds were as red as his cock.

"Please! Please, Ash, ple-PLEASE!" Julian begged, his voice cracking. He wanted it, he wanted to be fucked so hard that he bled!

"Good boy." Ash praised, and his hand returned to Julian's cock, stroking at a relentlessly fast pace. Julian's panting returned, and his body writhed under Ash's.

"OOOOOOHHH!" he moaned, and with one last stroke and shudder, he exploded, his cum painting his chest and sheets, coming in short, pleasurable bursts as he threw his head back in ecstacy.

When it finished, Ash gave him no time to recover, flipping him over onto his stomach. Julian was too lost in post-orgasmic bliss to struggle. He didn't see Ash dipping his fingers into his cum, coating his fingers in it. Just as his wits returned to him, Ash pressed two fingers into him, making him gasp. As first, it hurt. But after Ash slipped his fingers in and out a few times, he was aroused again, burying his face into the bed as he moaned and whimpered. His body began to tremble again, and soon, two fingers was not enough, he needed more. He needed the fire inside him to be extinguished, and he needed Ash.

"Ash!" he gasped in pleasure, and Ash pushed in another finger, pushing his fingers against Julian's prostate over and over, and Julian couldn't hold back his scream of extreme pleasure.

"AAAASSH!" he screamed, tears slipping down his face.

"Do you want me, Julian?" Ash asked, pressing into his older brother's prostate once more.

"Do you want me to screw you hard and deep? Answer me, Julian!" he ordered.

"Y-yes, yes, yes!" Julian whimpered, his back arching as he felt Ash's tongue slid down the skin of his back. "I want you to fuck me so hard that I BLEED!" he screamed, his body wracking with sobs of pleasure.

With that, Ash pulled his fingers out, pulling down his pants and letting his straining cock free. He positioned himself at his brother's entrance, pushing himself in.

Suddenly, the wrong feeling retured, things were getting really real.

"W-wait, n-no. We're b-brothers! T-t-twins!"

Ash leaned over him, whispering into Julian's ear with a tone of order and demand.

"Stop complaining."

A second after the fimiliar words left his mouth, he pounded into brother.

Julian's back arched beautifully, all sorts of undignified sounds escaping his mouth as he was fucked senseless. His cock was straining again, and it hurt so bad that he reached down, hoping to release the pain.

But Ash's hand stopped him, grabbing his wrist and pinning his arm behind his back.

"Bad boy." he growled, his voice low and rusty with lust as pounded in again, his body dripping with sweat.

"But Ash, i-it hurts!" Julian cried.

"No one gets to touch the body that belongs to me." Ash growled out. "Not even you."

To Julian's relief, Ash reached around and grabbed his cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts.

Julian's heart was pounding, his body dripping in sweat, and it was suddenly hard to breath.

"C-can't...breath!" he gasped. "Oh, ah-h-harder...p-please! AHHH! A-Ash, g-gonna...gonna...!"

He grasped the sheets tightly, his body arching as he came again, harder then the last time, coating the walls as he screamed his brother's name.

Julian's inner walls tightened around Ash's cock, and he came with a loud grunt, spilling his seed inside his brother.


"I love you." Julian whispered as he and his twin cuddeled together for sleep.

"I love you too." Ash whispered back, pressing their lips together. Julian's heart was, and he feel asleep covered in bliss.

There would be no complaints from him.