Chapter 9: "Afterword"

This story was a cautionary tale. It is meant to serve as a warning to women. Fat fetishism does exist. Feeders do exist. They prey on women who are lonely or are insecure about their looks. "Feeders" are expert manipulators. They know how to lavish praise and material goods on their victims to get what they want. My portrayal of a feeder-feedee relationship was probably pretty clumsy as I had not much more than the Wikipedia articles for information. The scenes that occurred between Alice and Rolf may seem implausible, but such scenes have occurred and do occur between feeders and their victims. You may think that it would be impossible for a man to talk a woman into deliberately getting fat. You would be wrong. It does happen. It is astonishing what lonely and/or insecure women will do for love. Some women unwittingly marry a feeder who waits until several years after the wedding to reveal his true nature. Some feeders are extremely clever and sneaky: they simply make large quantities of tempting foods available and make no persuasion whatsoever. This type of feeder is sometimes known as an "encourager." Alice is actually in quite a good position in this story for a "feedee." She has people in her life who care about her and possibilities other than the feeder for love. The fact that she does not live alone is a blessing. Alice was actually lucky although it might not look like it. Other "feedees" suffer far worse fates. Have you ever heard of a fate worse than death? "Immobilization" is it. Female feeders and fat fetishists also exist, but they are rarer than the male types.

If anyone doubts that this story is fiction, I have only one thing to say: "stretch marks." If this story were real, Alice would have been freaking out about stretch marks.

I should now mention that not all men who like fat women are "feeders." Most of them, in fact, are not. "Feeders" actually aren't so much interested in fat women as they are in the process of making a woman fat. Men who simply like fat women are known as "fat admirers." They simply appreciate what a woman has already got. Most of them don't even know what a "feeder" is and would be aghast at the idea of pressuring a woman to become fat or fatter than she already is. Your garden variety "chubby chasers" aren't fetishists at all. They simply like full-figured women. Marilyn Monroe is their favorite historical object of lust.

The graphic make-out scenes were necessary to make it clear just how "feeders" psychologically manipulate and brainwash women into doing what they want. Sorry about that if anyone was offended. If you thought the scenes were gross and sick, then congratulations - that's exactly what the scenes were meant to be. "Feederism" is gross and sick. The extreme "feeders" who are into immobility belong in prison, in my opinion. They are too dangerous to be allowed to interact with other people. They are psychopaths. I should also mention that there are gay and lesbian feeders who target their own sex.

I wonder how many chubby husbands will wonder if their wives are "feeders" after reading this. Relax guys. If you're not huge, she's not a feeder. Just a good cook. If she stuffs a steady stream of treats in your mouth during sex, though - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Besides, her hands are dirty. Yuck!

There are at least a half a dozen fetishes present in this story: fat fetishism, feederism, breast fetish, belly fetish, butt fetish, and sunken belly button fetish. Rolf is guilty of all of these, but Alice herself also suffers from a breast fetish and butt fetish. Her lack of curves makes her extremely insecure, and she is jealous of women who have voluptuous figures. This makes her an easy target for Rolf. I sometimes think everyone in the United States has a breast fetish. American men are obsessed with big breasts. Because the men are obsessed, the women are, too. Why else would women take all sorts of extraordinary health risks to get breast implants?

Is "Flatsie" a MarySue? No. Alice is not me. Alice is naïve, sweet, and trusting. I am a hard-core cynic. I am relentlessly wary. My bullshit detector is constantly going off. I could spot a feeder on the first date. No, I will not give out how. I don't want to give aid to any feeders who might be reading this. The only thing Alice and I have in common is a love for the game of chess. The "MarySue" is normally associated with fan fiction, anyway, rather than original fiction.