Teenage SuicideI cry, then I die a little on the inside,

But I won't let them see my tears,

I won't let them know it matters to me,

No matter what they say,

Or what they do,

The only person allowed to know is you,

You, an angel made of stone,

Someone I can talk to when i feel alone,

Depend on,

Not for advice,

But for a listening ear,

It doesn't matter that I didn't know you,

You're there,

So beautiful, all white and pure,

I wonder,

Would anyone care if I joined you?

If I joined you in the sky,

Flying so high, so free,

Would anyone even miss me?

Tonight I'll find out,

What the after-life is like,

I'm done with the pain,

I'm done with the strife,

But I hear a voice, saying 'don't throw away your life',

I ignore it.