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Elsa's sensual kiss had left both of them whirling, panting for more. But Raiden was particularly glad about that fact. Belting his hands around her waist, he pulled her close, close enough so that only a thin piece of paper could pass through them.

"The prude is finally learning," he teased. "What else have you learned?"

"Not much, seeing as you haven't taught me anything," she replied, suddenly a bit shy. He lifted a brow of disbelief, silently asking her to repeat and confirm that claim. She shrugged. It was the truth.

"Then we're going to change that," he remarked before pulling apart from her. "You shall become my disciple of love. We're locking ourselves in for a few days."

Elsa's expression changed, shifting from pure joy at seeing Raiden to worry over what he had just said. "N-now?"

He detected concern of a deeper level, felt her stiffen. "What's wrong?"

"I don't have a lot of practice in that…area," Elsa confided. "The last time I went to bed with someone was also my first time. And it hurt. A lot. It wasn't romantic. Wasn't even good. I remember wanting to get it over with, wanting to die afterwards. I still get uncomfortable thinking about it. My body naturally tenses up."

Raiden's cool gray eyes locked on her face, solely on her. She could feel the weighty attention of his focused stare. He put a hand by hear ear, delicately slipping hair behind it.

"What you experienced wasn't love, Elsa. That was selfish need from a man who couldn't give his all," he said with a sympathetic smile. "Love should be given and received without fear or boundary. I can get rid of your anxiety, if you let me."


"I'll need a deck of playing cards."

Elsa found him one in a side drawer then brought it to the living room. After shuffling, he passed out thirteen cards for each of them.

"Here's the thing," he said, tone low and even. "We're going to flip cards. Easy and simple. Each time you flip a card with a number larger than mine, you give me one erotic command."

"And what if you have the larger card?" asked Elsa.

Raiden had expected her to ask. "I give you an erotic command, but here's where I'll slightly alter the rules; I cannot touch you unless you order me to."

"I got you."

On his signal, they flipped their first card. Elsa scored a queen, Raiden a four.

He gestured for her to move. "Well, my queen, first order's yours."

"Hmm." Elsa had no idea where to start, though it didn't mean that she had no idea what she wanted. "The obvious then. Take off your shirt."

He complied, but not quietly. "I hope your commands get bolder. I can't help but feeling we've been through this once before," he said with an irksome smirk as he unbuttoned his shirt from the top. Each loosened hole allowed her to see more of his glorious skin and defined muscles underneath.

Elsa had to remind herself to breathe. And to stop looking so hungry.

He seemed to know he tantalized her, so he took a lot longer, forcing her to wait and guess, all the while heightening her interest. To her delight, the shirt did come off his back. She gawked at his well-defined pectorals and the distinct lines that separated his abs into blocks of raw strength. He sure was easy on her eyes.

They flipped cards again. Elsa got a five, Raiden a two.

"The queen's on a roll."

"Beginner's luck maybe. Now off with your belt and socks!" she demanded with a giggle.

"Certainly. And I do think those were two demands, but who's counting?" He unbuckled his belt, drew it out, and let it drop at his sock-covered feet. He promptly doffed the socks, too. She didn't miss the way his forearm muscles flexed whenever he moved.

Another flip.

"Seven trumps six," Raiden announced. "That means I would like you…to take off my trousers."

Wordlessly, she came up to him and, for the first time, really noticed their height difference and how much space he occupied. Her trembling hands betrayed her inexperience as she held them out. She was actually going to do this. She was going to undress a man, discover his most intimate parts.

He fanned out his arms and let her work. She lowered her head, leaving him to see just the top of it. Soon, Elsa sensed a nose circling around her hair, drinking her in. He made no other move to touch her. It made him that much more drunken with desire.

"I don't know if I've ever told you, but your scent always causes me to think dirty," he whispered, eyes shut. "It typically consists of you pressed flat on your back, naked, while I wedge myself inside you, and your long legs wrap tight around me."

"Don't distract me," she shot back in a quiet hiss.

"I would love to do more than distract you, Miss Marr. That was by far my tamest fantasy yet. Would you like to hear more?"

At his question, her fingers' jitters worsened, proving the button of his trousers a challenge. She forbid herself to answer him and focused on the zipper. At least that easily divided. Next, she pressed her hands against the hot skin of his waist. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of his trousers, slowly reaching down, inch by inch.

He made a faint growl from the back of his throat, like an animal holding back control. When she tugged at his pants, they gave way, giving her an unbiased view of him. And what a view.

The thin trail of hair below his navel led to a tapered point of his groin, where curls of dark hair gathered. His hard-on stood both thick and erect, determined. She marveled at the silky, rounded tip and the elongated shaft. She couldn't imagine that being driven or pounding in her.

But the sight sparked a ravenous lust in her that would make a real prude run for the woods. She swallowed and wondered what it felt like bringing him into her mouth or his reaction if she stroked his length.

She decided that she had to touch his body. Touch him. She had wanted this, longer than she would admit. She also wanted his hands all over her. With Raiden vulnerably exposed, and she fully clothed, she was in safe hands. More than safe. She was given power over him. He wasn't going to harm her or take advantage. She could trust him to not feel pain.

"Raiden, undress me," she begged.

The room went still.

In contemplation of her request, Raiden licked his lips. When he spoke, his voice was gruff, "Are you sure?"

"Undress me, all of it," she repeated with more urgency.

He prowled on her in seconds. His hands reached for her, and their card game lay forgotten. Only burning want coursed through them.

Raiden tried to stabilize his hands, but he was failing from excitement. He felt as if he reverted back to nineteen, so many years ago, when he first lost his virginity to an older woman who first taught him the satisfaction of sex.

Still, he wasted no time in ripping Elsa's clothes off. Once all unwelcomed garments were tossed aside, his breathing turned heavy at the swell of her breasts that jutted out of her heaving chest, the rose-stained nipples that drew taut at the cold air. Her waist gently hallowed in contrast with the flares of her hips. And, as he had always suspected, she had shapely, sexy legs. Damn, but she was gorgeous.

He continued his curious perusal of all her curves until he reached there, the lovely center where a nest of soft, curly hair safeguarded her womanly entrance. He would savor that last. For now, he knew where to start.

He threw his mouth on hers. She responded fiercely, readily. His hands gripped her bare, rounded shoulders, and he pushed her back until she ran against a wall or door.

A hand came up and cupped her breast. His thumb kneaded circles around the sensitive nub, sending shivers to her back, weakening her knees. Finally, he covered her nipple with his mouth. She squirmed upon the moist, hot contact, but she let him flick it with his tongue. Then he sucked on it hard. She whimpered at the mixture of pain and pleasure. It felt sinfully delicious, what he was doing. He was taking the time to fulfill her need, making her feel wanted.

She cradled his head, hoping to be even closer to him.

He thought the same. Slipping a hand under one of her thighs, he raised her leg to hook on his hip, parting her, spreading her wider. He leaned in on her, and she felt his sturdy erection rub against her soft folds. It stirred up spasms of pleasure.

"I want you inside me, Raiden," she whispered.

"Not yet, Sweetie. You're not wet enough."

She gasped as he stuck a finger into her cleft. He stroked her from the inside. Up and down. In a circular motion, alternating between fast and slow. She felt her muscles contract, wrap around his finger.

He inserted another one inside her, and she cried out.

"Good, you're getting wetter."

She moaned as he twisted inside her. It was the sweetest torture she had ever experienced. Her hips raised, and she swayed to his rhythm.

"Let me go down on you," he said.

The dual stimulation, with his finger and his tongue, built her up to the point where she felt she would burst. His tongue lashed at her clits while his finger repeatedly entered her.

She felt as if she were climbing higher, higher for a release while standing still.

Then she felt it, a forceful explosion that rippled through her core. Her entire body drew tight as she underwent a heavenly shuddering. She cried loudly at first, then moaned as the pinnacle of her pleasure was reached and spent.

"God, your cries turn me on so much," he said, breathless from watching her reaction.

He stood up, kissed her, and pushed inside until he filled her. Any cries were muffled. Their fingers intertwined as he held both her hands by her sides against the wall.

He thrust into her, deeply, desperately, trying to fulfill both their needs. She matched his demands.

Having just gone through an orgasm, she was still raw and sensitive, but it was slick enough to feel good. Soon came another build up. The tightness, the ripple, and the release. They cried out together this time, becoming one for a blissful moment, and she felt his seeds spill inside her.

Elsa was out of breath. And wordless. They were both hot and damp with perspiration, though their skin glowed from their lovemaking.

They stared at each other for a minute. Elsa looked into Raiden's tender eyes.

"There," he said, "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No." She shook her head. "That felt wonderful. Now I want more of it."

"Let's not be hasty. I was planning on locking ourselves away for a few days anyway."

She gave a genuine laugh, deep from her belly. "I love you, Raiden."

"I love you, too, Elsa."

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