This is my first attempt at writing a horror story. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Be careful of what you wish for

Megan was 17 years old, and her whole life basically sucked, well that is how she felt. Her Parents basically never talked to her unless they had to. They worked all hours of the day , and night. She knew they worked hard, but she would like to have some time with them, and it was rare she got that. She hated to go to school, she was picked on ever since the 3rd grade basically by the same group of people. The stuff they did to her was horrible, and she took it for years without saying a word to anyone. She couldn't take it anymore, and today she took her revenge. She punched Susan Wilson in the mouth, and she was told she broke her front tooth, and that gave her great pleasure. She deserved it , and more, but Megan had to pretend she was sorry, and of course the Principal took Susan's side. He didn't care that she followed her into the girls bathroom, and threw her purse in the toilet, and all her friends laughed like it was a big joke. Megan knew her parents would take Principal Sims side, and she didn't care, she was fed up, and today was going to be the day it all ended. She wasn't going to feel this pain anymore, and she wasn't going to cry anymore over Susan, and her little group of followers. Pam, Kerry, and Tara followed Susan around like little puppies, and she hated them just as much.

Megan sat through the lecture Principal Sims gave her, and he told her to go home. He also informed her she was suspended for 3 days, and her parents have been notified. She left the school thinking it was the last time anyone there would see her, and that made her smile at least. She walked home, and walked up the driveway, she was happy her parents were not home yet. She walked into the house, and threw her coat on the floor. She knew that would drive her Mother crazy, and she laughed to herself, because she didn't care what her Mother or Father thought anymore. She went into the kitchen she grabbed a bottle of water, and ran upstairs to her parents room. She wanted them to find her in their bed, so it would hurt even more. She was going to write a note, but she decided no note was better. They would always wonder why, and she knew that would be worse. She walked to her Parents medicine cabinet, and grabbed her Mom's sleeping pills. She opened the bottle, and took all the pills left. She counted 12 she thought for sure that would kill her. She hoped she didn't survive this because if she did her Parents would make her pay. She walked over to the bed, and laid down, she was going over the events of the day, tears came to her eyes. She hated that she had to do this, but she couldn't take it anymore. She had no one, and she was tired of feeling depressed, and down everyday, and no one caring. She suddenly started to feel the effects , she just got very sleepy, and her heart felt like it was racing. She didn't want to feel pain, and she thought maybe she would just go to sleep, and it would be over. She started to shut her eyes, and she knew it wouldn't be much longer. She was falling asleep, and she whispered , "You all will be sorry". She was dying, and no one was even around to care

Megan's Mom Tammy came home, and saw her coat on the floor . She was livid, she yelled out Megan's name, but got no answer. She was so angry, she ran upstairs, and was shocked when she went into Megan's room, and didn't find her. She yelled out her name, and ran to her room seeing Megan asleep on the bed. She ran over seeing the pill bottle on the bed beside her. She grabbed Megan screaming her name, she couldn't wake her so she called 911. She was hysterical, they told her to keep talking to her, and try to wake her, the ambulance was on the way. Tammy was never more scared, but she wasn't going to let Megan die, she kept yelling at her, and trying to wake her. She could see her little girl was dying, and she didn't understand why, but she knew if she lost her she would never forgive herself.

To be continued.