"I'm hoooooome" I sang as I closed the front door behind her. "Hey sweetie, how'd it go?" My mother said from the kitchen,
"The way studying always goes? Boring. But we actually got some work done today" I said, grinning. It was impossible for us to work together sometimes, we'd always get distracted. She was in fact leaving just an hour after I left, to get to a family function elsewhere. We'd known each other since the fourth grade, ever since she yelled at a bully standing up for me. Since then it's always been the two of us - Ronnie and Ri - and we'd made it through everything together. Now, in the 12th grade we study together for all our tests, at least for the classes we have together, which is of course pretty much everything, we're just so similar.

I made my way up the stairs to my bedroom, dumping my bookbag on the bed when I realised I'd forgotten my laptop at her house. I rann to the phone an called up Ri, but her train had left 15 minutes ago. "Ronnie, my brother's getting back tonight so he'll be home, you could just drop by and pick up the book" she told me. I let out a sigh of relief, "What time is he getting back?"
"you should be able to get it anytime after 8" she replied.
I thanked Ri and hung up. I'd have to pick it up then from Michael, Ri's older brother. I hadn't seen him in over 2 years, not since he'd left for college. In high school he was an awkward tall, lanky guy. The types who'd always be buried in his books, the types that didn't really go to parties. However, he was one of the smartest Warner High School had ever seen. Some teachers still referred to his work. An A+ student, valedictorian, scholarship, everything.

A while after dinner I decided to go to Ri's, ringing the doorbell at 8.30. I waited, but couldn't hear anything...was I too early? I turned around, deciding I'd come back later when the door opened.
I turned around and froze. In front of me was Michael, however he was completely different. He wore a plain white t-shirt, just tight enough to reveal his muscular frame. His towering height accentuated how strong and built he looked. his hair was slightly wet and disheveled. His gorgeous blue eyes, the colour of the ocean in the summer, looked into mine questioningly, his right eyebrow slightly raised. His lips set slightly apart.

"M-Michael?" I stuttered "Yeah? Oh, Veronica? Rhiannon told me you'd be here" he said, a look of recognition dawning on his face, "Wow you've grown in the past two years!"
"You look different as well! College sure has changed you!" I said in a joking manner. His smile was beautiful, a perfect row of gleaming white teeth, slightly lopsided yet absolutely adorable. "Sorry I took a while to answer the door, just got out of the shower" he said grinning, "Why don't you go ahead and get your laptop? I'm not sure where you left it..."
I made my way up the stairs, still slightly in a daze. Michael was gorgeous. And I immediately sensed I was in danger...I couldn't fall for him! He was my best friend's brother. How WEIRD would that be? I realised he was right behind me, following me up the stairs. I bent to pick up me laptop bag from the ground next to Ri's desk, aware that he was in fact watching me. I quickly checked myself, skinny jeans, racerback was cute, accentuated my slim figure that I was quite proud of. I realised that the last time Michael saw me i was the chubby, sister's-best-friend. I had worked hard to achieve this look and smiled slightly at the look on his face when I turned around. He thought I was hot, it was obvious. "Well then Michael, I guess I'll be going now..." I said, not too sure what to do.
"Uhh yeah...sure...umm...let's go" he replied, "Oh and please don't call me Michael, it sounds so...weird. It's Mike" he added, giving another one of those gorgeous smiles.
I headed down the stairs, with him following.

After saying goodbye I started walking back home, it was 5 blocks away , would probably take me around 15 minutes. Suddenly I felt a raindrop, then another, and another. Within a minute it was pouring and I panicked, my laptop would get soaked! I ran back to Ri's house, it was obviously much closer, and rang the doorbell, already soaked. Mike opened the door and grinned, "Shelter?", he asked and motioned for me to come in. I opened my laptop bag, relieved that it hadn't caught enough water to soak my laptop, and left it to dry. thats when I realised how cold I was, and Mike noticed too. "Why don't you get changed into something of Ri's?" he asked me and I nodded, shivering. I once again went to Ri's room, but all i could find were a black spaghetti strap top and a pair of beige short shorts. Typical of Ri to take her whole closet with her for just a week away. I changed anyway, without any underclothes though, hoping it wasn't too obvious. Looking in the mirror I checked my self and brushed through my hair with my fingers. I had to admit, I looked pretty good, and I smiled at myself as I left the room.

He stared at me, a few seconds longer than needed, before handing me a cup of coffee. I smiled and thanked him as I walked to the window. "Doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon" he said coming up behind me. I turned around to find him right in front of me, looking down at me. I stared into his eyes as he smiled and said "you really have grown into a gorgeous young lady haven't you?". He touched my cheek with his hand, warm and comforting. Then put the other on my waist and pulled me closer. Putting the mug of coffee down i moved closer till our chests were touching. He guided me to his bedroom, as he kissed my lips. I kissed back, my hands running through his hair. He pushed me onto the bed and stared down at me.

In an animal like manner he came at me, smashing his lips against mine, his hands tugging at my hair. his hand then wander down to my waist before he maneuvered it up the tank top and felt my breasts. He held my right nipple with his fingers, gently pinching it. I let out a slight moan. I led my hands down to his waist, pulling his t-shirt off as he did the same for me. Then he yanked off the shorts, smiling at the fact that I was wearing nothing underneath before his lips once again attacked mine. Soon we were both groping at each other, rolling around on his bed, absolutely naked. He kissed me constantly, slowly travelling down my neck, licking me in between down to my cleavage. His one hand fondled my nipple while his lips nibbled the other softly. I let out another soft moan and pulled his hair. He gave me a devilish grin before biting down on my nipple. The pain just made me want him more and i groaned loudly, pulling his hair harder. His lips travelled further down my body and he used his arms to seperate my legs further, and then, gazing up at me with those gorgeous eyes, his tongue entered me. I was already wet, wetter than ever, and he knew I wanted him. But he wouldn't give it to me that easily. He only went in a few centimeters, before bringing his tongue back out and licking my inner thigh. "Oh, please Mike..." I whimpered. He chuckled "Not so quickly...". My pussy ached for him, and now I was so wet it could feel the sticky fluid leaking out of me slowly. I couldn't take it any more and moved my hand towards my pussy, desperate to relieve the aching. But his strong hands pinned both of mine to my sides and his tongue once again teased my clit. Then, without warning, he entered me, filling me completely. I moaned out loud. This was amazing. He thrust into me once more, his hands groping my breasts once again. "Faster" I said, breathing heavily. He thrust into me, quickening the pacing. In and out, in and out, in and out. Then I rolled him over till I was on top of him, I moved up and down, till he went deeper into me. It went on and on, our bodies hot with passion and longing for one another...

Panting we both lay side by side, and I gazed into his eyes with wonder at what I had just experienced...