We decided that it was best if we kept ourselves a secret. But it was so much more difficult this way. Still. I have to say that the sneaking around did turn me on a little more. I'd get wet just thinking about the next time we'd meet, and we'd be meeting in an hour and I just couldn't wait.

Mike's parents were both at work, and Rhiannon was leaving early for a weekend trip with one of her cousins. That meant that I could rush over to Mike's and spend a good few hours there. This would be good…

He slid his finger down my arm as he nibbled at the skin on my neck. God that felt amazing, how did he know how to touch me so perfectly? His hand slid to my crotch as he gently massage my clit through my jeans. I smiled a little and decided that two could play at this game. I slowly slide my hand up his thigh and stroked the slight bump that was already there. Almost immediately I could feel the bulge start to get a little bigger. So I stopped and turned around. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face "What happened babe?" I gave him a small smile and kissed him on the lips as I pinned him back on the couch. I then trailed my tongue down his shirtless torso while unbuckling his belt. Sliding off his jeans and his boxers, his penis sprung out, just waiting to be freed. I looked straight into his eyes as his eyes widened in recognition and expectation. Holding his dick with one hand, I ran my tongue from the base to the tip, pressing down on the slight nub at the tip. He groaned and leaned back on the couch. I slowly started to envelope his dick with my mouth. First just the tip. Then I went a little deeper and a little deeper. His groans started to get louder. "Ronnie you're amazing…please don't stop baby…please, please don't stop"

I quickened my pace, my head bobbing up and down, faster and faster. I kept my hand at the base moving it up and down then entire time. I started to change the rhythm a little. Slow, fast, fast, slow, fast, fast. Then finally I let go of his dick and covered him entirely. I held the gag reflex as I started to deep throat him. "OH RONNIE…. FUCK yeah…..oh yeah…."

Then I stopped.

I stood up and let my jeans fall to the ground. Pulling my underwear off I climbed on top of him. He held my waist as I slid onto him slowly. God that felt good. He started to use his arms to lift me up and down, helping my as I picked up the speed. Faster and faster and faster. I let myself drop completely onto him and screamed in pure bliss. "Mikey, thrust harder baby, go harder"

He let out a grunt and stood up. Then he lay me down on the floor. "This way I can fuck you as hard as I want baby" he said with a sinister grin. He thrust into me hard and I screamed out. It was pure bliss. Faster and faster and faster. The slapping of our skin created a rhythm. Slap slap slap. I was reaching the climax, and so was he, I could feel it. We both rode it out together, moving faster and faster. He thrust deeper and deeper and I could feel my wetness oozing out and spreading across my thighs. Then finally, it came. Pure bliss. We screamed out together in our orgasms. It was perfect.