Chapter 1

In a village not to far away from a city, lived a small family, a single father and his two twin boys. Everyday at sun rise, the three of them would go outside and train. For you see the father was a highly skilled warrior, who wanted nothing more then for his eager sons to follow his path and use their learned skills to help and protect others...however, some plans just never go as one would hope.

One stormy night it all happened so fast.

The youngest of the twins awoke rubbing the sleep from his eyes wanting nothing more then to be held by his dad until the storm outside passed, but something before him startled him.

Before his eyes was a horrifying sight. His twin stood there, lighting flashed outside lighting up the scene clearly, laying in a puddle of blood laid their father, and a kitchen knife held by his brother hovering over the body; blood still dripping from the weapon.

Before the other could do anything the slightly older twin turned to look at him, his eyes looking inhuman for the briefest moments before he dropped the knife and turned to look at his brother..."I'll be back for you." and with that disappeared into the night.

10 years later...

"Sun Shu!" a young man called out, upon hearing his name the other trued to greet the one that was running up to him out of breath.

Sun Shu had short brown-red hair with stunning blue-green eyes.

"Pandora?" he called the other who quickly answered after a few deep breathes. "Sun Shu, there seems to be a problem at the corner tower! We have a few thugs trespassing; they have some little children with them, and threaten to kill them if we don't give them what they want." Pandora had short blond hair with a small growing beard, and brown cold eyes.

"And just what is it they want?" Sun Shu asked in a non-amused tone.

Pandora answered. "They want 5 grand."

Sun Shu's eyes narrowed. "Robbers on my island-I don't think so...get the others, looks like we're doing this the hard way.

Within the years, Sun Shu had grown and taken over a small island not too far from a big city on the coast of Japan. He was a kind ruler but also had an iron fist-one he used just as his father had taught him years ago.

He had also gained the loyalty and respect of some close friends who lived on the island with him.

Sun Shu knew these 'robbers' had to have been new, because by now everyone knew not to mess with him and his island this island wasn't what most would think, it was more of a mini city; with a bank, houses, skyscrapers', ect...and right now there were some men holding young kids hostage in one of the islands towers until they were paid what they asked for...however they were about to be paid-but not in cash.

In a matter of moments a gun was fired scaring the crap out of one of the four thugs.

"Let the kids go, or the next shot won't miss." a voice rang out, the four guys began to panic, for they couldn't tell where the voice was coming from, little lone the gun shot.

"Try that again and the kid gets it!" one of them yelled pulling a young 7 year old putting the gun to his head. Within a second of doing so another gun fire was heard and the man yelp in pain as the gun was shot from his hand, setting the kid free.

Suddenly more shots come more grazing the men. Not taking any more chances the 4 men ran off and off the island, jumping into the water swimming for shore.

Sun Shu and Pandora came out of hiding. "So glad we didn't have to kill any of them, it was a very unfair fight after all." he sighed.

"Sir..." Pandora began. "Why don't you ever let us kill scum bags like them? Letting them live-I just don't see how any good can come out of it."

San Shu took a heavy breath and lit up a cig he dug out of his pocket. "My father was killed when I was 15 years old...After that, I just can't bring myself to kill another living person." he spoke as he blow a puff of smoke.

"Then I have another question, what will you do if you ever find his killer?"

Sun Shu seemed to be in a daze, as if recalling that day, "I don't know...I've never thought about it...come on, lets get these kids home." and with that headed down with a few of his other men that began helping the kids get back safe.