Chapter 4

Sun Shu never felt so happy once he saw daylight beam into the dim lighted room of the cargo ship. He began struggling to get someone's attention as workers began unloading.

It took a bit of grunting and twisting before someone noticed him and freed him.

Without anything other then a 'thank you' Sun Shu took off, if he knew his brother he had very little time to get back to the island.

Looking around he spotted a small row boat, now normally stealing was taboo to Sun Shu; but in this case he made an exception. He would have to remember to pay the person back somehow, but that was for another time to think about.

Rowing as fast as he could mange, he headed back to his island. He just hopped he wasn't too late.


Moon Rra was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he watched all his men, well his brother's men, but still, working none stop. They were setting up post men by the islands edge, snappers on every tall building, civilians in homes, and guards keeping watch throughout.

Moon Rra knew his brother would be trying to reach the island soon enough, and if he was being honest with himself, he couldn't wait-he wanted his brother to show up. He wanted to take his brother down and he wanted more then anything to rule and control this island his brother so foolishly took over.

Suddenly he heard one of his men yelling. Looking up, out the window from where he sat in the main building, he saw a small dot on the water. Sun Shu was on his way...his grin only grew.


Sun Shu could see the shore; he was almost there...almost-

~BANG! Splash!~

A shot was heard as a bullet hit the water right in front of him. He was too late.

More shots rang out hitting all around him. One hit the boat letting water slip in. Crap-so much for paying the person back, he would owe them a whole new boat...if he lived though this that was.

Without any other option Sun Shu jumped from the sinking boat trying to avoid getting hit, and swam back to the shore him came from.


A bullet grazed his leg sending him under.

Blood seeped into the lake, however luckily since he was only grazed he still made it to shore, just walking on land was impossible so he just stuck to crawling.

Lying on the dock trying to catch his breath he thought for a bit. So his brother had taken control for his island huh? Well two could play at this game...

Moon Rra had his friends on his side? Well Sun Shu would just have to find some of Moon Rra's friends to make his.

and if he knew his brother as well as he felt he did, regardless there years apart, well he would know just where to find them.