History: Long ago, the humans and supernatural lived in harmony because the supernatural stayed hidden. Unfortunately one fateful day the supernatural and human worlds became known to each other, there was a human boy who met a Selkie girl. They fell in love and the girl hid her secret from her lover, but one fateful day the relationship was discovered by the leader of the supernatural beings, he was very displeased, thinking that the two races shouldn't mix. He forbade her from seeing him but she refused. Upon refusal he revealed her true form to her lover who was shocked and appalled. He immediately told the ruler of the humans and a set of repressing laws were placed upon the supernatural. The supernatural began to resent the humans, but some few from both human and supernatural sides didn't follow their races beliefs and fell in love bearing Halfies, those who are half human half supernatural. These creatures were deemed worthless by both races since they were unable to blend into either society completely. They were not human enough to be called human but their powers were not developed enough to be accepted in the supernatural word. Laws were placed that separated the two races but Halfies were still being produced. As tensions grew tighter and tighter war drew closer and closer. Many of the Halfies tried to stop the fighting through compromise but it was too late and the Halfies opinions seen as too little to matter. The two races went to war and the humans were brutally defeated and forced to surrender to the supernatural beings. Not all of the supernatural beings agreed on what to do with the human race so the races of supernatural split into three categories based on view and morals. There nations of good, evil and neutral. The Good nation, made up of mainly Angles, Elves and Fairies etc, wants to incorporate the humans as a lesser race but still be kind to them and let them work for smaller payment and poorer living quarters however the Evil race, made up mainly of Demons, Succubus, and Trolls, etc wants to enslave only the humans that are fit to work and kill the rest. The Neutral nation consist of mainly Halfies and the assorted odd balls of the other supernatural races that don't quite fit in such as Chimaeras or Kobolds ( little mischievous spirits that act depending on how they are treated. Love to pull pranks and can appear as an animal, fire or even a small child.) The neutral nation wants the humans and supernatural to live together in harmony like they used to.