Arron's POV

I awoke to the sound of scuffling. I groaned and picked myself up, careful not to upset my healing bones. I paused for a second, focusing on my hearing. I heard the sounds of a battle, the collision of metal, and the sound of breaking bodies.

From the feeling in the air I could tell that the winning group was powerful, more powerful than I had ever sensed. I nodded my head, my decision already made.

This will be it.

"Sammy, lend me your strength."

Sammy appeared behind me, I didn't need to see to know that much.

"Sammy, you know I don't have much more time left. I've been healing slower every time, if I was my old self I would've been able to heal in a day but it's been two now. So grant me my last wish. Release my curse, just this last time." Sammy nodded but she didn't look happy about it.

She put her hands on my shoulders, her cold cloudy hands feeling almost solid, "Arron, only I can disperse this spell. When I pass so does this spell. Fly to the heavens, fall to the earth, sink into hell. Esalare in Dio."

I felt a tingle go down my spine; my skin feeling like it was getting stretched. I shivered, a feeling of warmness and a mix of cold spreading throughout my body. I grinned in satisfaction when I heard the sound of my gown ripping.

Sammy stepped in front of me, "I must admit, I loved your old white wings but these dark red wings are far more suiting. Almost as cool as your white hair."

I chuckled, "Really? I kind of miss my blonde hair." I rolled my shoulders

I smirked and flexed my shoulders, my fourteen foot wingspan spreading out behind me.

I eyed the people below as I grabbed a branch, Out of everybody there the weakest is the little girl. Too young. The next target would be the ghost but she could turn intangible. Then I guess the quick girl, she should spark a good reaction.

Sammy frowned, "Now that I think about it. Arron, why did you want me to remove your curse?"

I didn't answer as I tore the large branch off the tree. The snap gained their attention and they were instantly on guard.

The one with the scythe, despite not being the tallest, seemed to stand above them all. She opened her mouth to speak but gasped as I threw my branch like a spear. The woman followed the projectile of the branch and yelled when she realized my target.

"Mystic! Get out of the way!" The girl yelled but didn't move, my guess was because she was too scared.

Little did I realize that it was because she had no need to, a man appeared in front of her, his sword already drawn.

He had short dirty blonde hair and his green eyes were narrowed in concentration. He wore a long sleeve green shirt and black pants with silver armor that showed signs of fights. Just by the way he carried himself it was clear he was a strong opponent.

As the branch fell towards him he slashed up, so quickly he left a silver trail behind the blade. Without a sound the branch separated into two pieces and impaled the ground to the side of Mystic.

Mystic looked away from me and focused on the boy now. His eyes didn't leave mine as he spoke to her. "No need to thank me. I'm just glad it didn't hit you."

Mystic gave him a genuinely confused look as she replied, "Why would I thank you? All you did was make avoiding a big branch more dangerous. Geez, you make everything so complicated." As she finished she seemed to go back in her frozen state from earlier.

The man named Link sighed at the comment, but decided I was a more important matter at the moment. He stabbed his sword into the ground and grabbed his bow, pulling out three arrows.

"I'm afraid I can't go easy on you, not after attacking my friend. You're not going to get off so easily!" I grinned and pulled out my own weapons, pulling off my gown and revealed my scarred chest in the form of a cross and my pair of black pants. I reached into my pockets and pulled out my brass knuckles.

They were golden and had the regular four holes to put my fingers through and had a single blue cross running from knuckle to knuckle.

The twins sniffed and immediately covered their noses, "Guys watch out! He's unlike any other Angel we've seen before. He's a full breed but his smell is bitter, like death! It is horrible!" Spoke the female as she put her shirt over her nose.

Kalie, aka Scythe Woman, nodded, "Notice the cross scar on his chest, he's been cursed. A cursed Angel I far more dangerous, be careful Link."

Link nodded, "Doesn't matter. I want everyone to stand back, he's mine to fight."

Kalie looked as though she was going to protest but another Elf put a hand on her shoulder and nodded in reassurance. She didn't look happy about it but she backed off and let Link fight me.

I nodded, "I wouldn't have it any other way." Link nodded and let loose his arrows, flying towards Arron quickly. Arron grinned and dodged them, each one of them flying through Sammy who let out a loud shriek.

The ghost on their team looked up and frowned, "Hey, there's a ghost there too. Looks like she knows our attacker."Sammy gasped and faded from view, not wanting people to see her.

Link frowned up at Arron and frowned, "So, are you going to come down here and fight or are you going to be a coward and stay up there?" I nodded my head and flapped my wings.

With a dark chuckle I was soaring above the earth, just to dive bomb the sword wielding man.

He didn't move as he slashed forward, meeting my right fist. The sound of the collision rang throughout the air. I was feeling a feeling I haven't in a while, excitement.

Link grinned and pushed forward, sparks flying as our weapons grinded against each other. I grew tired of it and quickly punched forward with my left, his eyes following my fist. He flew back though as my fist hit him, leaving an imprint on his cheek.

Link frowned and rubbed his cheek, sighing as the red mark faded, "Impressive."

I nodded and charged forward, my wings helping my speed, "Same can be said-" We collided again, "For you!"

Link pushed off me and turned swiftly, crouching towards the ground as he spun around. He then jumped up, his sword leaving a silver trail as it met my chest. I stifled my groan of pain as my blood made a trail through the air. Some splashed against my cheeks and the pain was excruciating but I continued.

I punched his gut, and then followed up by hitting his face with my left hand. His head rolled back and he almost fell but he braced himself on his sword. He grinned and it was obvious that he thought the same as me.

He likes a good fight.

He pulled an arrow out of his quiver and threw it at me, the arrow flying straight and true.

I ducked out of the way and gasped as his knee met my face. I was shot into the air and he jumped up, as if to finish me. I hid my grin though as I felt the familiar feeling of wind brushing through my feathers.

Link, now above me to stab into my heart, yelled out, "This is where you meet your end!"

He thrust it downwards, the metal touching my chest for just a second. That is until I disappeared from below him. He gasped as a couple of my red feathers were all that was left of me. And then he was surrounded by them, red feathers completely enveloping him.

He growled out as he started to fall towards the earth, slashing through the feathers. I smiled as I flew above him, "What made you think throwing me, a Fallen Angel, into the air, would help you?"

I hit my knuckles against each other, a golden light pulsing from my weapons, "Essato." My right brass knuckle pulsed as if to reply. "Sinistra." My left one did the same, "Cut down the almighty."

The two weapons became a golden light and left my hands, forming into an orb; I nodded and reached into it, pulling out a long golden dagger.

The dagger was long, about a foot and a half with a silver blade. The hilt was golden and looked like folded wings with the guard being the ends of the wings folding out.

I pulled the dagger above my head and inwardly grinned but on the outside my face portrayed no emotion.

I flew down, falling right above Link who was now just feet from the ground. Link looked up and gasped as he saw me through the haze of red feathers. I slashed down, cutting through my own feathers and meeting his armor and then his right leg.

We hit the ground, Link falling with a cut in his armor and his right leg. I fell into a crouch and panted as my weapons returned to normal. My wings folded around me and my floating feathers landed around me.

Link panted and stood up shaking, I did the same. He looked to be on his last leg and looked like he was about to faint. I knew I wasn't much better, using my sacred dagger always took a lot of my energy.

I nodded my head towards him who did the same, hefting his sword on his shoulders.

"You're good, I wonder what would have happened if we were both at full strength."

Link shrugged and was about to charge, "Probably the way we are right now."

I smiled slightly, showing how impressed I was. I charged forward then, him doing the same. Until I felt someone grab me from behind.

I almost tripped but I caught myself. I turned my head over my shoulder to see a little girl hugging my leg. She was young, too young to be a part of this war.

"Sophie!" Link yelled out but was stopped by Kalie who looked at the girl, Sophie, with worry and at me with anger.

"Please stop fighting!" She screamed through tear filled eyes. She looked up at me with a big smile and her eyes open with the tears making rivers down her face, "Hey Mister, what are you doing? Did we make you mad?"

The way she said it made me pause. Not even for a second did I let what I was doing let me think of what the others felt. I looked around and I felt like dying just from the pained expressions on their faces. The girl Mystic was staring at Link, but she seemed indifferent to his condition, but the leader Kalie looked about ready to kill me.

I looked down at the girl and shook my head, my wings disappearing as my curse came back. I faltered and almost fainted just there. I shook my head and the girl tightened her grip.

"I'm guys didn't make me mad at all." I felt my eyes start to drop and all my strength leave me, "And my name isn't Mister, okay?" I started to fall, "It's Arron."

I hit the ground and fell unconscious, my last sight being Sammy standing in front of me as Kalie's group started walking towards me.

What a good fight, I wonder what would have happened if we became friends...I'm glad I met these people before I died.