My heart pounded as u galloped on my black appaloosa through the forest. They're gaining on me, I thought helplessly. We jumped a creek and kept on going on and on. It felt like eternity. Suddenly a silent seeker pierced my back. I hung on for dear life, recoiling at the nauseating smell of my own blood. My hunters laughed, and left me to die. The harmonious song of the forest thrummed peacefully around me. Death is silent. Death is calming. I struggled to keep conscious. Darkness of an eternal slumber was creeping in.

Being part of a top secret organization isn't the easiest identity to keep on the "down low." You always have a bounty on your head. Mine is currently 8.7 trillion. You know someone one day who is perfectly alive and well, and the next, they're dead. That's my life… love, death, betrayal, and secrecy.

In my extremely tight skinny jeans, tight sleeve black shirt, red trench coat, and white lace less black shoes, I walk down to HQ. My name is Xia, Xia 0010. As I make my way to the pentagon, I receive various unwanted glances and stares. Others in awe, others in suspicion. I shrug it off carelessly and walk to the back of the building. I look around checking my surroundings, watching for any signs of movement. I carefully take out a pure silver key of the chain on my neck and part the underbrush against the wall, revealing a Greek letter I place the key into the center and turn it. Almost instantly it glows an aqua-blue and beneath my feet the ground parts, revealing precarious wooden steps that obviously need replacing.

"Doc…when? Are you ever going to fix these," I complain childishly. I walked down as the above doors seal me into darkness. I went down 3220 steps exactly before reaching the futuristic doors of the HQ. I took my eye and put it in front of the scanner to let me in. as the doors opened, I was greeted by my partners Zaria, and Panther; a boy I absolutely hate. Zaria has silver hair with gold eyes. Panther has tan skin, green eyes, and black hair that, at the ends, were faded to green also. I flashed a smile at Zaria, signaling to come to my desk. I glared at the files, wishing they would go away.

"Your GLOCK handgun shipped in this morning. I polished it for you and put it in your drawer," explained Zaria.

"Thanks, hey…can you talk to Doc about those stares? One of them broke on the way down," I complained again.

"Whatev', I'll tell him," and with that, she left.

I turned on my touch-screen computer and, while waiting for it to load, sized up my leaning tower of files. I opened up each one, one by one by one. They were all easy missions…all except for one. This one had big bold letters on it that said TOP SECRET. I put it in my black messenger bag and worked/skimmed through all the others. About an hour later, I went to the paintball training arena where REAL criminals were let loose with paintball guns under the watchful eye of guards with M16s and bulletproof vests. I grabbed my gun and walked inside. It was a model of a city, I made my way to an alley and, like a ninja, jumped up each side until I reached the top. I crouched stealthily and radioed into my earpiece, "Zaria, you got a guy on you…12 o' clock."

"Thanks, where are you?"

"Top of a building, to your west, where's Panther?"

"Right next to you," he whispered out of nowhere. Because I was on a ledge, I stood up so suddenly I slipped. But, Panther quickly clutched my shirt keeping me from falling. He lurched me into his muscular arms. For a second, I was lost in his eyes.

"Ugh,… what's wrong with you" I said hot-headedly.

Then, breaking the silence, guns filled the air.

"Hit the dirt," I ordered.

"Zaria! Plan B 2409!"

"Plan B 2409! Got it," she radioed. We jumped up and ran on the buildings parallel across the street together. I had targeted a bald criminal, known for 24 murders and 13 bank robberies. He stopped in front of a "bank" thinking he had lost us. I aimed, and placed the crosshairs on his head, slowly pulling the trigger and ending his pitiful life rather quickly. Only the criminals have paintball guns. Not us. I praised myself, only to turn around and find myself cornered three more daring desperadoes.

"Why 'ello there bonny, 'ows you like to go for a flight," his cold British accent ripping my flesh. I took a step forward, challenging him and his others. He got angry and lunged at me, only to find himself diving over the ledge.

"Any other volunteer's," I questioned sarcastically. The two buffoons just eyed me up and down, trying to figure out what else I was capable of. I took out Dual Semi-Automatics and let them rip like hell, ending their useless lives as well.

"Easy…too easy," I said to no one in particular. Doc knows I'm capable of much more…what else is there, I thought. I heard a muffled scream, only to turn around and find Zaria dangling dangerously over the edge of a 15 story building. The bandit had her guns, real guns, and was aiming at me. I crouched and inched over to the edge of the building, bullets brushing my skin. I jumped down, ran across the street, and ran inside the structure. Whizzing up flights of stairs two at a time, I got my own weapons ready. I stopped and hesitated as I reached for the doorknob. Slowly, I opened it, and crawled behind a massive vent. I could hear the man talking, although, not clearly. I looked around wondering why the guards hadn't shot him already. They just stood there, with blank faces, not realizing what was going on. I diverted my attention back to the super hot criminal. Wait, I recognize him…it's Chase; a red wavy haired jerk and bastard. I stood and aimed my Semi-Automatics at him. He just laughed.

"Pitiful Xia, pitiful. Are you really trying to defeat me?"

"I did it once, I can do it again" I bellowed.

"Don't do it! He's the only thing keeping me from falling to my very painful death! Wait…who is he again" questioned Zaria.

"A super hot hacker of a jerk. He owes me $50 stickin' bucks," I yelled.

"What for?"

"Never mind that! Can I get back to killing you both" angrily asked Chase. Chase just rolled his eyes and pulled the trigger. Pain ripped, my shoulder and I said, "Holy rustic metal that hurts!"

Then, as blood drenched my favorite shirt, Panther appeared once again out of nowhere and took out his AK47 and shot Chase in the thigh. He scooped my up and I stole an awkward glance. He looked worried.

"HEY?! What about me you butt-head's…I'm still here," yelled Zaria. She just sighs and, suddenly, jumped up and did a front flip in the air and kicked Chase hard in the back, then, Chuck Norris style, round house kicked him in the head. He's unconscious, I thought. "Now was that really necessary?"

"Well I wanted a cool moment too," explained Zaria.

"Ughhh," I grunted painfully. Then, everything went black

"Oh boy," I moaned. "Hey, what the fudge?! Where am I," I asked to the wall. I looked around and knew immediately I was in the infirmary. I haven't been here since I first started, I thought. I started to sit up, only to get daggers in my shoulder. Right…my shoulder. I replayed the scene of Chase over and over again in my head. Wait! Chase, where is he?!

"Calm down, we patched him up and locked him up again," said Doc. Doc always had a way of knowing what I was thinking. He's a well-rounded chubby man, with warm hazel eyes and brown matted hair. He's about 65 years old.

"Oh, and Zaria and Panther?"

"Training, again."

"Well, make me better fast! I have work to do!"

"Don't worry, we've been giving you steroids for the past 24 hours. You should be good in 5, 4, 2, and…..one." I sat up and felt no pain, like I had before. I quickly raced to my desk, grabbed my messenger bag, IPhone, and GLOCK handgun from my drawer. As I walked past Zaria and Panther, I flashed a smile and they followed.

Once outside, I asked, "We need to know what's up with Chase and his goons, and fast."

"Definitely. But, first we need to get rid of Salvatore Chicles, a.k.a. 'Short Stuff'," Zaria explained. We all nodded and agreed to travel by air, meaning on top of buildings. As we leaped building to building, I radioed the chopper on my earpiece,

"Has our target revealed?

"Affirmative alpha. 3 clicks due east," robotically replied the captain. I pulled out my GLOCK and hopped buildings before sighting our helpless victim. But, due to Zaria's horrible sneezing fits, we were spotted, and, once again, on the run in hot pursuit.

"Panther! Plan 8011!"

"8011, OKAY! Let's do this thing!" As the 'Short Stuff' feared for his life, he stole an ice-cream from a stand, only for it to blow up in his face because of Plan 8011. Zaria aimed carefully on his heart ending his life instantly. Salvatore had murdered 3 police officers and a partner of mine by the name of Trinity. He got what he deserved. We all joined on the same building and jumped into an alley where our midnight black Kawasaki sports bikes were waiting. We hopped on, put our helmets that had black tinted covering, revved the engines for cool effects and took off. We were heading to the airport. There, we would board a private jet to go to Rome, Italy. WE needed to sneak into a secret facility by the name of Blood Bond. There master took some lethal information, and we wanted it back.

As we made our way up the steps with Zaria, Panther, and Doc, I got a little more information on our perilous mission.

"You will stay in a hotel called 'Temple of the Gods' in room 409," Doc explained.

"Together?! But, we're all…you know…not the same," I screamed.

"There are two bedrooms, one for girls, and one for boys. Everyone happy" sarcastically replied Doc with a mysterious grin.

"Fine by me…I could care less," answered Panther.

"Fine," replied Zaria and I in unison. I stomped childishly into the jet like a an angry brat who hadn't gotten what she wanted. Doc was up to something…I can feel it in my bones, I thought. I took a seat next to Zaria while Panther made his way to the kitchen.

"You know he likes you," whispered Zaria.

"What?! No, we hate each other, not me…that's impossible," I said.

"Well when you went unconscious, he got really, really worried. You scared him," Zaria said with a gleam in her eye.

"I'll talk to him about it later ok," I promised.