Omg I like hit my EYE today!

Holy cow, 'cause I thought that I REMEMBERED my book and like I had to open THAT goddamn locker of mine, and I opened it and bam!

My EYE is swollen.

I would LOVE to have ice right now. How about YOU?

How was you day? The teacher told me my EYE was swollen and I should SEE a doctor right away.

YOU probably would say that I wouldn't remember so I decided to write it down my arm.

I totally FORGOTTEN that I had to take the bus and was ABOUT to sprint but I remembered that a teacher was talking to ME.

When I finally got home and ate some snacks, I did MY homework and it was about the 'miracle of LIFE' and I had to write about it.

It was easy, but it ISN'T like a walk in a park either. I tried forgetting about it and just sleep but I can't help but worry for the next day.

It's really hard when you don't have PEFECT marks and you need that extra credit in there.

AS you can see I'm not really a committed student.

BEFORE I wouldn't even talk in class. BUT I guess I'm better now.

My EYE is still bothering me. My mom said to TRY to at least sleep for a little while.

I REALLY wish tomorrow won't be a HARD day.

My dad said NOT TO scratch it and try not to THINK ABOUT it.

My eye really hurt that I even cried, YOU would too if u had my problem.

Mom suggested that WHEN my EYE feels itchy I should just dab some water on it.

Dad said to just sleep early so I can WAKE UP early tomorrow for school BECAUSE he knows that I can't wake up early for my life.

But with my EYE swollen, mom said that I can stay home.

I DON'T really like staying home because I don't WANT to be bored all day.

MY life is pretty boring.

My THOUGHTS are boring.

TO BE boring as me is a miracle and definitely unfortunate.

ALL I think ABOUT is mostly cheese.

I bet YOU have greater things to think about.

The next day, my eyes are still swollen.

IT'S HARD seeing with one eye.

I'm sad.

If you knew what I'm GOING THROUGH right now.

I'm usually happy everyDAY but AFTER yesterDAY I'm kind of depressed.

I'd usually just eat chocolate.

I swear to god, I cannot live WITHOUT it.

YOU would want chocolate IN my case.

I'm guessing my mom forgot to turn the heat up in MY room because I see goosebumps on my ARMS.

I KNOW that I shouldn't be complanING but I have a swollen eye THAT I didn't ask for.

YOU think it's easy walking around the house with one eye open.

DON'T assume that it's easy.

I don't THINK anyone would want to be in my situation.

I went in my kitchen and checked the cupboards OR pantry if you call it that.

Did I mention that I LOVE cheese?

For ME, it's like heaven.

ITis like the best thing ever invented.

Ow! My eye HURTS.

My EYE is really bothering me now.

I JUST WANTED to get my book from my locker!

TO get my book!

That's it!

I didn't even get a chance to get it because I was in pain.

I'm gonna have to TELL my mom to get it for me.

YOU cannot imagine how much it hurts! It makes me a bit mad THAT it was my own stupidity.

Now I have a swollen EYE because I forgot my book.

One good thing was that I didn't MISS my bus that afternoon.

That would have been horrible, don't YOU think?

But it was still a horrible day BECAUSE of the EYE think and me thinking that I REMEMBERED my book and because of THAT goddamn locker, and my stupid EYE for being in the way.

Good thing that I didn't forget anything else that day. I still LOVE cheese so I guess I'm still normal.

I think it's normal, I mean who can't love cheese? I mean, don't YOU?

- ilovechickensandcows