Chapter 1

In the Beginning

Everyone knows that everyone dies, it's a fact of the universe, everyone learns it at some point. What people don't know is what happens afterwards. Just about every culture everywhere has a story or myth of someone being there to guide the dead to the next stage. The thing that few people know is that there is a reason for those guides, someone wanted the dead to be cared for. That someone is very kind but that has not always been the case.

To understand this one must go back to the beginning, to the actual beginning. Something most people agree on is the basic idea of what is the beginning, that is started off with a big bang. An explosion that started everything started from a tiny speck. An explosion occurred and everything from the tiniest atom to the Universe came from it. In that explosion came light, darkness, and the forces that formed the Universe.

But someone was born in that explosion someone to watch over things and to make sure that everything was to be made as it was meant to be made; this one is not the one I was talking about, but to talk about the start of things one must talk about this one too. The other is less well known than the kind one but is just as important and in fact is more loved and cherished. This one is known by many names but to make things clear I'm just going to call it by the name you might most understand: Life.

When the universe was born so was Life, born to make sure that everyone else was born. With all the dust and randomness of the first few seconds of the Universe things were confusing so very much that there were no such things as shapes or forms, things just were. The start of the Universe is very confusing and almost the exact opposite of what it is today; the rules that we accept even things as simple as up and down were not yet established. Life liked the confusion and randomness, Life felt that it limitless and that there was plenty to do so things would never get boring.

The second to be born is the kind one, this one is known as Death. Death like Life was born out of the primordial forces of the Universe. Death like Life had no shape just existed because it had to.

Life was merely playing with the few infinitely small pieces of light by crashing them into each other allowing energy to flow and to crash into each other again. Life struck things into each other and soon enough shapes began to take form, the first thing formed was a simple element Hydrogen. Life liked it and as space began to expand everything began to randomly crash into each other and hydrogen began to be formed everywhere.

Death saw this and frankly didn't care, not until one of the atoms slammed into it. Annoyed Death let it break down along with much of the hydrogen. Life noticed this and began to get annoyed and things began to become more complicated, more complicated elements were made as more things began to crash into each other. Death annoyed manipulated the energy moving the newly made elements. The two began to bicker and this began to create a dance the elements moved out and because of their actions gravity and magnetism took hold. The element became compounds and they would become dust which would become the planets or the stars and eventually the galaxies. Knowingly or not these two began put into effect rules we know that help structure the Universe. Life wanted things to be more random and let things happen as they would while Death wanted things to be under a straight guideline following principles and rules and thus the lines between order and chaos were drawn.

Then Destiny was born, someone to make sure thing happened as they were supposed to, Destiny sided with Death. Next to be born was Volition who sided with Life. More were born and the groups were formed. They all had work to do and to move things along to make sure the Universe was formed.

The elements and building blocks got made pretty fast in the grand scale of things. The forces that Life and Death set forth began to take place and formed the stars and planets or at least the things that would form them. Substance was there but forms had yet to take hold. Life was busy making sure that everything was building itself. Death was not particularly busy at this point since all the stars and planets were just starting to be born so there was very little need for Death. These beings communicated not through words but through pure thought so it was often more precise.

Death asked Destiny a question, one of the earliest questions, a question that is still asked. "What is my purpose?"

Destiny did know what was supposed to happen after all it is Destiny's job to make sure these things to happen when they were supposed to. "Soon enough Life will help the planets and stars come into being. One day you will be will be tasked to collect them when their time ends."

"I will be there when they're no longer alive?"

"Yes, but that time is far off. You will first collect the dead of the first and then the new forms of life that will come into being."

"There is something I do not understand. You keep saying something about 'going to do', what does that mean?"

Ideas were in Destiny's mind, ideas new and old at the same time, things Death did not understand. Everything was still so new and Death only wanted to understand and everything Destiny shared with it seemed so foreign.

"I speak of things that have yet to happen. There is what has been done, what is happening and what will happen. It is the structure of time."


"Yes, as the Universe has opened and stretch forth and new dimensions are being created and time along with them. If you truly want to know about time you should ask Life."

"I do not wish to be in presence of Life."

"You two do not get along too well but your fates as intertwined. You two will serve as the fundamental forces of this new Universe. You will spend a great deal of time together and you should learn to get along."

With nothing else to do Death searched for Life in hopes of brokering some sort of peace between them. Death traveled the Universe as easily as it was to think. Death appeared next to Life who was conversing with Volition.

Volition told Life, "From what you've told me this would be far more fluid."

"It does seem to make things more interesting." then Life took notice of Death. "Oh hello Death."

"Yes, hello Life. Greeting to you as well Volition." Death greeted the pair clearly more annoyed at Life.

"Hello Death." Volition said. "I will just leave you two alone." With little more needed to be said Volition vanished to another point in space.

Life sighed or gave the equivalent of sighing for an entity who doesn't breath in a time and place where there is nothing to breath. "Hello Death."

"I have question for you. What is time?"

"That's odd I just discovered it, how do you know of it?"

"Destiny told me about it."

"Destiny does always know more about what's going on than most. Well, it's very complicated and everything."

"I am curious but if you can't explain then..."

"No, I think I can. You know what's space, it's the area that things fill. Time is the thing events fill. I really don't know how to explain it without making things more confusing." Life paused thinking over his new idea. "But I think I can show you. I've never tried this actually, no one has ever tried this."

"What are you talking about?"

"This is the start of things more things will happen and I can take us to what will happen."

"I'm still not sure what you're saying."

"Events are stacked against each other and I can move us to events farther along the line to events that haven't happened yet. You see time is stretching out to something much more, I'm connected to it and I think I can move through it."

"If you can why haven't you?"

"Things have just come to effect, time is one of those things, the Universe is settling to its state and rules are coming to effect one of them is time. I just found out about it. I would like to see the things that will happen, the things that I will help bring into the Universe."

"So why don't you just go?" Death was genuinely wondering what the answer would be.

"I... I don't want to go alone." If Life could blush it would have.

"Would you like me to come along with you?"

"Uh...actually yes. I could do with some company."

Death thought about what Destiny had said deciding to put some effort into getting along with Life and was a little curious about all this. "Yes, I don't have much to do right now so I could go with you."

"All right then." Life said. "Then I'll begin."

Life focused on the energy around them and a small hole created before them. The hole was dark and cold but the two entities slide into it and it closed up. The pair did not know it but they were being watched.

Destiny watched them go. "So it begins.