Chapter 5

First Contact

In the faint light it was hard to see the alien before them. His name was Morka. He was the security officer on the ship, his duty is to protect the ship and it's passengers that's a duty he takes very serious. At that moment he considered our little group of explorers to be nothing but dangerous stow away that needed to be dealt with.

Cynthia on the other hand was the one thinking the most clear head. She began mentally taking notes of the creature before her. He was very tall, taller than most people, though slender he was muscular. Cynthia took note of its moss green skin, large black eyes and bulbous head. Cynthia also noted his fitted black uniform which she took as a sign of his authority, she even thought he might have been some sort of police officer. She is really the only one with any real sense. In fairness to Max and Leonard they were being lifted in the air by a fairly humanoid alien so they were justifiably scared. It was literally them facing the unknown.

None of them knew what to do or really what was happening and the fact that none of them had started to scream or run away was really a show of their courage. Or maybe they were just scared senseless and it didn't even occur to them to run.

"Hello." Deatz greeted the new comer.

Morka along with the humans that were present were a bit stunned by her candor. None of them knew how to react, there is this universal principle that people act under a series of predetermined responses for actions but when something they never expect happens they don't know how to act. None of them had expected Deatz to just say hello. Morka certainly didn't expect that from his intruders.

That was when they all heard a beep. A small device on Morka's head blinked with a bright green light.

"What is it?!" He growled into the device.

Lucky for the humans the device also happened to translated his words into something they could understand due to the universal translation he had on expecting to run into them.

"Did you find them?!" Kaldur spoke from the other end.

"I just did."

"Don't hurt them! Don't do anything to them!"

"What are you talking about?" Morka's grip grew tighter.

"I think we need them. I think we can use them to get this ship working."

"I just can't leave them-"

"Put them in the brig if that will make you feel better but don't hurt them. I'm using the onboard scanner to trace one of them. I'm going to talk to them. I'm close to one of them right now."

"I'll get it."

"No,I'm closer. I think this one is the source of the exotic energy."

Kaldur ended the transmission without another word to Morka annoyance.

"You're coming with me?" Morka said with harsh voice that had hints of exhaustion.

The next few moments they weren't so much lead to the brig as dragged to it.

Elsewhere on that very same spaceship Kaldur communications as he followed the scanner in his hands to find the one that got separated from the others, to find Life. He wasn't sure what he was going to find so he was on edge. The tension bubbling from within as he tried to to push down his own fear.

"Hello." Life almost sang.

"What?" a startled Kaldur replied.

"I think it's a greeting." Life muttered.

Kaldur was taken aback to say the least. The very entity he looked for had walked right up to him. Countless questions flew into his mind that he wanted to ask.

"Are you one of them?" it was his first question, not one I would have gone with but to each their own.

"Maybe," Life shrugged. "One of who?"

Yeah, I wouldn't bother asking him any questions.

"Can you help us?"

"Sure, What do you need?"

For Life it was literally that simple, he saw no reason why not to help when someone asked. Some people would call it naiveté and others would call it compassion. Whatever you call it, sometimes it will cause you trouble.

"Come with me and I will explain." Kaldur pleaded.

They started to walk through the machine, Kaldur knew it well so even in the dark he could find his way through.

Kaldur began to explain his story, "This is a scientific vessel. We had detected a strange spacial abnormality in this system. We went near it to investigate but when we did we were struck by a flare from the star. Maybe the animality even drew to us. I don't know. Either way we were badly damaged and began to crash. Our captain managed to divert the ship to this unpopulated area. But most of the crew were injured including our captain."

The hallway they were walking into was filled with a sterile white light. One side of the hall was a window showing into a room filled with that light. Looking into the room Life saw clear coffin like boxes with bodies of those like Kaldur. Some of them were bandaged other had tubes in them.

"Myself and Morka were the lucky ones. Everyone was injured. The med bay machines did what they could but that is only so much. What we need know is to head home."

Life could only look at them lost in the moment, he felt a pull towards them some sort of urge to do something but he didn't know what.

"The problem is that we don't have enough power. The med bay's back up power will sustain them for sometime but without any power we can't get back to home world. I am hopping you can help."

"What do you want me to do?"

"The scanners detected that you are not flesh. You are an energy construct. You are made of what some call cosmic energy, the energy that formed the universe. It is said that that kind of energy with will behind it can do anything. And there are only a handful of beings that are constructed from that energy. Creatures born out of the universe itself, if the legends are true. If you can provide some of your power to the engines we can get going."

"Let's do it." Life spoke without his usual vigor this time.

The other were being shoved into a big metal room that was designated as the brig, a temporary prison.

Morka's voice was like gravel as he spoke, "Stay here until I come back to deal with you."

And with that he closed the door and a silence fell amongst the group.

Leonard asked after a moment, "What were they talking about? I could hear them over that device. They were talking about Felix weren't they? They said they could use him. What did they mean?"

That question got them all to turn to Deatz.

"Is there something you're not telling us?" Max asked.

"Maybe." Deatz began.

In the mean time Kaldur had lead Life to the engine. In it's own room stood a large pylon like structure.

Kaldur explained, "If you can pour some of your energy into there I should be able to use the control panel to charge up the ship."

"Alright I'll try." Life said.

Life didn't know what he was doing but Kaldur seem to have faith in him and didn't want to let him down. Kaldur was a scientist on the ship and was taught not to take things as truth without evidence but desperation was driving him to take the leap.

Life placed his hands on the pylon as Kaldur stepped behind the control panel. The moment he pressed his hands against the pylon Life let himself relax and focused on his task. Energy did start to pour out of him into the pylon but something was wrong. It was like a eruption of colorful energy ripping out of Life's body, streaming out of him into the pylon. That's when Life started to scream in pain. All over the ship everyone else started to scream along with him as a phantom pain ripped through their bodies all at once. Locked in a room with the others Deatz was the only one unaffected. Deatz had not choice but to watch terrified as those around her screamed in agony