Chapter 6

Simply Pain

The world was pain. Every sensation was pain. Everything was pain. That was what Life had come to believe in those few seconds that he had connected to the pylon like device. Energy being ripped out of him left him screaming in agony.

Having that energy ripped from him, an energy being, it was like having an arm ripped off. To describe the process of him trying to give some energy to the ship could be compared to cutting open your arm and using the blood that poured out for blood transfusion. The process was wasteful and painful and more to the point potentially deadly. To make matter worse everyone remotely near him was sharing his pain, well, except Deatz.

Deatz was left helpless to watch her new friends in such pain giving her her first glimpse of fear. Their screaming would become something she would hear in her mind for a long time to come. The feeling of watching them in pain like that and unable to help was an experience that would never leave her.

Lucky for Life that the energy was being pulled out of him as fast as it did caused a surge of power. The power build up just enough t blast him away. Unluckily the blast tossed him right onto the control panel and then tumbling onto Kaldur knocking them both over a chair and into a wall. They both let out a groan still reeling from the pain. The unfamiliar sensation of pain was slowly leaving Life's body. Thankfully the others were still experiencing a similar relief.

Morka grumbled as he forced himself back on his feet. The sudden pain had forced him on his knees. He had never experience anything like that. He was heading towards Kaldur when the pain struck him. Considering how he felt he decided to continue to where he was going and to check up the scientist. He didn't want another member of the crew in med-bay.

In the makeshift brig the other were in a similar situation.

"What was that?!" Leonard shouted rubbing his temples in vain attempt to calm the throbbing in his head.

The trio turned their attention to Deatz.

"I don't know." Deatz said shaking her head.

"Please tell us what's happening." Cynthia pleaded with her.

"I'll tell you what I know."

With that Deatz began to tell them what she really was and what 'Felix' really was. How they had arrived there and what they had experienced in their short time away from what they knew as home.

Life's head hurt but that stopped when he lifted his head of the floor. The pain was leaving him but he was still shaking. He felt weak and weary, the color fading from his skin and hair. He wasn't human despite appearances and even with a large portion of energy drained from him he was healing faster than humanly possible. He pulled on the control panel to help himself get back on his feet. He sway back and forth for a moment trying to find his balance.

Life looked down to the mangled from that was Kaldur. That was when Life noticed that one of Kaldur's arms was bent in the wrong way. Kaldur was a different species than the humans that Life had so far been familiar but he guess from the groaning Kaldur was making that his arm hurt.

Instincts are a weird thing. They are something deep inside you telling you to do something and not tell you why. Many people would describe that as insanity and maybe for good reason. At that moment Life felt that strange pull towards Kaldur, that very same pull he felt tug on him when he saw those that were hurt in the med bay.

Let me warn you here: things are going to get a little weird. You've been warn.

Life didn't know what he can do, he was like a horse just born who had just figured out how to walk. The thing about a new born horses is that they learn fast thanks to instinct and they don't just learn about walking. Without any thought those four sharp incisors of his grew sharper and longer. With swift movement he bit Kaldur. Life's teeth dug deep into Kaldur's arms leaving a small trail of purple blood dripping down.

Maybe not weird and more scary or down right creepy.

Meanwhile back in the brig Deatz finished explaining the situation and what she really was.

"Really?" Leonard told her with sarcasm to spare. "I just saw a real alien and I'm not ready to believe that!"

The other two weren't ready to believe either.

Cynthia tried to wrap her head around what she was saying, "So you're telling us that you and Felix and really these crazy magical creatures that time traveled here." Cynthia paused again shaking her own head in disbelief. "Then you run into us and then we run into a crash space ship."

"I would love to believe you." Max told her.

"I bet you would." Leonard added snidely.

"But I can't believe that would happen." Max continued. "I might be able to believe that there would some sort of energy life forms. I might believe that. But I just can't believe you just happen to show up randomly here of all days. I just can't."

There is nothing random about it, they just haven't seen the pattern. Neither had Deatz but there was a reason that they had arrived when they did. But right then was not the time for anyone to try and figure that one out.

"I mean if you could give us anything to believe you-" Max told her.

"Like what?" Deatz asked.

"I don't know. You're supposed to be these energy beings can you do something? Do you have any special powers?"

"I really don't know how to do anything."

"That's because you're nutter!" Leonard told her. "I mean why would you look like that at all! If you were what you claimed why would you look like that?!"

"We picked these forms after we were instructed." Deatz explained. "We chose them after Volition explained to us how to change our forms. Would that make you believe me? If I changed my form?"

They looked at her unsure.

"...yes?" Max mumbled.

That was all that the dark haired female needed to hear. She closed her eyes and thought back to the instructions that she had heard the previous day. She didn't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing but she had managed to do it before and she did it again. This time backwards changing back into the small black cat. People say that seeing is believing and for them seeing meant it and it also meant a lot of screaming. Seeing someone suddenly change into a cat was more than a little shocking for them and being scared already they just reverted to screaming.

The screams startled Deatz causing her to lose her concentration and reverting back to her human form.

"What's the matter?" Deatz questioned their actions not knowing she was the reason they screamed this time. "Are you all right? Is it happening again?"

Yes, people have a fear of the unknown and they tend to try to get away from it as far they can manage. Lucky thing for Deatz they had a little bit of notice and they had seen a lot of strangeness that day so their own personal worlds were expanding. Its a scary thing, it's down right terrifying, finding out that the world you live in is not what you think it is. It is also a wonderful thing. Finding more about your world lets it grow and when it grows it lets more people into your world. Caution is a good idea but don't be afraid to let people into your world because when your world grows so do you.

Wow, that sounded preachy but I really think that's the truth. It also helps keep you on your feet which is a good thing.

"S-so... you are what you said you are." Leonard stuttered.

"Yes, so do you believe me?" Deatz responded.

"YEAH!" Max shouted excited.

Max is the kind of guy who jumps at things which also makes him the kind of person who can accept drastic changed to their world. "That was amazing! I have never seen anything like that! Aliens and whatever you are both in one day! This is Christmas! This is the best day ever!"

Cynthia's jaw dropped for many reasons but Max's enthusiasm at such strangeness was the new addition to the list. "So Felix is like you too?"

"Yes, and no." Deatz tried to explain. "We are the same but we are different as well."

That is pretty accurate if not vague. Considering you know what they really are, and what they are to each other, try to come up a better answer for her question.

"What about Felix?" Max said his voice getting much more quiet and less excited. "They were talking about him. And then that thing happen. Could that happened to him too?"

"Or maybe he was the reason for it?" Leonard suggested. "I really don't get this but could he have been calling out for help?"

Very good guess. Wrong but still very good guess. Life regardless of time is connected to everything that lives through energy that binds us all. When Life suffers enough pain everyone in the general area feels it too. Like I said: good guess they just happened to be wrong.

Deatz told them, "I really don't know."

"I really don't want to think of him being in any trouble." Cynthia said worried like a mother having lost her child at a store. "I can't help but think of those stories about those aliens abducting someone and doing experiments on them."

Any number of alien horror films and their abductions scenes come to mind.

"We can't do a thing in here." Leonard decided to point the obvious.

"Now knowing what I know about you I think I saw something." Max started to put one and one together. "When we called out to you when you two were next to the ship I noticed Felix's hand fall on the ship and then the door opened up. I didn't think much of it at the time but could he had done something to make it open."

Now that is good guess.

"Perhaps." Deatz admitted.

Max continued, "Do you think you could do something too? Do something to the door to open it up to?"

"I've never tried but I might be able to." Deatz said.

Deatz went up to the door and placed her hand on the entrance, right on top where the wall met the wall . She once again focused and thought about her intention. The immediate area began to twist and dissolve into what some might call dust. With that the door popped open like you might expect a door to if you kicked off the door knob.

With a door opened they did what anyone would do and stepped through it.

"That was amazing!" Max cheered her on as they made their way back into the ship to find their friend and maybe mount a rescue.

They didn't notice it. The door partially dissolved and when Life touched the door it opened up with just a few barely visible sparks. That is the difference between them and their true natures.

Anyway, back to the other area of the ship Life had his teeth in Kaldur. Yeah, that's kinda freaky. He pulled back wiping off the blood on his sleeve. His teeth shrank back to their normal size. At that moment Life felt that someone was watching him. He turned just in time to see Morka holding out a a gun at him. No, Life didn't know that was a gun but when a blast of energy shot out of it barely missing his head hitting a chair which quickly exploded he figured it was dangerous.

Morka had only arrived in time to see Life lifting his head with his mouth dripping with Kaldur's blood. Reacting Morka pulled out his side arm that up to this point he didn't feel he needed to use until that moment. At that point he had decided to aim for Life's head. Morka was enraged, he had only avoided causing any harms to anyone simply because Kaldur insisted on not doing it. Now he found Kaldur on the floor, possibly dead, and that was enough for him to accept that killing was the only way to keep himself and those in med bay safe.

Morka shot again and Life leapt out of the way across the room with lighting speed. Morka had no idea people shouldn't be able to do that and neither did Life so no one thought anything stranger about that action. Morka kept firing and Life kept leaping about.

"Hold still!" Morka kept firing and shouted as he did.

Life just didn't want to get hit by the the gun blast just kept trying to avoid it. Eventually Life managed to jump past Morka and run into the halls with Morka following him. The halls were still dark but they were illuminated briefly by a blast of light each and every time Morka fired. The sound of the weapon blasting echoed through the halls leaving the smell of singed metal wafting along with it.

An energy weapon like could actually do some serious harm to an energy being like Life.

The sound echoing in the halls did give the group along with Deatz something to follow even if echoed a little. Their thinking was this all the noise must have been made by Life causing trouble, which is really good deduction. They quickly lost the sound as it was being echoed but it did lead them to where it all started. It helped that the engine room also happened to be one of the few with lights on.

Looking around the room Deatz declared, "He was here."

"Someone certainly was." Leonard said noticing scourge marks and the smoking remains of the chair.

"Looks like someone is still here?" Max said pointing to the fallen body of Kaldur. "He doesn't look to be to doing so well."

Kaldur remained unmoving and there was a small puddle of a purple liquid he took to be his blood.

"Is it dead?" Cynthia asked weary.

"What?" Kaldur jolted up in a stupor.

"It's not dead!" Leonard ever the master of pointing out the obvious.

"Hello are you all right?" Deatz asked.

"Hello?" Kaldur said still a little confused. "Are you the other one?"

Kaldur didn't wait for a response as his hand felt the small puddle of liquid. He remembered back to his failed attempt to power up the engines. He remembered being hurt and about to pass out when Life was above him. Kaldur wanted to apologize for causing him pain, a pain he realized he was forced to share in, and all it got him was a broken arm then Life's teeth sunk into his flesh. That pain was the last straw and he blacked out. Now he was astounded there was no sign of him being bitten and his arm was healed.

Life is an being made of energy or to be exact the life energy that some call life force. The same energy that spark every single life. That bite allowed him to repair living flesh and heal Kaldur. That energy can do things to trick electric controls like the one on the hatch besides just healing. His own natural instinct tries and heal those who are hurt and burning up extra reserves of their energy to heal themselves. Without converting it that energy is useless for powering engines a fact that Kaldur didn't know. Already the energy that was donate was harmlessly leaving the engines and the ship the the outside to a more suitable container.

Interesting enough Deatz almost did the exact opposite with the door she opened, she removed the electrons from the material she touched undid the electron bonds that held the atoms together. That energy from the small bits of matter had now been stored in her.

Enough of the science lesson and now let's get back to the story. Deatz and the other were now with Kaldur but Life was being chased by Morka. Eventually their chase lead them outside the ship and back to the outside world. Life felt tired he had lost a lot of energy that day and his stamina was giving up. Life stumbled to the ground. Looking up he was staring right into the barrel of a gun. Morka had managed to catch up to him