Chapter 3

Curse of the Lamp

I must have been about seven when the real weird stuff started. There is a day I lost. I was at home one moment and then outside the next with no real memory of the hours between. I didn't really remember anything except a weird demented girly laugh. I didn't know how to explain it and that scared me. No one noticed that I left so I never really spoke about it to my family or friends. I think I was afraid of what they might say or think about me.

I think my parents noticed I seemed off and they tried to cheer me up by taking my family to the beach. My parents aren't attentive so they didn't really noticed when I went into the water trying to teach myself to swim. In fairness to them they don't swim either. As I tried to swim in the water the waves kept pushing me back to the shore and I would try to make my way into the ocean again. Eventually the water pulled me down and I tried to fight against it, didn't work so well. As I went deeper into the water I started to black out.

I woke up a quarter of a mile down the beach as the waves pushed me back to shore. I coughed out water and as I did I noticed something shiny in the sand. My curiosity getting the better of me I pulled out a small gold ring with wavy lines on it. I also found something else sticking out of the sand next to it. Digging a little further I found what I thought at the time was a gold tea pot. As I studying it closer I noticed marking on those on the ring.

Then off at the distance I heard someone call out, "Alexis!"

Looking towards the source of my name I saw my mother yelling at me for going too far form her. We left early that day, my older sister Bianca was attacked by a crab. I did take what I found, something was telling me that my treasures were special.

I was on vacation at the time and my parents at work and my sibling were never around I found ways to keep me busy. I did make a few friends, I was odd even then so it was hard maybe that's why I made strange friends. I had made friends with some older boys. We had one thing in common, we had psychic abilities. Don't get me wrong I got glimpses of the future from time to time but it was so rare its barely worth mentioning. Still those abilities did help me find them. How is a story I'll save for another time.

Side stepping my own limited precognitive abilities let me tell you about their abilities and about them. They were three bothers gifted with abilities that honestly could come off as cheap tricks. Let's start with Ralph, he was the the older brother he had a strong chin and when I picture him in my mind I always think of being taller and stronger than me maybe because he was nine years older than me. Ralph is just an honest guy who just happens to have telepathy. He doesn't use it often since he thinks its an invasion of people privacy. I had a hard time believing him at first since he seemed to find it hard to read my mind but I had come to believe him and his abilities.

Then there were the twins, George and Alan who were five years older than me. They weren't identical twins but fraternal so they didn't really look a like but they both had dark brown hair and were on the skinny side.

Alan was funny and just a fun guy. He was a little odd and he could see ghost which again I at first found it hard to believe since I couldn't. George was the much more serious brother and he had clairvoyance which I will just say let him know things. They all seemed to have control over their abilities, certainly more than I did so I did look up to them a little.

They just happened to live a few blocks away from me so sometimes I would walk to their house and just talk. I went to their home with what I found since I knew George liked strange things and the occult which he knew a lot about and it made him seem so smart to me.

Showing him my so called 'tea pot' I asked him what it was.

He took a look at it and said, "It's a lamp. An oil lamp. They used these types as to light the night in places like the Middle East. Some stories say that genies live in lamps."

"A genie?" I asked so innocently.

Alan who had been listing in on our conversation, it was in their shared room, spoke up, "They're magical servants. They have magical powers and would grant your wishes after you rubbed the lamp."

"Really!" I said excitedly.

I quickly rubbed the lamp and when nothing happened my excitement diminished especially as I opened the lamp to find it empty.

Then I heard Ralph's voice as he entered the room. Hearing what I was told he said, "Alexis, that is just s story. One of those stories he tells you."

George did like telling me stories about legends and myths and I did enjoy hearing them.

Alan smiled at me, "I'll walk you home."

Alan walked me to my humble home and stayed to play video games with me to cheer me up. I personally like adventure games and racing games so we decided to play a car racing game. I tend to get into my games a lot and while playing I jumped up and down and to the sides doing so caused the ring in pocket to fall out that day.

Alan picked up that ring and said, "Uh, what's this?

"Oh that's something I found when I found the lamp."

"Look at the markings on it, the wavy lines, they match the ones on the lamp."

Getting the lamp I quickly brought it over a tremor of excitement tickling by stomach.

He pointed out the tip of the tube thing of the lamp, "Look right here there are no marking right here but they match the ones on the ring." He picked up the ring and slipped it on there. "Perfect fit."

It was a perfect fit, the markings matched like it had been some sort of puzzle. Suddenly the markings started to glow a bright red which startles us causing us to drop the lamp. A chill ran across the room making me shudder. Then a small flame appeared on the tip of the lamp which started to emit a smoke. The smoke swirled around us like it had a mind of it's own, wrapping around our heads. The smoke was thick and soon I couldn't see past it. A strange feeling over came me like the smoke had slithered into my head. I started to feel woozy and I blacked out.

At this point even I noticed something weird was happening in my life