An endless door,

An open book,

Inviting you,

To take a look.


Does not apply;


Makes you fly.

Ride on waves

Or soar on wings;

Fight with knaves,

Or visit kings.

Fight a dragon,

Fly a kite

Or maybe just

Indeed, you might

Find your true love

And share their kiss.

Retreat into

Its endless bliss.

Or maybe dreams

Will twist and turn

Into a nightmare

A caustic burn.

The darkest void,

The perilous pit,

A pleasant dream

Is now a violent fit.

You scratch and claw

To no avail,

It seems the darkness

Will prevail.

But then the light

Destroys the dark.

Gently removing

It's accursed mark.

A limitless world,

One without despair;

If we search our dreams,

We will find it there.