We play and talk

We cuddle and gawk

We sleep and whisper

We wish life was simpler

We touch and feel

To make sure we both are real

We kiss and hug

We are each other's drug

We text and write

We try to never fight

We hold each other close

But we try not to overdose

I fear heartbreak

But I always tease more than you can take

I push you farther than I should

So far you stay where you stood

You try to be gentle and sweet

So far you have made me complete

I want to be with you whenever I can

You have been my biggest fan

But I don't want to be too clingy

Or be too zingy

I enjoy our time together

I want it to last forever

So though I want to be with you throughout the night

I accept you only being my light

Within the darkness of my heart

Which you're careful not to tear apart

We lay here close to each other's side

Within this darkness we hide

Within my world we rest

We hold and trust each other though one final test