Night covers over the dark and dreary land.

I turn my eyes to the sky just as the snow begins to fall on the ground.

The temperature begins to drop at an increasing rate, but I don't care.

Just as my heart, my body becomes numb to the things around me.

I laugh lightly as I see what I have become.

Years of chasing you, yearning for you, but I never got you in the end.

I pushed you into the arms of someone else.

Never again to be mine.

I hear someone calling to me in the distance but I don't care to see who it is.

If I can't have you, then why should I keep fighting?

We were meant to be married.

We were meant to be together forever and always.

"да спаткання," I whisper into the air.

I put the knife to my throat and I begin to make a move when I feel a hand on my arm.

I turn my blue eyes to see you there.

I swear I had already killed myself.

But there you were with your blue eyes, begging me to live again.

I throw the knife to the ground and embrace you.

Never again will you ever leave me.

We'll be together.

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