A memory burns inside my mind

Of a girl I'll never see again

Never quite the same look in my eyes

In winter days, in snow and wind

In snow and wind – I remember her

How I took to heart her every word

But I'll never see that girl again

I can't grasp it. Sunlight and summer wind

These days are too short to lay hold of it all

Before I can taste it, it dissolves, and it's gone

Light never slows down, life never slows down

I can't taste it, I can't feel it before the night falls

And I'll never see that girl again

So why in the shadows and whispers of wind

Does her voice, soft as it always has been

Seek me out and call to me – Your old dream still lives – ?


How the glories and despairs of the kingdoms of man

Can tell stories of one man's soul, I do not know

We heard in the desert of a great river flowing

We longed for the wet and the coolness of snow

And that taste in my mouth that I don't understand

The dream that eluded the grasp of my mind

The voice on the wind and the whispers in autumn

The girl who alone saw the look in my eyes

Oh, take me home –

Do you know it? Or do you?

Do you understand the metaphors' meaning

Do you long to know the mystery too?


I smile and I talk and I survive, I do it every day

I listen to the music dancing and what you have to say

But I don't speak – the breezes pass by

I'm calm while rods of lightning blaze

And I weep in softly falling rain

I want to see her face again

To remember the dream as it truly begins

Tasting the snow and laying hold of the wind.