The sky is falling

Chapter 1

Date: 1st August/ 0900 hours/ 2264

Captain Johnson sat in his command chair. The evacuation of Earth was almost complete. The entire 'Swarm' fleet was on their way to Earth, to wipe out the rest of humanity. The Swarm wasn't even their real name; it was just what the soldiers called them because no one knew their real name. The entire E.D.N (Earth Defence Navy) had gathered at Earth…..humanities last stronghold. Every other world controlled by humanity had been burned by the Swarm, trillions of lives had been lost with no survivors.

Captain Johnson was a war hero in his early career. He had fought the Swarm and won in isolated battles. He had held off enemy forces at Skylift single handed….only for the planet to be bombarded shortly afterwards. He had been selected to pilot one of the many evacuation ships away from Earth to find a new home that would be hidden from the Swarm. 500 humans were aboard the last resort which Captain Johnson was going to pilot. There were hundreds of ships like it, ready to carry thousands of human's off-world. In total 50,000 humans would leave Earth.

Captain Johnson had his doubts and sadness; he had lost his entire family already. Watched all his friends' burn as the hands of the Swarm. Now 10 billion people were going to be left on Earth to burn, including all the thousands of humans on the 2 million ships defending Earth for one final battle. Captain Johnson knew they were going to lose Earth, the Swarm would try and target the evacuation ships first and then take care of the fleet….then they would burn Earth.

Admiral Leverton

Admiral Leverton sat in his command chair aboard the flagship leviathan. The entire fleet was in position. All the orbital defence platforms were ready to fire at any incoming Swarm ships. The admiral lit up his smoking pipe and began to puff, he was afraid he couldn't deny it but he had a duty to perform. He heard his navigational lieutenant shout "Admiral, we have contacts coming out of hyperspace! Shape of the ships is identified as Swarm ships!"

Admiral Leverton looked on the scanner…millions of Swarm ships on a course for Earth…a course for destruction. "Lieutenant Harris, contact FLEETHQ tell them to get those evacuation ships out of here! Top priority!" the Admiral commanded. Then he opened up his intercom to all E.D.N ships "All right men this is it! If it is our time to die it is our time, but if we are to let these bastards take our lives and burn beloved Earth….WE GIVE THEM HELL BEFORE WE DO!" all he could here over the intercom was the combined cheers of millions of navy officers.

The Swarm armada began to come into view. Millions of dark ships, all spiked and black ready to burn. The Swarm ships were all crowed together as a single formation. "Easy targets….too easy" Leverton thought. Swarm ships never gathered together, they had another plan? "Swarm ships are in range Admiral!" Lieutenant Harris announced. Admiral Leverton stood up and turned on his intercom and pointed at the Swarm armada. "All ships fire!" he commanded.


Captain Johnson was given the order to take off with every other evacuation ship. The last resort's engines began to warm up and Johnson activated the point defence guns. There was no doubt the Swarm ships were going to attack the evacuation ships.

Admiral Leverton

There was a deafening roar as all the 2 million E.D.N ships fired their orbital dense guns and warheads at the Swarm armada. There was a massive flash of light as all of the weapons collided with the Swarm ships. Their shields glowed violet and flickered, the ships with their shields down were turned into burning, smouldering husks. But the remaining ships didn't have a scratch on them. Their shields glowed white as the warheads exploded before they even reached their target.

The Swarm ships began to fire their weapons. 100 megaton nuclear bombs heading straight towards the E.D.N ships. "Admiral! Nuclear warheads heading towards us at a speed of 500 KPH!" Lieutenant Harris shouted from his seat. Admiral Leverton turned in his seat to face Harris and puffed on his pipe "Hard to port!" but Harris then said something else "Admiral the warheads haven't targeted us. They have targeted Earth!"

From outside Admiral Leverton and his crew could see the warheads flying past the E.D.N ships. They left a blue trail behind them as they began to descend to Earth. The first one hit Earth and a mushroom cloud was visible to the Leviathan. More warheads struck Earth "God….save us" Leverton muttered under his breath.