Chapter 9

Captain Tidmuss

Date: 28th December/0256 hours/2364

Kristen woke up with a sudden scream and shock. He kept screaming but he couldn't move. He realised he was clamped down to the metal bed, that and many of his bones were broken. Kristen wondered what happened, and then he remembered. The destruction of the Latin and the deaths of many of his fellow crewmen.

Kristen's sight had still not recovered, everything was blurry. Then he realised there were many alien figures gathered around him. Their eyes glowed orange and their skin was scaly brown, they looked fairly humanoid besides the tentacles under the arms and the fairly round and elongated heads with four eyes. Kristen looked around again but then suddenly the creatures were gone, he forgot them, and then he saw them again. "Haven't I seen them before?" he thought.

Then he noticed medical apparatus around the room that he was in (the room looked very organic, its walls had the same texture as their skin.) Then he noticed something hanging above his head, it then moved to its chest. Then he realised what it was, it was a surgical cutting laser. One of the aliens turned to him and said almost without hearing "Sleep now" Kristen began to drop off into a sleep as the surgical laser powered up, Kristen said one thing before dropping off into a sleep "Swarm bastards" He then fell unconscious and the laser began cutting into his chest.