End of Days

1978 Bewley Academy

George Brown was standing in the courtyard. His eyes upturned, fixated on the blue sky. Blue skies are rare on this borderline between England and Scotland, but that is not what he searched the skies for. He was waiting for something. He could feel it in his bones as they trembled quietly. It was an odd sensation, and immediately alerted him to danger.

There he stood, staring upwards. The academy grounds were full of life, ignoring his strange ways. His fellow classmates bustled about him. They were oblivious, but George knew something would change. He knew so well that something would occur. However, that fateful day, he would never have guessed what it would be. He never knew it was already set in motion.

His eyes flickered to his left. The winds were blowing in. The sky was beginning to darker. That expectant expression in his eyes that day, full of defiance, changed nothing. He could not defy the inevitable. He could not change what was to happen. Those eyes of his, watching, expecting, defying. They were eyes full of wisdom beyond his years. Even then, he knew of the world in a way others couldn't.

The bustling laughter had died down. They were gossiping now, making their way indoors. George left them to it. He wouldn't stop them from going inside, but he was smart enough to stay outside. The buildings would offer little protection. However, that would be the limit of his knowledge. As best as he tried to see ahead, it was a dull canvas. The images were distorted and darkened.

George's eyes narrowed in annoyance. He kept his gaze to the forthcoming wind. It greatly displeased him to have his knowledge limited. He knew what was happening. He knew it would change everything. He knew so much that no one else did. He knew that he couldn't stop it.

George was smart. He was above his level. He was unlike the others, but just as blind.

Present Day

"Hm," says an elderly man in a beige fedora hat. "This is not what I expected at all."

Ahead of him is Montgomery University. The tall brown building is old, but not majestic like the other old buildings he's found. His eyes crinkle as he smiles. He steps onto the lush green grass. His eyes are trained to the building with fascination. Deep in the realms of his mind, he can see the same building somewhere else. He can barely remember it, but he's pleased to see it again.

Someone pushes him out of his way. "Watch where you're going old man,"

"Excuse me," he begins, but the student isn't turning around.

He sighs, and continues onwards. He tears his eyes away from the building and peers at the students. The students are moving, hurrying to their classes and other destinations. He stops to squint, hoping to find someone standing still. Eventually, he sees a small group of students and promptly scurries over. Excitement shines more brightly in his eyes with every step.

"Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time?" he asks, quietly.

"What do you want?" Jo frowns.

"Ah, sir, I was wondering if you could show me your arm. I wonder if your friends will too," he replies.

Jo laughs. "Yea, like we're going to do that. Nice try old man, get going back to the home now,"

"You must show me," he says, desperate now. "The world depends on it. I must… I must-"

"D'you want us to drag you back?" Lisa snaps.

Amy frowns. "Get going old man, you're crazy,"

"But, I need those Chosen to save the world!" he exclaims, panicking.

"Whoa, old man, calm down," Josh tells him. "We're not chosen to save the world. Go ask those freaks over there."

He backs away, eying the group of Asians. He wonders how he didn't notice them at first. It isn't a large group, but they stand out in their red and dark clothes. He drifts forward, distracted by them. Now that he sees them, he can tell that everyone avoids them. The other students walk a distance from them. They have definitely been shunned for their differences. He hopes those differences are what he's searching for.

A hand takes a hold of his shoulder. "We are not whom you seek,"

The man turns to who had spoken to him. It's a student around the age of eighteen. From even his first glance, he can tell that he is from that strange group. There is no interest for him there, and he walks away. The old man tries to grasp his jacket, and hold him back, but misses. He scurries after him anyway, determined to speak to them.

"You have something," he says, adamant. "Inside of you there is something that separates you from them! Give it to me, let me see!"

His outstretched hand is slapped away. "You cannot glimpse what is covered. It is concealed for a reason,"

He looks around desperately. The entire group are distant and aloof, but they aren't pleased with him. He can practically feel them slipping from his grasp. He can't give up. Not unless he wants history to repeat itself on a grander scale. He can't afford for those events to repeat themselves.

"Méilín, have you no respect for our elders?" Yǔ scolds, she turns to the old man. "I am sorry, she should have greater respect."

Léi frowns at him. "Have you something else to say?"

"You are my last hope, I know you're different!" he begs. "You could be the Chosen, and everything depends on the Chosen. You cannot leave this; it will follow you. You must help me!"

The student who had grasped his shoulder stands up. Immediately the others follow his lead. One by one they pick up their bags and start to walk away. Shocked into silence, he staggers after them. The group continues to move, except for one. He turns around to look at the man. His dark eyes are piercing as he peers at the man.

"We have class now and we have no intention of being late," Léi says. "After class we meet through the woods to the side. There is a ruin there if you wish to continue this later."

The old man's frazzled nerves begin to calm. He takes a deep breath to regain his composure. He pauses as he glances up. Already Léi has almost disappeared from sight amidst the throng of students. Still, he smiles at the prospect of there being hope yet. He chuckles quietly, and tips his hat to the building. He looks up at the sky.

"There is hope yet, do not count us as a conquest,"

Author's Note: Hi! Yes, it's another story, but this will be completed. In fact, they all will be, but I love writing this kind of story. I feel at home with this genre more than others. This is actually set in 2009; which should have been mentioned earlier. I would have, but I thought it ruined the way it looks.

Okay! Here we go!

Bewley Academy – This academy is fictional, as far as I'm aware anyway. I had the great idea of making it somewhere in the South of England, but, England has good weather. This academy can't have good weather, and yes, I could have continued anyway, but, alas, I couldn't.

Montgomery University – This is also fictional, and is set in America! Yes, the great country everyone but me seems to be willing to die in order to go. Yes, so, it is set in America, and I haven't decided which state yet… I have to research that, but, it's somewhere warm and sunny. If you can help me, I'll be extremely grateful.

Old man – He, of course, is the old man rambling on about the Chosen. Right now, his name isn't important. I don't think it will be important for a long while.

? - The one who had grasped the old man's shoulder. He was the first of the group to be introduced. His name is Zhèn. According to one website, it means shake / shock / quake. It is written as 震。

Méilín – She is the one who grasped the old man's wrist, and was subsequently told to show respect for elders. I hope you can tell her personality a little bit from that part.

Yǔ – I can tell you that she's kind and obedient. Her name means Rain. For those of you interested, my name is Yù, and it means Jade. Yú means fish and Yū means stupid. I haven't researched this name because I don't need to. I know all four meanings, as demonstrated, and it's the only word where I know all four meanings and tones.

Léi – His name means Thunder. Now, like Zhèn and Méilín, I only looked over one website. If they made a mistake with the tone or the spelling, then I apologise for not researching as thoroughly as I should have.

Now, I had a huge conversation planned out between the old man and the group… Alas, it was night and I couldn't write it down. So, you'll have to bear with what I've written. I know it isn't so interesting and mystic, but it's the best I can do right now. I hope I managed to entertain you, and if you aren't pleased by it, or are disappointed, then I apologise. Also, it's Chinese New Year's eve tomorrow, so I thought I should upload this in time for that.