End of Days

Class 1B – Science Department

The blind covering the door's small window slips back into place. Méilín, frowning in deep concentration turns and leans against the door. Her dark eyes flit upwards towards Yǔ. The wound isn't something to be panicked over; but it is. It doesn't particularly concern Méilín, but she knows that they'll be in stalemate for quite a while. After all, that's just the way things are.

"She will recover," Méilín comments in the silent room that they've all vowed to despise.

"Nothing so insignificant will cause us to fall," Zhèn growls.

"You are not injured," Méilín says, straining to keep her temper controlled.

"Enough," Léi commands. He stands over a desk, clearly stressed. "Yǔ won't recover if you continue like this. From here on you will not argue, nor will you fight; do I make myself clear?"

Méilín scoffs, keeping her eyes away from her 'esteemed' leader. Zhèn growls in obvious disapproval, but his thoughts remain locked in silence. Léi looks back at the unconscious Yǔ lying on the table appearing peaceful and calm. His expression hardens and faces his back to her. Upon his movement Méilín and Zhèn straighten up; instantly attentive and focused.

"Who was that?" Léi commands, determination lacing his voice. "Tell me everything you know."

"You know enough," Méilín says, sharply. "We cannot rival your knowledge."

"Then I suggest you think deeply Méilín; you will offer me something which I do not know," Léi snarls.

"Our combined strength will destroy that which one man shall fall at," Zhèn comments, deeply serious. "They are the Flying Sand and Rolling Stones Sect. They're said to be based in Xiānggǎng*. They travel and vanish with the wind."

"I know that," Léi grits his teeth.

"We told you that we don't have the information; what more can you expect of us?" Méilín exclaims.

"You will know something. At least try to remember,"

She raises her head proudly, contempt rising in her eyes. "The fei1 saa1 zau2 sek6* are masters of hidden secrets. Their secrets extend to everything they partake in, but they follow the teachings of the Gwong2dung1 Sap6 Fu2*."

Her words seem to resound in the now silent room. They stare at her in surprise, but she isn't at all amused with their gawking. Her hand lands quite heavily on her swords hilt to snap them back to their senses. Zhèn scowls at her, quickly crossing the room. He pulls on Léi's sleeve, muttering quietly. Suspicious flashes through his eyes and he looks over Méilín. Zhèn steps away and frowns, trying, and failing, to hide his displeasure.

"I hadn't realised that you could speak Cantonese," Léi comments, distantly.

"I have a life outside both of you," she hisses.

"There's something else, isn't there?" Zhèn growls.

She glares fiercely. "His name, the one who was hoping to ambush you, is Hak-fu,"

"You know an awful lot about them," Léi scowls.

"They practice Black Tiger Style, and they like to leave no trace of themselves. They base their obvious activities in Xiānggǎng, but they're unlikely to follow through with their more secretive activities,"

"You know this how?" Zhèn snarls.

Méilín responds with a dark smile. "Information is a commodity,"

By the University Gates

"We should call this off," Méilín glares; her voice laced with distaste.

"We will not betray what we have lived for," Léi replies monotonously.

"We have never been this low before," Zhèn snaps.

"You're welcome to leave," Léi glares. "However, don't expect to return to us if you choose to."

"Then we have no further voice," Méilín comments, displeased.

They suddenly grow silent. Their eyes scan the surrounding area warily, but there's no one else around. Even the wind is calm and cool; entirely innocent in its existence. Still, their unease refuses to settle and dissipate. Although, with no reason to be acting in such a way they reluctantly force their feelings aside. Méilín reaches for the hilt of her dagger which barely reveals itself from inside her back pocket. For a moment she pauses, whatever it was urging her to act having seemingly vanished. She doesn't stop for long though, and soon throws it towards the most peaceful and harmless looking house in the row.

It slices through the window, shattering the glass like a fountain of diamonds. Zhèn and Léi can only gape at her actions in horror as the inhabitants begin to panic. They turn to scold her, but she's already back within the school grounds and disappearing from their sight. They scowl, growling in fury, but they chase after her. Their wild comrade really can be far too much sometimes. Not only that, but as far as they know there was no need for what she did.

Rustling sounds reach them as they turn into the school building. The door slams shut behind them, but they ignore it and venture further in. They don't have long to wait until Méilín's footsteps ring out around them. They hurry up the stairs and onto the first floor. The literature hall stretches out before them, and at the end of the hall is an open door that leads to the library. It creaks and swings on its hinge. They both watch it carefully from the top of the stairs. Quiet noises are gradually emitted from inside the vast library and it arouses their suspicions.

They run towards the library, having grown tired of Méilín's constant disobedience. The door slams against the wall as they storm in. The only sound to greet them is the echoing that the door made. The silence resounds about them, and it leaves them confused. They glance around the room but Méilín is nowhere in sight, and they doubt that she's in the same room as them.

At the School Doors

Méilín takes a silent intake of breath and steps out from her hiding place behind the door. The two are already disappearing into classrooms. She doesn't concern herself with them though, and tears her eyes from them. One person remains before her.

"I hadn't expected to encounter you here," he comments, standing with his back to her.

"You were wrong," her reply is instantaneous. "as you commonly are."

He scoffs and turns to her. "You are so awfully arrogant, Méilín,"

His dark eyes are piercing, but she doesn't avert her gaze. His midnight hair falls into his face, and he ignores it just as she knew he would. His lips contort into a prideful smirk and he turns to face her directly. A dark playfulness enters his eyes, and the edges of a sinister scheme became just barely visible in his gaze. He looks her over, a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

"Nei5 hou2 maa1?" he asks.*

"Maa4 maa4 dei6," she replies, her voice strained.*

"Gan1 ngo5 loi4," he suggests.*

Instantly, she raises her hand and slaps him. Fury flashes across his eyes, but he forces his anger down and straightens up. Disgusted, he wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth and glares. Méilín clenches her fists to try and avoid striking him again, but it's clear that she isn't interested in holding back.

"I will kill you," she tells him.

He chuckles. "You told me that the last time; yet here I stand,"

"I mean it, Hak-fu, do not test my patience further," she glares. "You have no right to speak to me like this."

"You had no right to walk away, and yet you did," he snarls.

She begins to back away, her hand on her blade's hilt. "You will no longer be warned, and I will no longer know mercy if ever we meet again. I'd suggest you take your leave, but I know your pride won't let you."

Author's Note: Sorry, my laptop broke, and I had to wait a while to get this chapter ready. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, and the references are below. Thank you for your time.

*The unfamiliar words are a form of Romanised Cantonese. Unlike Mandarin Chinese Cantonese has 6 to 9 tones, and there aren't any Cantonese translators. I apologise if I have placed the incorrect tones. I can't even tell you what form of Romanisation this is. It could well be Jyutping or any of the other forms of Romanisation.

* Xiānggǎng – It is Mandarin Chinese for Hong Kong.

*Fei1 saa1 zau2 sek6 – Flying Sand and Rolling Stones. It is Cantonese. (I cannot vouch for the accuracy)

*Gwong2dung1 Sap6 Fu2 – Ten Tigers of Canton. It is Cantonese. This is a must have piece of information for lovers of wǔshù / Martial Arts. (I believe it to be accurate)

*Nei5 hou2 maa1 – How are you? (I cannot vouch for the accuracy)

*Maa4 maa4 dei6 – Good / so-so. (I cannot vouch for the accuracy)

*Gan1 ngo5 loi4 – Come with me. (I cannot vouch for the accuracy)