Guardian Angel

The shirt and the hood that sat around her neck were parting gifts from the military. She was wearing them after working with her father, an outfit she for some reason always wore when she worked with him, as she walked the cool, dark evening. Her hip had a small spot of pain located in it, reminiscent from a multitude of injuries she got at the tail end of her term, but she ignored it. Had it been a sharp, jabbing pain she would have not been walking to begin with.

Her feet guided her down a silent strip of road when she noticed a smell in the crisp air. She immediately scanned her area, and soon noticed the glow of flames in the distance. Ignoring the suggestion of no more running, she started to jog down the road. It was not long before she spotted two people, the female calling for another, the male on a cell phone. The house the female was yelling at was engulfed in flames.

"Who's still in there?" she asked, pulling her hood up.

"My daughter, she's only 18 months, I don't want to lose her." she cried out as the male, her husband the former military female figured, took her into his arms.

Pulling the flap over her mouth, she turned to the house. Without a word, she sprinted towards the building. Her feet felt guided as she moved about the burning building, thick black smoke covered her vision, and the house was slowly falling apart. Soon the wails of a young child reached her ears, and she moved towards. Inside one of the rooms was a young girl, and in her arms she protectively cradled a young cat.

"Shh little one, I'm here to get you out." she cooed as she approached.

"Where mommy?" the child sobbed as the older female crouched down.

"Mommy outside, I will bring you to her."

"Nutty come too?"

"Nutty come too." she said, "give me Nutty, and get on my back, I need you to hold tightly."

the little girl handed the older female the cat, who mewed weakly. Once the child was on her back, she turned her attention on the house. She knew she did not have long.

"Bury your face in my neck, and hold tight." she urged as she quickly moved through the blaze. Her shirt would be no good after tonight, but she had a few others she could use. Instinct guided her, and helped her avoid falling beams. As she neared the exit, she found it blocked. Clenching her teeth, she moved to the room on the right, and spotted the window. "You trust me?"


"Then no matter what happens, do not let go." she said, then bolted to the window, leaping up and putting her shoulder through it. The window pane shattered as she held Nutty close to her body, the frighten purr he gave off the only comfort she had of knowing he was still alive. The ground meet her shoulder with a jarring impact, but she moved herself into a combat roll, and sure enough the child did not let go. Once her feet touched the ground, she pushed herself into an unbalanced run just as she heard the building give one final creak before falling apart.

Once she found her balance and slowed down, she moved one hand to remove the flap covering her mouth. The air had a tinge of smoke on it, but it was thin, leaving room for the crisp night to fill her lungs. Both child and cat gave coughs, reminding her that her charges had far more smoke inhalation then she, and limped towards the ambulance. She was going to pay for all the running, but she did not mind. The cause was worth the smiles it was going to bring.

Sure enough, the parents were beyond ecstatic to be reunited with their daughter. Upon spotting the cat, they realized that she had been sidetracked by the little animal.

"The Angel saved us both." the little girl said, gazing at the older female. A soft smile touched her, and she rubbed the top of the child's head.

"Miss, why did you risk your life for our child's?" the husband asked.

"I had a sister who died due to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the grief still hangs around our family, a grief that you don't need to feel yet." she replied, before giving them a nod and then walking away.

...several years later...

Hot and Cold Electric stopped by a house who had called up, hearing about the success of the small family business. They were called up because the house the owners were originally in caught fire due to faulting wiring, and they wanted a down to earth professional to do the wiring in their new home.

On the male, the nameplate read Jonathan Murphy, he was the owner of the small business. The female had on the nameplate of Roxanne Murphy, who was Jonathan's daughter. Outside was the family, and the child looked to be nearly 6 years old, who was playing with a cat. Both child and cat stopped and stared at the duo.

"Ah, you must be the person we called." the husband said, walking over and shaking Jonathan's hand.

"That I am, care to show me around the house?"

"I'll stay out here." Roxanne said with a smile. Jonathan nodded and followed the husband inside. The cat quickly bound over and rubbed against Roxanne's legs.

"Nutty doesn't like strangers." the child noted as Roxanne knelt down to pet the cat.

"Never underestimate the intelligence of a cat." Roxanne said.

"How would you know Nutty?" the child asked. A small smile escaped Roxanne as the mother approached.

"As young as you were, I'm not surprised." Roxanne said, standing, "But your mother recognizes me, don't you."

"You're that lady that saved them." the mother said, "What were the chances that you'd be brought back to us?"

"Slim, but since when has anyone bothered to figure out chances?" Roxanne asked, "I'll be helping dad make this place right."

"Mom, is this the angel I keep dreaming of rescuing me from my nightmares?"

"Yes, dear child, this is." her mother replied, "every so often she has a nightmare of fire engulfing her, but every time you seem to show up and pull her out of it."

"Might be my sister in this case." Roxanne said, "She's the true angel, and since I've touched your family, she makes sure everything will be alright."

"We owe you so much..." the mother started, but Roxanne held up a hand.

"You owe me nothing, I am simply a hero who asks for nothing and yet still does the feats necessary, I don't seek recognition, only to give people a chance a peace and happiness." Roxanne said gently, "which I shall continue by helping wire up this house right."

With that her father came back out and they went to the truck to go over what they were going to do, and then began to work on the house.

The next day a school, the young girl told the story she had been told about how an Angel saved her life when she was still very young. While some kids laughed at her story, other believe it. The teacher had tears in her eyes, as she saw the news cast about that fateful night, and was much surprised to hear that the young girl in her class had been touched by the Angel of Maine, as she soon became known as.

"The last thing she told me when she and her father left, she had pointed at a rosebush, and said it blossoms white roses, to promise her that when I see a white rose I'd remember what she did for me, and that she'll always be with me in spirit, and whatever I do, I must always follow where my heart guides me."