She stared at the flame, watching as it flickered and grew, throwing shadows across her face, making her golden eyes seem to glow, a small smile gracing her lips. The flames grew, spreading around the room but she stayed, completely still, kneeling on the dark brown carpet. She was the one who had started the fire, it was only right she stayed to watch it grow.

As the flames leaped across the room, landing not far from her, she finely started to stir, moving from her place on the floor to stand gracefully over the fires flickering flames, like an angel of fire, haloed in the fiery light.

Suddenly there was the sound of fire alarms and her golden eyes snap towards the shattered pieces of glass that were all that remained of the window. There were the sounds of shouting, panic and disorder. She smiles at the thought… Her work here was done.

She walked calmly towards the back door, only touching it briefly before it fell over, making a bang as it crashes towards the ground. It is completely dark outside but the fire leaps up through the air, casting shadows across the ground. Her shadow stood there, tall and proud, as dark as the night itself.

She sighed, as soft as the wind but as sweet as the breeze that wove through the trees, before striding off into the night and what waited there for her. In one night of fire, an angel emerged.