His words drown my thoughts out. I've known him since we were five. I can't believe I am just seeing who he really is. I feel like an idiot. As Chris stares at me waiting for my response I stand there speechless. Why did he neglect to tell me this? I wanted to run off like every other time someone wanted to get close to me.

"Hey you okay?" He asked looking worried. His dazzling, green eyes sparkling in the dim starlight as I let the words sink in.

"Please tell me you're kidding?" I asked.

"You're like a sister to me of course I am," Chris said. I hit his arm hard and playfully.

"Don't do that to me," I said laughing.

"Did you really think that I could possibly fall that deep for you?" Chris asked.

"I hope not. You've told me some stuff that I'm pretty sure should be illegal. Worse part you joke about doing it to me," I said.

"Oh, but my dear friend you don't recognize how rockin' your body actually is," Chris said slinging his arm around me.

"Oh, but Chris you have no clue how much you sound like a hormonal teenage girl seeing a girls chest for the first time," I said with a grin.

"No first time I saw that I fainted," Chris said," Than you proceeded to slap me."

"Yup, after you woke up and I had my shirt on," I said.

"I had a concussion!" Chris said.

"Oh it was hilarious," I said.

"You're mean," Chris said like he was five again.

"I know," I said proudly. This is the kind of relationship only we could have. Chris ran his hands through his brown already brown hair. We let the silence set in. He was the one to break the silence.

"Hey, guess what?" Chris asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm your sister," Chris said with his silly little grin. It was an inside joke since kindergarten. He would walk up to me and tell me he was my sister. I would laugh now I just roll my eyes and smile.

"I still find it extremely creepy that you used to call yourself my sister," I stated.

"Hey I was five years old I didn't know," He said.

"Whatever you say Chris," I said. Chris smiled. We continued our walk through the soon abandoned streets of Seattle. It had just started to rain. Chris looked at me.

"Let's hurry up and get inside." Chris said.

"Wimp," I said.

"Am not," Chris said.

"Unlike you I love the rain," I said.

"Well, I don't want to get sick, but I don't want to leave a beautiful woman here unprotected so…" He said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. He laughed.

"I can call kidnap," I complained.

"Were roommates kinda hard don't ya think?" Chris asked. I grumbled to myself as he walked to our apartment building. He set me down on the stoop. HE was standing pretty close. I took a step back, and he opened the door. We walked up stairs. When he unlocked the door I walked straight to my room to try and get some sleep.

"Night," I called.

"Night," Chris called back. He said something else, but I didn't care.

I laid in my room and started to doze off. Before I could fall asleep, I changed into a pair of black short shorts, and a white spaghetti strap. I laid in my bed and fell asleep. I slept soundly. Darkens had surrounded my mind. I slept in silence. I picture started to form.

I sat alone in a park with my head in a book. Everything was black and white. I wore a vintage dress and a hat to match and I was barefoot for some reason. I sat there quietly. I was reading a hopeless romance story. I sat up and shook my head. I knew it was all make believe. I didn't believe a girl could be swept off her feet by prince charming.

A boy about my age walks up next to me. He wore something you would see in the 50's. He held a single red rose. The rose seemed to be the only color in the dream. I looked up and smiled. He started to speak," Hey, I saw you from across the way. I was wondering if you would like to go out this Friday?" He asked. The boy was handsome.

"I don't go out with anyone unless I know there name," I stated.

"Oh, Christopher Richards," The boy said.

"I would love to Christopher," I said standing up. He handed me the rose and everything turned colorful and bright. His hair to brown and his eyes turned to a dazzling green.

"Meet me here at seven on Friday," He stated. I smiled and nodded. He kissed my cheek gently before walking off. I held the rose to my nose and closed my eyes shyly. I was so happy until it clicked. I was just asked out by my best friend. Christopher Richards was the name of my best friend and he just asked me out.

I shoot up panting. It was just a dream. It was so real. Chris comes into the door with a can of air freshener.

"Everything okay? I heard you freaking out," Chris stated.

"Ya, fine. What up with the air freshener?" I asked him.

"Closest thing I could grab. I thought someone was breaking into your room," Chris said.

"You thought someone was breaking in so you come to my rescue with air freshener?" I questioned.

"It was either that or I stayed asleep," Chris said.

"Whatever," I said.

"Your prince never got a thank you," Chris said.

"You are not my prince," I stated laughing.

"Oh, really?" He questioned and climbed onto my bed. He started poking me. I rolled my eyes. He started fight with me. At the end of the struggle he had me pinned to my bed. "How 'bout now?" He asked.

"Nope just a pervert," I stated.

"I'll kiss ya if I have to," He said. He looked serious I just shook my head.

"No matter what you do you will never be my prince, and I sir will never be your princess," I said. I was not expecting him to do this but he kissed me. A full on kiss on the lips. I was so shocked, but I didn't refuse it either. I found myself kissing him back. When he pulled back he got off from atop of me and sat on the end of the bed. His head in his hands.

"No, why did I do that?" He groaned. Before standing up and walking out. I sat up and realized what just had happened. I had just kissed my best friend. This will make for the worse conversation ever in the morning.