I close my eyes and see the past

I kiss you and it's somebody else

It's a different version of you.

Not the one I fell in love with.

You are changed.

Where once there was laughter now there are tears

You were once sweet and charming

Now you are cold.

Gaiety and foolishness has turned to sadness and seriousness

And I miss it.

I miss our past and what we were.

I would trade you for your past self in an instant.

When I had no doubts of your affection.

When you were everything I ever wanted.

When you were sweet, and gallant, and quick to prove your love.

I miss the notes we used to pass and the jokes we used to share.

I miss staying up until three in the morning talking.

I miss crying because I thought you might leave me, and not because I feared I didn't love you anymore.

I miss naivety and innocence.

I wish I didn't care so much.

I wish I could let you go, but I can't.

I could never hurt you, and so I may be hurting myself.

I will endure it.

I will endure all the wrongs you do me.

Every time you forget about me, and every poorly chosen phrase.

Every hurtful word and every tear.

I will close my eyes and remember how it used to be.

And I will mourn you.