Well, I did it. I finished my first story on FictionPress, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Over the past months, I have come to love everything and everyone associated with All is Fair.

In October of 2011 when this story started coming to me that wonderful day in Algebra class, I knew it was destined to become something close to me. I took out my pencil right once I got home and started writing in my blue notebook. The characters have become so real to me. Every day I am constantly wondering about Kyle and the trouble he'll get into with K.A.M., or Naomi and her iron fist when it comes to N.I.C. I think about Kathryn and her unknown ambition; Veronica and her obsession with heels. Leo's self-consciousness; Matthew and the tough hand he's been dealt. Even though the posts have come to an end, the story will still continue on as they pursue their lives out of high school and onward in New York.

I could be here all day listing the many people that have helped me through this process, but first off I'd like to think everyone that read, reviewed, subscribed, and favorited. Though there are quite a few that I like to shine a spotlight on. First, I'd like to shine a light on my friend Mecca (but you may know her as LuckyPen3). I've known her since the first grade and she has always been a big support system for me. Thank you to Kariyma for her support as well. Thank you Nana for letting me borrow your computer when I wrecked mine (shame on me), and thanks Mom just for everything in general.

There are some authors on FP I'd like to point out. I'll start with Dewdlefinn. You gave me my first review ever on this site and for that I will always be grateful. Also, thanks to Holsiepops and HeAt-StRoKe for being some of the first people to fave/alert. A big thanks to ALovelyAsianxx and CubiaK for coming in just as we approached the end.

I'd also like to shine a light on two people in particular.

Daughter of Athena x. You have been kind of like a rock for the story. You've reviewed three times in a row and added the story to both your favorites and alerts. I will always remember you and your obsession with The Hunger Games and Gale Hawthorne. You have no idea how much I appreciate the feedback you give and the humor that you exhibit. In a way, you surprise me, Sapphy.

And, Requiem in the Night. You never cease to amaze me. Since joining FictionPress, I've fallen in love with your fantastic writing skills and your encouragement. I thank you endlessly for allowing me to vent if I need to and for creating Cane (you're aware of my love with the magnificent, cane-bearing, top-hat-wearing jerk). It's safe to say, you've become one of my literary idols and I adore you.

Once again, thanks for all of the support. I love you all, and you're irreplaceable.

Thanks bunches!