Into Your Hands

I give myself to you
Never let me go
Take my heart into your hand
Overtake me; help me understand

You know my every thought
Omnipresent flaws
Until you take me up as yours
Rapt am I by sin's allure

Her mouth speaks your words to me
And through her, you have set me free
Never let her fade away
Death take me, and let her stay
She lifts my soul up to you

Is she your angel or mere flesh and blood?

Come into my heart
Or let her comfort me
My heart I wish to give to you
Might she be whom I give it through?
End my endless pain
Need fills my soul, a need for love
Do not forsake me, Heaven above!

Make me see what you want from me
You know my soul; take control

So many feelings fill my head
Provide for me or I am dead
Is there someone out there for me?
Raptured light from darkness to protect me?
Into your hands, O God above
Take me, and give me your love