A/N: So I'm feeling pretty boss. If I did this correctly, I might as well pass a class called HTML 101. Because FictionPress's Document Manager support is just ridiculous now. I guess they don't really care about my emails about this problem (Anyone else having the same problem?). Anywho, I wrote this song the other month ago, and I never had any words for it. I had this..upbeat-ish groove to it, and then I laid down some background lead guitar licks, and it was pretty cool. I almost left it at that, but ALAS! I wanted some lyrics. So I wrote me a song. I like it. Do you? Go listen to it on my Purevolume page (click the 'homepage' button in my profile. Please and thank you! :D )

Why you feeling down?
Don't be worried.
Life has a way of turning itself around.
Can you pick yourself up?
If not, I can hold you.
What's lost can always be found.

When you wish someone could hide you,
From the darkness deep inside of you,
If someone would just confide in you...

When the storms are rough,
And you're feelin' ocean blue.
Believe in me,
I'll believe in you.
When the road is tough,
And you haven't got a clue.
Believe in me,
And I'll believe in you.
I know you're strong.
We can make it through,
Believe in me,
And I'll believe in you.