she values the peace and the quiet

because she knows

oh dear lord you have no idea how much she knows

she knows how loud it gets

and she knows how to roar

-not because she wanted to

she had to-

cause she had to remember

she had to live somehow

she had to keep herself up

when nobody was watching

and so she roared

when she whispered

while she wrote

drawing lines on sidewalks

where nobody could step

on her soul

-this was her power-

it was easy to forget

to push it





she was beaten down for it too.

she knows how loud it gets

she knows how much it hurts

and she's sick

because she can't go on

and duty is as thick

as she is stubborn

dont get her wrong.

if she didn't like you so much

the last thing she'd do is stay

is offer

a single word

a single shoulder

a single tear

a single song

a single line

a simple verse

a simple page

a simple kiss

of her honest heart

for you to take

-and she's left that part for you to do with as you will,


what'd you do with it?

what will you do?-

if there was nothing to salvage

if you weren't anything or anyone

your name

wouldn't mean much

but you're everywhere

i see it when she writes

i see it when she sings

and gospels sound so much better

cause she hates them

she hates them

because theyre sung by those

that haven't a clue

what theyr'e singing for

-what they think they're singing for

, they're a choir like that

on repeat, in the chorus

just to hear something familiar of what 'was'

and may not 'will be'-

but you dont know that

you dont know yet...

you will.

if you want.

if she lets you.

-what do you want anyway?-

-i'm willing to bet she knows, she just doesnt know she knows...she's weird like that-

but i'm sure you noticed how weird she is

how oddly her mind just runs

but there is always a method

and a reason

for her madness

"like the hatter

only sane"

did you read that one?

you should've

cause that's her

that's her in a nutshell

or rather in a verse

on a page

on a kiss

she offered.