She is all I have ever had

My beautiful daughter, Marie.

She left my love and poverty

For the love and affluence of youth.

Life passes me unceasingly

Through seemingly akin days

Like our perilous lover, the sea

Against the tremulous docked skiff.

In the delusion of a feverish summer's eve

A radiant figure floats toward me

In quavering voice she notes

"Father, soon you will leave."

I awake frozen and hollow

My stomach three days empty

The shadow of late morn

Tells me she is not a feverish folly

For a cruel month's sojourn

She did mourn and protect

The decaying remnants

Of the man she knew as "Father".

"Please do not cry

Just remember me

For now I die."

Then I was fin.

I take care of her as she did me

My shadow guarding

The hallow haunts of

The great palace of Marie.