She skidded across the ice exploding in laughter full of innocence. The snow cascading onto the white Earth reassured no imminent danger or phenomenon. She turned around to see her brother's same exuberant laughter of an afternoon well spent. She climbed off of the bright red sleigh and onto her well-bounded boots meant for this glorious snow day. She giggled when she looked to her brother again and gave a wave to signify her safety. He matched her wave once again to signify his own. She glanced at the small slope they used as the slide of where she flew down and onto this thick, safe pond full of frozen memories. She couldn't stop giggling.

The sky, the sun, the clouds were all masked by the deceiving snow overflowing from above and onto this majestic scene only viewed as a mere metaphysical simplicity. The only other thing that could be heard besides the siblings' laughter was the current beneath the ice's surface. A danger far away but still felt from underneath this solid barrier. A stab of discomfort vibrated through her warm body when she remembered that she still doesn't know how to swim. Her gaze snapped to her brother, still standing safely at the top of the slope, he was now beckoning her back onto the soft, safe powder, away from the liquid Hell underneath.

She started her way toward her brother but his shouts stopped her quickly. He reminded her of the bright red sleigh, the only thing contrasting with the snow besides their bright jackets and brilliant hats to keep their ears warm. She turns around and leans over to pick up the bright red sleigh. Something beneath the icy surface steals her vision as she her face is parallel to the ground. Two eyes, two big beautiful brown eyes, staring up at her in shock, horror, and envy. She kept her gaze on the eyes, hypnotized by the unblinking orbs, waiting for them to close and swim away; but they only stayed there, mimicking her squinting eyes. She swept away the thin layer of snow, revealing the face these eyes are attached to.

Her gasp reminded her that she is still able to breathe. The face serving as the home for these gorgeous brown eyes are her own. The freckles under them match perfectly with her spotted visage. She was in a trance, unable to peel her stare away from this reflection. Except, this is no reflection. The face, her face, kept bobbing up to the barrier, hitting the ice and floating back down a few inches then ascending back up, only to make contact to the frozen water again. The current began to drag her face away, drag her face across the ice. Her small nose bent against the wall as it scrapped away from her grasp.

She moved the sleigh and began to sweep more snow away from where she just cleared it from previous snow fall. She can't believe what she is seeing; and she always thought seeing is believing. The snow poured unceasingly everywhere, painting this mysterious scene a dangerous and immaculate white. She wouldn't dare risking breaking eye contact with her face in attempt to check on her brother. His concerned and confused voice can be heard from his standing point.

"Delilah, come on! You can't swim, remember? What are you looking at?"

She couldn't find words to tell him what she is witnessing; she couldn't find any words at all. The current stopped pulling her face away and it hovered underneath hers again. She swept all the snow around her away and revealed two arms attached to a torso, two legs attached to a waist, and her vibrant, warm outfit swimming loosely on her shriveled, pale body. She doesn't dare try and break the ice, but she doesn't know what else to do. Footsteps behind her serve as a possibility of some kind of help. A familiar face reflects next hers and she looks up to her brother, who is standing over her. He wears a strange, foreign expression on his usual bright face.

He looks at the body underneath the ice and says, "Hmm…It looks like you."

And a crash so silent slides past the ice as her face is slammed beneath the surface. The frozen water smashes her world, as well as the liquid Hell beneath her. She collides with her body as her one arms, legs, and eyes dive into the chilling water. A murder so silent, so quiet, she doesn't even try and scream because she knows no one will hear her; not even her brother. The water whirls around her body and seeps into her clothes. Her once warming hat reaches back up to the white surface alone.

When her body stops flinging around in the cold water she opens her eyes upward. She opens her mouth to exhale that sweet, snowy air but water penetrates deep within her lungs and poisons her innocent life. She flails her arms and legs to get to the surface but she only seems to be sinking further down into this deadly abyss. A face looks down on her in a distorted, eerie silence. The moving water makes her brother appear deformed and disfigured. Maybe she is seeing him for who he truly is now. She attempts to exhale again but only drowns herself even more. Tears mix with the surrounding water as she is sucked deeper down in this liquid Hell. Something nudges her against the current. She looks over and sees her body staring at her still, those big brown eyes wide open with shock, unblinking but no longer envious.

She looks back up to the frozen surface, no hole signifying where her body was forced through. Her eyes grow wide with shock as she is losing oxygen fast. She pines for the touch of that soft, safe snow on her tongue and the rush of sliding down that slope her brother pushed her down. She pines to see her brother again, she always loved her brother.

She knows why he pushed her in. She is aware why he smashed her face through the icy floor. She couldn't stop giggling. Air may impossible to ingest now, but laughter she can still feel exude from her fragile, freezing body. Oh yes…She knows exactly why this murder has been made so silently. She knows why he pushed her in.

He saw his reflection too. Except, it wasn't his reflection. It was his body, his identical brown eyes and thousand freckles staring up at him. He didn't want to be the one to fall through, so he made sure he wasn't the one. He doesn't know how to swim either, and when he saw those eyes wide with shock and horror, he knew what decision had to be made. Yes, he saw his body being dragged by the liquid Hell, too.