A summer fic. Written summer 2011. Quite a weird fic.

Meh, whatever, I want summer to come soon. :(

The sun shone brightly in the vast summer sky.

"It's so hot!" a young man complained, his girlfriend lying down beside him under a big oak tree.

A scowl appeared on her face, "Shut up, you're adding to the heat," she countered, "So what's the answer for number eight?" she asked, tapping her pen on a notebook filled with scribbles and questions regarding math. A hated subject.

The young man's name is Lyon. The young woman is Francesca.

She's asking him questions about school since their finals are almost up and he's a smart idiot. Hah, an oxymoron, I actually know English, she thought, a smile plastered on her face.

"Do we have to do this?" he complained once again, I promise I'll help you during the exam."

There was no use arguing with him, since he won't tutor her anyway, she sighed, dropping the notebook and pen and tilting her head up, relishing the heat of the sun on her face and neck.

Neck, he thought, staring at the slender and flawless skin, sweat glistening as light from the sun touched her; like delicate hands caressing said appendage.

He quickly shook his head, shivering from the image that he'd conjured up in his mind; involving his mouth and her neck.

"Lyon?" she asked, a frown on her face, evidently worried. She looked at him with brown doe eyes, auburn tresses falling across her shoulders.

"I'm fine," he answered, looking away from his hormonal-driven agony. I can't help it, he screamed in his mind, I'm an eighteen year old guy!

Francesca stood up, gaining an odd look from him, "I'll get you something to drink," she said before taking off, not waiting for his answer.

If possible, he sunk more into the cool, green grass, his half-able mind still under the influence of his hormones. He's been with Francesca for a very long time, but no matter how long they've been together, it still doesn't stop tiny-Lyon from standing up just by seeing her.

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, clearing his mind. She didn't need him to tutor her, she's capable by herself, he's quite confident she'd pass the exams with flying colors even without his help.

Suddenly, he yelped; a sound almost similar to a dog's bark and whimper. Only at the same time. A cold something had touched his forehead, making him sit up as his eyes jerked open to find Francesca stifling a laugh.

He grabbed it, glaring at her giggling face. He hated it when she caught him off guard, it was so uncool. Yet, even with the glare, he can't stop but worry about her well-being, "You only got one?" he asked, opening the can of Nestea, "If you wanted one, i could've bought it for you."

"I didn't need one," she said, re-seating herself beside him.

...And then he heard crunching sounds of a wrapper opening.

His eyes widened, slowly turning his head to her way, hoping in all seven hells that it isn't what he thinks it is.

But then again, life loves to keep proving him wrong.

She was holding a popsicle. A long, red popsicle stick.

He quickly turned away, closing his eyes and downing a long gulp of his drink.

And yet, it wasn't enough.

The sound of lapping and slurping echoed through the desolate park. Unable to hold down his ever-growing curiosity, he slowly turned her way again.

Curiosity really did kill the cat.

Just make sure you insert his name instead of the cat.

He stared, his eyes widening by the second as Francesca ate, pleasure written all over her face as she licked a suckled on the red popsicle.

Must be cherry, the clearer part of his mind absently thought as his eyes started bulging out of its sockets.

He abruptly stood up, making her jump in surprise as his hand slapped the offending stick away.

"Hey! I was eating that!" she shouted, glaring at him, "What's wrong with you?"

"I can't take it anymore!"

She paused, her mouth hanging open, before raising her eyebrows, "Can't take what?"

He looked away, "...Nothing." he said, a blush dusting his cheeks, "Let's go to the mall, I'll treat you to lunch." Plus, it's cooler there, he added as an afterthought.

"Okay." she grinned, forgetting his sudden outburst from a second ago, "Plus, Penelope's holding a beach party next week, after the exams."

Oh no, he grimaced, this can't end well.

"I need to buy a new bikini." she glanced at him, smiling mischievously, "You can choose for me." she winked.

He sighed, lowering his head as a dozen thoughts ran through his mind faster than the speed of light, She knew all along. He scowled.

"Lyon, I think the heat's gotten to you."

He looked at her with the most deadpan look he can manage, sarcasm dripping from his very being aas he slumped his shoulders and glared at her.

She giggled, looking away from him to grab her handkerchief, "Your nose is bleeding."

Goddamned devil.

Meh. Finals are next week. Sigh. My classes are killing me slowly right naooo.