It's all a joke; it's a big question mark.

It's all a lie, there's no light after dark.

Been walking through this tunnel for a while,

The thick cold darkness chewed away my smile.


My heart has been drilled and scarred with a stake.

Everything is an illusion, all fake-

These stone cold limbs, and fiery tears,

And what I'll never see- a sky that's clear.


You say you love me, but your actions don't.

I'm like an island that's tsunami prone.

When the water recedes, I've lost it all.

But again and again you make me fall.


And the sharp emptiness gnaws at my skin.

Don't know where you end and where I begin.

All my emotions have been chewed away.

I've melt and broken like I'm made of clay.


When I look into your eyes, it feels right.

I feel like I'm ready for the big fight.

But why, why should I fight for a mirage?

And get my fingers bruised by broken glass?


You chewed slowly but sharply at my heart.

And it's been stripped nude, I've fallen apart.

What's left to do is dive into the sea.

I'm over, you've chewed me completely.

a/n: I tried to write this is pentameter.