in pencil cases

Perhaps a bisected skunk made of beads.

Bits of gold paper.

A ninja throwing star.

A scrap of refill bearing the words 'Adele – set fire to the rain'.

Two paperclips – one silver, one green.

The lid of a pen that isn't yours.

A sharpener of dubious origins.

A half-made origami dragon.

A handful of pencils, none more than a few centimetres long.

A drawing of a hair-bow.

Two lolly wrappers; one from a strawberry-flavoured Fruit Burst, the other from a Mint Chew.

A used ticket for a train to Johnsonville.

A piece of purple paper inscribed with the deathly hallows.

A black pawn.

A white bishop.

A shard of balsawood from a broken lance.

A length of faded green thread.

Anything is possible.


A/N: No joke. This was all in my pencil case. I'm actually unsure as to how I managed to fit my stationary in.