...just pulling your leg.


There were three men.

"Your reality is your own," the first declared, and was inspired.

"Too bad you have to share it," the second replied, and was disillusioned.

"Who ever said you had to share?" asked the third, who grinned, pulled out a gun and shot himself.

But in his reality, he turned into a coin and went spinning, spinning, spinning far away.


So... Are you sane? Or rather, do you think you are sane? —But of course, you say, for this conversation would be impossible otherwise.

Hmm. Does a sane man know he is sane, and does a madman know he is mad? You think a sane man would obviously know his own mental state, but what a madman thinks may or may not be the truth – because he is crazy, obviously!

Ah, but since a madman is mad, he won't have any way of realizing it. So he believes himself to be sane. And since you say a sane man would believe he is mentally sound, and a madman will think he is the same, doesn't that make him sane as well? Just pulling your leg, just pulling your leg... Oh dear, you seem to have spotted a flaw in my logic.

Now, you say that everyone else would know that man is crazy, even if he is convinced otherwise. An interesting statement! But first you need to consider... What is the difference between the sane and the insane?

I may be asking obvious questions, but I do need an answer from you. What? Obvious? Then tell me already.

'A question of whether their actions are based on logic and reason, and whether their mental states are sound and stable.' Whether the rest of society thinks they are sane, yes? Well then, is society sane? —A silly question, I know, for logically it would never function otherwise. But still...

Maybe if everyone was crazy together. Sounds like fun.

What do you mean, it'll never work?

It's possible that people would all believe in completely different things, hence they'd never get along or work together, but that's not true if they were all crazy in the same way.

Come on, you know I have a point.

That might just be what you people call 'sanity', you know. Merely the most common and practicable type of madness.


What's the difference between the only sane man surrounded by a bunch of lunatics and one madman amongst all the sane people?

They're opposites, you say. As different as the two sides of a coin. Hmm.

But a glass half-empty and a glass half-full are the same. Ah, I notice that you do not follow.

Both believe they are the only sane ones and all the others are crazy. You see, much like beauty, insanity is also in the eye of the beholder. So. Opposites, really? —You are silent. Do speak further, and be so kind as to convince me that they are—

Opposites? Really?


As different as the two sides of a coin, you say.

Here, hold this coin.

What do you see?

You see the face of a man looking completely calm and completely normal. And what does the word on his forehead say?


Flip it over. You see a man looking completely calm and completely normal. But what does the word on his forehead say?


Flip it over again. You now see a man whose features have been so twisted by his deranged grin that he barely seems human. And the word, please, the word.

Now flip it over.


Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he were sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to.

Would you rather be sane or crazy?

Would you have a choice?

Would it even matter?

(Would there even be a difference?)


You've realised you're going in circles. Go on, don't stop now. You'll never stop going in circles and circles-in-circles, like that spinning coin.

Now flip it over again.


You know, you can't just choose to be sane.


I'm a game-show host who's out to kill you.


Of course not, that's crazy.

Dnaaaaaah, wrong answer.


So let's say you're on a planet. And there's only another planet around.

You see the other planet seemingly move from one side of your sky to the other, but you don't know which of the two planets are rotating or revolving or even moving at all.

So, which is it? Which planet is moving?

There's no way to tell if it's your planet or the other planet or perhaps even both.

So, are you crazy? Or am I?

Or are we both?


There is no correct answer to that question. But the best answer would be, 'Does it matter?'






...What can I say? I like mindscrew. :3

All weirdness comes from my brain, but I refuse to be held responsible for what it does. 8D

Opening segment obviously references 1984 and THIS! IS! SPARTA! Last line of the opening segment sorta-maybe references the character November 11 from Darker than BLACK (anime). The two underlined bits are based on quotes from Catch-22 (book) and Shutter Island (movie). The game-show thing appeared after a friend of mine said the whole thing gave off the impression of a game-show host who's out to kill you. XD The planet thing is a vague science-related brainteaser-ish bit of text I read when I was really small \o/ so I can't remember the answer... XD