The words,
They boil and blow hot bubbles.
Licking at my pale skin.
They burn and leave crimson red blisters.

Blinking, the world around me
Seems to break apart into shards
Too difficult to arrange back together.
Irises turn back to the burns
But it is like they never existed.
The paleness, like milk, swirls,
Trying to appear perfect again.

Inside my body the turmoil exists.
Scratching under my skin till I bleed
And poking my eyes until I cry.
My hair, falling in ringlets
Just annoys me with its fragile fingers.
I feel their touch on my neck and shoulders,
Pestering me until I scream.

The eyes, they follow.
The lips, they speak.

This world, what does it offer but humanness?
The open minded won't accept anything but what they believe.
The love seeking love only themselves.
Human beingness appears so tainted,
Welcoming darkness
With wide open arms.

The light is too bright.
It mimics the sun trying to be stronger.
But the sun brings warmth, not bitter pain.

This hateā€¦ it's not mine.
I have no need for it nor do I feel it.
My memories still haunt me
Reminding me of what I have lost.
But hate? It's not inside of me.
Humanity has hatred.
But I am not human.
I do not exist here. I do not belong here.

I am discarded, unneeded any longer.
You and I, we carry on
Pretending like we don't exist to the other.
I'm just a ghost that won't leave.
You're just human.

The words,
They're like needles in my skin
Leaving tiny red bites.
The pain is numbing to the heart beating too fast.

The letters in words are meaningless.
Unimportant together;
Just as unimportant as they are alone.
Never where they right
And now I can understand why.