Hearing the bathroom door opened, Lera looks up and sees her friend walking in the room that she was in, wearing nothing but a red towel that wrap tightly around her petite curvy body. Lera couldn't help watching the drops of water slowly slipping down to her friend's obvious cleavage area that makes her lick her lips; wanting to taste that tempting tanned skin of Julia's. Such thoughts should never be thought of especially when it is doing something extremely sinful towards your dear friend but such temptation of a sinful fruit to taste is just there for her to claim as her own.

As dirty thoughts keep flooding into her mind, Lera couldn't help but close her eyes letting out a quiet moan to control her desires as she feels the familiar wetness between her legs and she tries so hard yet subtle, to get a friction by rubbing both her legs together on the bed she is on now. Even with lust and desire clouding her mind she could still hear Julia's soft melodic singing probably going around the room to search for clothes to wear. Oh how Lera wish to hear that voice moaning beneath and hearing Julia scream her name to ecstasy. Everything about Julia tonight has become a sinful fruit to have. What changed?

To gain some control, Lera quickly hops out of the bed trying to control her heavy breathing and beating heart. If it is ever make sense, she could even smell the heavenly body scent of Julia who is just a few feet away from her looking into the cabinets for something. The atmosphere is perfect with the unexpected dim-lights and music softly playing from the cd player at the corner of the room. Lera could even feel the sexual tension in the air, probably from her as her friend, Julia may not know what was her friend's actual thoughts were. Julia is definitely the prey and Lera needs to claim her and submit to the feeling of her desire for tonight.

Lera moves forward to her object of desire and have to bite back a moan seeing her friend bending down low to search for something in the lower cabinet with her ass sticking out and the red towel barely covering it. Lera couldn't take anymore of being away from the temptation as she stops just behind Julia and lightly press herself against Julia's ass and let out a moan of pleasure and gradually bringing her hands up to stroke Julia's back and sides. She feels the body in front of her tensed and immediately standing up, wanting to protest what Lera is doing to her but Lera simple holds Julia's waist and pull it tightly towards her so Julia would not break free as she place kisses on Julia's neck. She breathes in the intoxicating scent of Julia and it is simply mouthwatering which she intended to taste very soon.

"The things you make me feel tonight," Lera said huskily to Julia's ear as she gently lick the earlobe before taking it between her teeth and sucking it while her right hand find its way to the lower edge of the towel and went under to stroke the soft skin there. She growls slightly as she hears Julia moaning and leaning heavily against Lera. All the protests and confusion are gone and arousal is welcome to Julia's flushed body as she feels the caress of her friend's hand touching her intimately underneath her towel and wishing for more for the night.

"You make me want to touch you as a lover," Lera whispered again, teasing Julia as if it blaming Julia for making her feel this way as her right hand dip lower to Julia's pussy, groaning when she feels the growing wetness there that she will taste before the night ends. She could hear Julia breathing heavily and gripping the cabinet in front of her while Julia welcomes the intrusion and shamelessly pushes her hips forward so her pussy grinds on Lera's cupped hand there. Julia couldn't even stop herself moaning from the wonderful friction and uses her hand to press Lera's right hand against her pussy more so it will give more friction as she grinds shamefully. Seeing this nearly makes Lera to lose her control over Julia so she pulls her right hand away from the tempting pussy and grins when she hears the whimpering sounds and Lera turns her around to finally kiss those tempting lips.

Kissing those soft lips, Lera would never imagine that it would taste oh so good as she takes Julia's lower plump lips between her teeth and suck them hard. She feels Julia placing her hands behind her neck in order to bring Lera closer to her as Lera did just that, by moving forward and push Julia backward against the cabinet roughly. The gasp of pain and pleasure has been heard as Lera continued her assault on Julia's lip while she slowly takes off the offensive towel that has been covering Julia all this while…..