Shapeless shadows dance upon the forest floor,

As I run through the trees, just running,

No destination in mind,

Or path to follow,

Merely running,

No reason no point,

My mind simply is telling me to run,

I'm listening,

Waiting to see where my feet take me,

Cold rain begins to sting my skin,

Falling from the dark skies above,

Heart pounding in my chest,

And flowing blood pumping against my ears.

All I can do is run without failure,

All I want is to run without end.

My vision blurred from rain and tears,

All I can do is keep running.

My lungs fill with the mixture of falling rain and pine as I breathe.

My feet are becoming numb from all this running

But I know I can't stop.

There must be a reason for all of this, r


There has to be!

I wouldn't run without a reason,

It's madness without logic,

Tell me, please?

Why must I run?

Closing my eyes tight,

I continue to run through the dark forest,

Why am I doing this?

Then, nothing.

No sound,

No noises,

There is nothing,

It was a dream.