Tall black shadows surround me,

Trying to pull me into the darkness,

I try to scream out in fear, but the noise never comes.

Dark ominous clouds stretch endlessly across the sky,

Threatening to burst forth with rain,

I gaze up, praying for the rain to come to wash away the shadows but it never does,

A voice calls out my name from beyond the shadows,

But I'm afraid to seek it out,

The voice is Death,

Wanting to hold me in its cold embrace,

But I will never go close enough to let it,

I know I am safe at the edge of the shadows,

But I know I cannot stay here forever,

Soon I will have to step forth,

And let Death claim what is left of my life,

Death's cold embrace will have me soon enough,

For I am too weak to fight it off,

I feel myself grow weaker every passing moment,

It's only a matter of time before I slip into the endless darkness.