-Black Hole-

A memory flares up inside me.

A familiar feeling spreads across me.

I close my eyes and replay the memory.

As I watch it, a new feeling enters. An

Old lost friend kind of feeling. That empty

Feeling I had so long ago comes back…

Back for a visit to give me that familiar

Dosage of grief. As it begins to spread,

A thought occurs to me. I'm more "happy"

Like this. Everything in life seems so much easier.

No worries cause everything's a worry. No problems

Because everything is a problem. Before I would

Try to hide these feelings and try to make them go away,

But…not today. Today I keep it to me close. I feed it more and more so it

Grows and grows. It starts to get overwhelming until it crashes.

That's when I crash too. When I come to again I can still feel the dry

Tears on my cheek and that empty feeling inside of me, bigger than ever,

Mocking me. And I walk invitingly into its arms

Waiting for the second battle to begin.