Act I, Scene I


Emre Young noble, Joanna's oldest friend

Joanna Princess

Countess King's friend, parent of Joanna's future husband

King Joanna's father


Overall Fictional Medieval European Kingdom

Individual King's Study, Palace Garden, Courtyard

(Stage is empty and dark. A lone spotlight appears C. stage. Emre enters Left to stand in the spotlight. He seems confused and upset)

EMRE: (To the audience) I was never quite sure how it happened. Joanna and I were at the peak of our friendship, (JOANNA, entering Left, joins him in the spotlight. She takes his hand and both smile) looking forward to companionship for many years.

JOANNA: (Also to the audience) Emre and I thought we had the rest of our lives planned out happily.

EMRE: After all, what could come between us? We felt like siblings.

JOANNA: (Tosses her hair) The king's daughter and a young nobleman (Gestures to EMRE, who gives a sarcastic bow) were certainly free to do as they pleased.

EMRE: (Smile dropping from his face) Only one thing was missed in our plans. (JOANNA begins to move away from the spotlight, acting as though someone off Left stage is pulling her away. Her face is filled with chagrin, and EMRE reaches for her, horrified) Just one thing. (His fingers close on air)

JOANNA: (Offstage, with a choked voice) Just my marriage availability.

EMRE: (His hand drops, and he sinks to his knees. Angry and painful voice) I should have known things could only go downhill. (His head bows in despair, and spotlight slowly dims)

Author's Note: This is my first online published work. (Cheers!) It's not phenomenal (yet), but I hope to improve quickly. And what better way to learn and grow than from the opinions of others! Yes, I am talking about reviews. I know it's not fun, (I am a guilty non-reviewer myself), but for Joanna and Emre's sake, please do, or I will be forced to cut their story short due to a lack of inspiration. No pressure! Flaming is only welcome as constructive criticism and I am open to any and all ideas.