His Name


Joanna Crown princess

Emre Young noble, Joanna's friend

King Joanna's father

Earl Noble, King's friend

Countess Noble, Earl's wife

Philip King's right-hand man

Leopold Young noble

Aurora Young noble, Emre's sister

Female and Male Guests


King's Court

Act I, Scene V

Dedicated to Daliah Valley, who cared enough to keep sending reminders.

(Scene is well-lit, indicating daytime. Two chairs are set on a dais, Upstage Center. LEOPOLD, AURORA, EMRE, the EARL, the COUNTESS, F. and M. GUESTS are milling about before the dais, clearly waiting for something. LEOPOLD and AURORA are holding hands and whispering together Downstage Left. Soon, the KING and JOANNA enter Right. PHILIP enters Right, following the KING and JOANNA. The court quiets and ALL turn their attention to the KING. The KING and JOANNA mount the dais and sit in the chairs. PHILIP positions himself to the Right of the dais. JOANNA is stony-faced, but the KING seems at ease)

KING: (Announcing) Noble ladies and gentlemen of my esteemed court, I have gathered you together today with a joyous purpose! Behold the Royal Princess Joanna Carrick, jewel of the crown and heir to my throne. (Sweeps a hand toward JOANNA, who stands stiff-backed with a bitter expression) As I am sure you are all aware, she has recently entered her sixteenth year. In accordance with our laws, Princess Joanna is now of marriageable age, and is in need of a worthy suitor. After long deliberation, I have chosen who I deem an excellent young man as future king of Tiranaith and husband to my beloved daughter. (The KING pauses for dramatic effect, then sands and gestures toward EMRE) Step forward, Sir Emre of Medrathia, son of Earl Mervin and Countess Lydia of Medrathia!

(EMRE looks thunderstruck. JOANNA presses a hand to her mouth, stifling a shout. With her other hand, JOANNA clutches the KING's arm for support. The COUNTESS, standing behind EMRE at this point, gives him a gentle push. EMRE staggers forward, stopping in front of the dais. The court murmurs loudly amongst themselves, but the stage quiets as the KING continues the formalities)

KING: (Although the KING is still announcing, his next words are directed to EMRE) Sir Emre! Do you accept the responsibilities of crown prince, to faithfully uphold the laws of the land, to protect Tiranaith and her people even to your last breath, and to share the burden of power equally with your fellow monarch?

EMRE: (Overwhelmed, but obviously familiar with the ceremony, reciting) I swear to fulfill all of my duties as a future king. (The KING nods, and there is polite applause from the court)

KING: (Announcing, towards JOANNA) Princess Joanna! Do you acknowledge the man before you as worthy to stand by your side both in marriage and the governing of the kingdom?

JOANNA: (Somewhat recovered, but still shaky) I accept Sir Emre as my future partner in matters both public and private. (Polite applause again)

KING: (Announcing to the whole court) Then, as ruler of Tiranaith, I, King Nathaniel Carrick, legally bind this young man (Takes EMRE's right hand and pulls him onto the dais) and this young woman (Takes JOANNA's left hand) in a betrothal (Places JOANNA's hand in EMRE's) for three months, at which time they shall be joined in marriage for the duration of their mortal lives. (Raises JOANNA's and EMRE's joined hands, presenting the couple to the court, which bursts into cheers)

(After a moment, the KING releases their hands; JOANNA, who is crying by now, and EMRE, who is wearing a broad grin, embrace. Laughter and a few playful whistles join the cheers. LEOPOLD points toward the dais and whispers in AURORA's ear. AURORA giggles and kisses LEOPOLD's cheek, who jerks back, looking shocked at her boldness, but pleased all the same. Scene fades to black)

A/N: I apologize profoundly to anyone who is still watching for updates. I swear I did not abandon this story. It abandoned me. Literally. Some random person I will probably never meet stole my bookbag at the library several months ago (the LIBRARY, seriously, who steals things from a library?). In the bag was a notebook with many of my writing projects, including His Name. I waited a few weeks, looking around for other copies, but 'twas in vain. I had to rewrite EV-ER-Y-THING for His Name, as well as many other stories I have in the works. This scene probably has a different tone than the others because of that. The update's really short, sorry, but I will be uploading an unrelated short story sometime this week to make up for it.

Good news, I've started keeping my notes on Google docs, so it won't happen again, and I am returning to regular updates of every other week. Because this scene is not the end! It sort-of concludes some stuff, but I have another story arc coming up, involving some stuff that's more serious and less fluffy.

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