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I had to take a break and recollect on exactly what happened after the explosion. When I close my eyes I can still see the bright red and white lights that lit the room as ash filled your nose and heat touched your skin. Then the events that would follow would scar me forever.

Flakes of fire dispersed in every direction as Maximilian covered my body. Francis stood firmly next to me, guarding Michael with his small body. Aria shielded herself with her arms as I could barely notice that Rescella was running for her own protection. I couldn't think with everything around me going so fast, I didn't even think of Rescella's protection, so much as mine. The heat pushed me back while Maximilian and Francis stood their ground. I even ducked to my knees. My eyes were taking time to adjust as my skin felt distressed with some shards of the debris scratching my face. Hair covering my face, it took me a couple of seconds to realize what was actually going on around me.

Once my eyes had adjusted I noticed Maximilian had moved a little bit closer to the front door where the explosion had taken place. Now the manor was exposed to the outside with a gaping whole letting in the cold winter breeze. Before my eyes could actually catch anyone else my ears perked. Again the sound of growling haunted the night, and instantly I looked at Michael who had begun to cry. Snarls and barks accompanied the growling creatures, which made me think of wolves. Wolves?

Finally the smoke and ash had finally been taken away by the wind and soon it was clear for me to stand up with Michael following my lead.

"What's going on?" I asked calmly, trying not to create any argument.

"I don't know," Francis replied while grinding his teeth. At his response I could hear footsteps, like marching, coming from behind us. They were the guards of the manor finally coming to investigate the scene. Though of course the growling had not stopped.

"What is the meaning of this?" Francis finally yelled with anger and closed fists.

Only snarls were the responses until a sinister laugh made itself present. I looked around with just the movement of my eyes, but couldn't see where the laugh had originated. That is, until he turned around.

"Good job, my hounds." Maximilian spoke deeper than before with slight laughter. Embers were still lit around our surroundings, and so their light gave the male vampire an even darker look.

"They're yours?" Francis yelled again.

"But of course." That was Maximilian's answer as he made his way toward the dark outside night, but he eventually stopped still only a short distance away from us. His hand extended into the shadows, and finally the creatures that had been growling stepped forward into the ember-dim light. They were wolves! Though massive wolves that could probably meet me at my waist. They were creatures of the night. Maximilian's hand then began to pat a wolf on its head as if it were an innocent pet.

"What is the meaning of this?" Francis seemed to be the only one daring to speak.

Again Maximilian began to laugh sinisterly, and with a graceful turn he pushed his body to face me as his right hand uncovered a pistol from underneath his jacket. The firearm now faced me with such a non-threatening look, but its metal shined in the moonlight angrily.

"No! Maximilian, what's wrong? Why are you doing this?" I began to plead. As soon as the pistol faced me my heart sank. I felt betrayed and now alone. At first I had trusted Maximilian with almost anything, but now I was seeing something different, something monster-like.

"I'm sorry Catherine, but you have to die again." He smirked.

My jaw and knees trembled as my stomach burned and my heart felt as though it had stopped.

"So it was you who murdered me." I spoke confidently. If I were to die that moment, then I wanted to make sure I was chin up and stood straight. Again Maximilian laughed.

"I'm afraid so. Though I did regret it." The cold night air finally took over the embers as they cooled off into just smoke. Now the darkness engulfed everything with just the moon making out the silhouette of everyone. "You see, you found too much, and so it was in the best of our interests that you die and forget everything you had found out."

"Our?" Francis interrupted. "What is going on here? As your King I demand that you stop this at once!" The fragile looking boy made sure he was standing as tall as he could.

"Don't make me laugh." Maximilian hissed. "Fuck you. You're no king. You're just some pathetic little boy who got lucky with the brood mother and became king. Had it not been for me, you wouldn't even be standing here."

"Has the Postmortem Effect truly corrupted you?" Francis cried out. He was crying with such emotion. But why?

"Let's just say," Maximilian cleared his throat and began. "With this world going

into constant wars, some friends of mine have noticed the need to take advantage of this moment in history and take control of the world."

My back shivered with that very idea. Seconds past with only intense silence.

"Now my hounds, take the girl." Maximilian ordered. Again snarls became heard as I could feel the very ground shake beneath me. I could tell as soon as the wolves ran Aria began to fight some off.

Was I 'the girl'?

As I closed my eyes and accepted the fact that I was about to die at the fangs of such monstrous wolves something caught my closed eyes. A shining light, brighter than the explosion and moon. It was pure white, radiant, and warm, causing me to open my eyes. Then in the distance I could see as if it were a shooting star, but as it approached the manor I could tell almost instantly it was something, or someone. By the time it finally reached Francis' estate it was clear that it was a man. It was Alexandrus with his pure white clothing, blond hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin all clothed in a white suit. His wings made him look even more threatening. Was it an angel who had come to save me?

"Thieves of the Summerlands," Alexandrus spoke as though he had an echo. "You shall be punished for your crimes against the such fragile beings." Instantly after he spoke his body clashed against the ground as his shining body lit every corner of the damaged manor. I could see then where the wolves had gone. Prepared to attack, the creatures were circling Rescella as they continued to growl and snarl.

Almost as if not even really trying, Alexandrus lifted his arm and pointed his hand toward the wolves, and instantly a beam of light shot toward the four-legged beasts. The wolves were thrown away from Rescella. "Now run, and hope that God does not wish you eradicated." He spoke like an echo again, but to Maximilian.

"No!" Maximilian roared. Then, as if a practiced maneuver, Maximilian lifted his arm and hand like Alexandrus, and almost instantly the wolves looked at Michael. One of the beasts caught the boy with its fangs. Francis screamed and made his way toward Michael while pushing away as many wolves as he could with his super-human strength. Little did I know that I was a target as well. As soon as Michael had been captured I was now encircled by the beasts.

With a sharp scream, Rescella lit up like Alexandrus and then vanished as if she had exploded, but with no aftermath. Instead, all that I could remember is a hand holding onto mine and everything around me turning white.

Warmth and innocence some how took me away into a world I knew nothing of. Then, as if only a minute had past, I awoke looking up toward a blue sky with some clouds here and there. A pillar of transparent purple light flowed into the sky right before me. What was going on? I could barely feel my body as pleasure soaked my flesh. I was lying on the ground of wheat fields.

Where had I gone? What had happened to Michael and Francis? What had Rescella and Alexandrus done that took me away? How was Aria? Most of all, if Maximilian was the one who murdered me, then why? Did he and some other unknown parties truly wish to start a third world war?

As I finish up writing this I honestly don't know what is in store for me, but I am prepared to take my future in my own hands, and make sure I live long enough to solve the mystery of why I was killed. Whatever it was that I knew too much about I would soon find out again. Until then, I will join forces with Francis and Aria to solve the mystery of why I have become a pawn in the game of POSTMORTEM.


The Postmortem Effect [thee pohst-awr-tuhm ih-fekt]


Progressive mental insanity that occurs after the reanimation of a person's original body or the lack of age/death. The lost understanding of laws and security causes someone to believe and do things that they would not have done in their first life: Maximilian's prognosis was the Postmortem Effect due to his rationalization of believing he could take over the world.

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