Chapter Twenty-Two

"Aw, Kyr, look at you," Piper squealed as she looked at me. It is now Tyler's birthday, or July fifteenth.

"Oh, shut up, Piper," I replied. She giggled.

"But you're starting to get the baby bump, Kyr!" she added. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"You don't think I don't know that, Piper?" I asked in response. "It's barely noticeable though."

"To her it is," Alec snorted as he popped up next to her, Luke nestled in his arms against his chest.

"Oh, shush, Alec. I didn't ask you," I replied. He just chuckled, shifting Luke slightly.

"I don't have to," he added. I smiled again and shook my head. "So, where's the Daddy anyway?"

"With his little siblings," I replied, giggling slightly. "He is so childish. Last night he lay there poking my stomach lightly and giggling his butt off. Karen and I were laughing so hard at him."

"Oh, Tyler," Piper breathed, rolling her eyes. "So, what did you get him for his eighteenth birthday today, Kyr?"

"I made him a photo album thing. Also, before we left, I found his old toy jaguar Eileen gave to him when he was little. I thought Lorraine was going to start crying when we found it. She kept going on and on about how much he loved that stuffed animal."

"I remember that thing! It was Jonah the jaguar," Piper giggled. "He carried that thing everywhere."

"Mhm," I agreed. "I remember that time I stole it from him at school and he started bawling. I was so mean and hid it in my cubby. It took our teacher about a half hour to calm him down and then another half hour to get me to tell her where the toy was."

"Oh my god, Kyra. You were a little devil to him," Alec snorted. I smiled innocently as I ran a hand over my stomach.

"I know," I added.

"You were much more malicious to him than he was to you," Piper said.

"Only because Eileen set him straight. You would just make a face at me and chastise me. It did nothing," I laughed. Piper smiled.

"What can I say? Eileen wanted you guys to be friends more than I did," she added, shrugging. I laughed.

"Obviously," I agreed. Alec smiled and rolled his eyes.

"What I would pay to have known you guys back then," he added. Piper and I smiled.

"It was crazy. I was a bad child," Piper said.

"That is because you challenged everything Dad said and told you to do," I told her. She laughed.

"Because he wasn't my real dad! I knew that!" she replied.

"Well, yeah. Speaking you were six when Mom and Dad got married," I snorted. She smiled and pulled me to her side to kiss my forehead.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Karen suddenly screamed as she ran toward us, Allen trailing behind her and laughing.

"What?" we asked her as she reached us.

"I just found out it is Tyler's eighteenth birthday today!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands into the air.

"So…?" Alec, Piper, and I laughed as Allen chuckled behind Karen.

"Why was I not told before today?" she asked. We all looked at each other and shrugged.

"You never asked," I replied. She sighed heavily.

"Rude, guys. Rude," she said. Allen chuckled and hugged her. She smiled and hugged him back. I caught his eye and rolled my eyes. He still hadn't told her he liked her.

"It never came up," I told her shrugging.

"Good point, Kyr," Allen chuckled. I gave him a serious look.

"I didn't ask you, Allen," I hissed. He made a face at me and I made one back.

"Be nice, kids," Alec chuckled.

"Oh, hush," Allen and I replied in unison. Piper giggled and then leaned towards me.

"Alec hasn't called this little couple here yet. It surprises me," she whispered. My jaw dropped as I looked at her. Then, I looked over at Alec, jaw still dropped.

"Alec! I think you're out of synch this summer because of Luke!" I exclaimed. Alec gave me a confused look, eyebrows pulled together. Piper laughed and took Luke from Alec before I jumped at him to whisper in his ear. "Karen and Allen, Alec. You haven't said anything."

"What?" Alec screamed before looking over at them. I smiled and nodded. His jaw dropped. "Allen, get your ass over here! I need to talk to you!"

"Thanks, Kyra," Allen grumbled before walking off with Alec. I giggled and shoved him lightly as Alec pulled him off.

"I love you, Kyra," Piper giggled, shifting Luke in her arms.

"I love you too, Piper," I replied.

"What was that about?" Karen asked. Piper and I laughed.

"Nothing," we added in response.

"Something Allen needs to man up and do," I said. Karen gave me a look and I smiled innocently, nose scrunched up slightly. She smiled and shook her head. Then, Tyler walked up to us, shaking water out of his hair. I smiled and shook my head slightly, arms crossed over my chest.

"Happy birthday, Tyler!" Karen exclaimed as he walked up to us. He chuckled.

"Thanks," he replied.

"Happy birthday, again, Ty," I giggled. He smiled and pulled me to his chest to kiss my forehead.

"Thank you, again, Kyr," he replied. I smiled and leaned my head up to kiss him lightly. Then, we all looked around as we heard Alec's booming laugh. We saw him clap Allen on the back as he laughed and Allen blushed. Tyler snorted with laughter while Piper and I smiled and Karen's eyebrows rose.

"Do I even want to know?" she asked.

"I'm sure you'll find out," all three of us replied in unison. Karen sighed, blowing her bangs out of her face.

"So much déjà vu," I breathed as I leaned against Tyler's chest.

"Mhm," he agreed as he hugged my shoulders. Piper just giggled as she eyed us and I smiled over at her.

"You two are too cute," she added. Tyler and I smiled and rolled our eyes.

"Shut up," we responded. She just giggled again, shifting Luke in her arms.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" we suddenly heard Eliza and Dean screaming as they ran down the hill from the staff cabins towards the archery range where Myron was.

"Yes, kids?" Myron called out.

"Dere a waydee up dere athkin fo oo!" Dean exclaimed. We saw Myron make a face and we all laughed.

"Okay! Hold on!" Myron called out before he emerged from the archery range. As he reached us, he clapped Tyler on the back. "Officially a man today, yet you're already a month and a half closer to being a parent. What happened to the thirteen year old boy I knew who wanted to make Kyra cry?"

"He disappeared long ago, Myron," Tyler chuckled.

"Mhm," I agreed, smiling as I rested my chin on Tyler's shoulder.

"I still find it hard to believe you two hated each other until your sophomore year," Karen breathed. Piper, Tyler, and I laughed.

"That is because you didn't know them then, Karen," Piper added. "They were like water and fire."

"Mhm," Tyler and I agreed.

"There is plenty of proof of it too," I added. "Lots of pictures and home videos."

"Oh goodness," Tyler chuckled. Piper just smiled as she looked at me, as if getting I had put some old pictures in the album I had made for Tyler. I giggled slightly, hugging Tyler's chest. Then, I looked over to watch as Myron struggled up the hill, Eliza and Dean giggling hysterically as they clung to their father's legs.

"Hey!" Alec screamed, jumping in front of Myron and grabbing Dean, who immediately screeched delightedly before giggling hysterically again.

"Alec! Do not injure my child unless you want to be injured!" we all heard Rachel yell from somewhere. Alec and Myron laughed.

"I know, Rach! I know!" Alec replied before they continued up the hill, Eliza now in Myron's arms. Then, Allen walked back over to us, his cheeks still slightly flushed. Tyler, Piper, and I snorted with laughter.

"Oh, shut up," Allen mumbled.

"Hell no. I went through this last summer. I'm happy it's not my turn anymore," I laughed, reaching out to poke Allen's arm. He smiled slightly and rolled his eyes.

"Well, you didn't have everyone on your case," he replied. Tyler and I immediately burst out laughing.

"You're kidding me, right?" Tyler asked.

"We had more people bugging us more often than you do. So you lose," I added. Allen stuck his tongue out at us as Piper laughed and Karen shook her head, expression still slightly confused. We all shook our heads at her, smiling.

"Don't worry about it, Karen," Piper added as Luke squirmed in her arms slightly, making noises. Piper giggled slightly and then shook her head. "You can always tell when this kid is awake, because he always makes noise."

"I think he takes after his mother in that," I laughed. Piper made a face and slapped my arm playfully as I laughed.

"I have to agree on that one, Pipe," Tyler added as Allen chuckled and Karen smiled. Piper just made a face at him and he chuckled.

"Wonderful level of maturity, Piper," Allen chuckled.

"I know, right?" Piper asked in response, laughing slightly.

"Hey, Karen!" Alec suddenly called out.

"What do you want from my life, Alec?" Karen asked. We heard Alec laugh.

"Don't get attitude with me, miss! Get your ass up here!" Alec replied. Karen just made a face and then headed up the hill towards Alec and Myron. Tyler, Allen, and I all snorted and shook our heads slightly. Piper just shook her head, bouncing Luke slightly as he fussed. Tyler eyed Luke and then smiled as he wrapped his arms around my stomach slightly. Then, he poked my stomach and giggled in his way.

"Oh no. Here we go again," I laughed as Tyler poked my stomach again and giggled again.

"Oh my god, Tyler. You sound like a little kid again," Piper laughed as he continued to giggle.

"He does," Allen chuckled as we all watched Tyler as he poked my stomach and giggled.

"You don't even know, Allen," Piper said. "I knew him when he was a toddler. You should have heard him giggle back then. It was so cute."

"I actually have some of the videos on my computer. Dad had some, and so did Lorraine, so we put them on my computer," I said.

"What?" Tyler exclaimed. "From when we were toddlers?"

"Mhm," I replied. "They had had them all converted to DVDs, so I was able to get them onto my computer."

"We are so watching some later," he laughed. I smiled and rolled my eyes as Piper laughed and Allen shook his head.

"I figured that much after I told you," I added. He just chuckled, resting his chin lightly on my shoulder. Then, we heard Karen laughing with someone else. We all looked up to see her walking down the hill with another girl with dark hair like hers, though it was much straighter. The girl was shorter than Karen, but not by too much. Karen noticed us looking and waved enthusiastically before skipping down the hill towards us. She immediately ran into Allen and hugged him, giggling happily. He chuckled and hugged her back.

"Karen, I saw you, like, five minutes ago," he added.

"Oh well! I'm happy!" she exclaimed as the other girl reached us. She was smiling and shaking her head at Karen.

"Introductions would be nice, Karen," the girl laughed. Karen smiled and turned around, rolling her eyes.

"Guys, this is my older sister Laura. Laura, these are Allen, Tyler, Kyra, and Kyra's half-sister, Piper and her son Luke," Karen said. "Piper is engaged to Alec, the one you just met up there holding the little boy."

"Hello," Laura said, waving to all of us. We waved back.

"Just so there is no future confusion about Tyler poking my stomach and giggling, I am pregnant," I said, holding up my hand slightly.

"Hey, shush," Tyler replied, making a face at me. I just smiled and rolled my eyes before kissing his cheek. "You'll probably also be staying in the water cabin with us, unless you chose the sword cabin."

"It still smells really bad in there. I went in there with Kyle the other day to wake up Jason," Allen said.

"Ew," Tyler and I said in unison. Allen just nodded, making a face.

"Why don't you guys go in there with a crap load of water and wash the mattress?" Piper asked. Tyler, Karen, and I looked over at her seriously.

"Not our responsibility, Piper," Tyler added.

"Exactly," I agreed. "We're not the ones who puked on the bed or have to live in there."

"Oh, I thought maybe you would do it for your Jay," Piper laughed. I smiled and rolled my eyes while Allen laughed.

"She's got you there, Kyr," Allen added.

"Oh, shut up, unless you want me to say something right now that you would want to hit me for," I said. Allen made a face at me and then walked off. Tyler and Piper burst out laughing while Karen's eyebrows shot up and Laura shrugged.

"He is strange," Karen added.

"And you like it," Tyler mumbled. Karen pursed her lips and shoved him. He screamed slightly as he fell to the ground. Then, he began to laugh. "You're supposed to be nice to me today, Karen. It's my birthday."

"You're not five anymore, Tyler," Karen replied. I laughed.

"That wasn't even an excuse for me when we were five," I added. Tyler smiled and rolled his eyes as he got up.

"So true, Kyr," Piper laughed.

"I know. He used to say that to me, and in response I would make a face at him and push him down again," I said.

"Oh, shut up, beginning of my Pillsbury Dough Boy," Tyler replied as he pulled me back to his side. I smiled and shoved him lightly.

"I am not a Pillsbury Dough Boy, you jerk," I replied.

"You are to me," he sang.

"Wow, Karen. You sure know how to pick 'em," Laura laughed at her sister. Karen smiled slightly.

"Blame Ernesto. He became friends with them first," she told Laura.

"Hey, where is that kid anyway?" Laura asked. "You said he comes here too!"

"He's over battling it out with my little siblings. Fire against water. They're losing," Tyler snorted.

"Aw! You left your thirteen year old siblings to battle with a seventeen year old?" Piper exclaimed. Karen, Tyler, and I all looked over at her.

"Yeah, so what?" we asked.

"That is hardly fair," Piper replied.

"Life isn't fair," Laura breathed.

"Mhm," Karen agreed. Piper sighed and then looked down as Dean ran into her legs.

"Aun Ipah!" he exclaimed. She laughed.

"Hey, Deany," she replied.

"Wuke thweepin?" Dean asked as he walked around to face her.

"Nope. He's awake," Piper replied. Dean giggled happily and then ran over to me.

"Ywah, I wan thee Wuke," Dean told me, reaching up. I smiled and picked him up. As a thank you, he gave me a slobbery kiss on the cheek. I giggled and wiped my cheek on my shoulder as I walked over to Piper so Dean could see Luke. "I, Wuke!"

"Don't yell, please, Dean," Piper said as she shifted Luke so Dean could see him better.

"Thowwy," Dean said as he leaned over to see Luke.

"How old is he?" I heard Laura ask Tyler.

"He and Eliza are both three, and little menaces," Tyler replied, chuckling. I smiled and looked over at them.

"Well, it doesn't help they both have electricity and wind, plus one more. Dean right here has archery also while Eliza has sword. It can get really messy at times," I said.

"Yes, it can," Karen agreed, nodding. I smiled.

"You don't even know. One day during training they got mad at each other and almost burned down the infirmary," I said.

"Oh man. I was laughing so hard!" Tyler exclaimed. Piper rolled her eyes.

"That wasn't funny," Piper added.

"It was," Tyler replied, nodded. Piper just rolled her eyes again as Dean settled back into my arms. Then, he looked up at me.

"Ywah, oo hab ayby thoon?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"Not for a long time, Deany," I told him. He pouted and I giggled, kissing his cheek. "I promise you by this time next year the baby will be born, okay?"

"Bu thath wong time!" Dean exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air.

"Don't you worry, Dean. It will seem like less time than you think," Karen told him. He just made a face, crossing his arms over his chest.

"C'mere, I'll show you something," I said, easing Dean onto the ground and then sitting down.

"Wha?" he asked me.

"C'mere and feel my stomach. The baby is starting to grow, Dean," I told him. His jaw dropped and he ran over to me. I smiled and took his hand into mine and rubbed his hand slowly over my stomach after pushing my shirt up. I saw Laura's eyes widen at the scar but I ignored it as Dean began to giggle hysterically.

"Dere a bump in oo thomach!" Dean exclaimed.

"Mhm. That's the baby starting to grow," I told him, his little hand still in mine as he giggled. "Tyler gets a kick out of his too, Deany."

"Oh, shush, Kyra," Tyler said.

"Says the eighteen year old who sat there poking her stomach last night and giggling his butt off for almost two hours," Karen snorted.

"Hey, I was still seventeen then," Tyler said, pointing at her as if that fact made a difference.

"Kyra Alexandra! Put your shirt down!" Dacek exclaimed as she walked down the hill. I laughed.

"Aw, whatever, Dace! I walked around last summer all the time with my stomach out! Plus, I was letting Dean feel the start of the baby bump!" I replied. Dacek laughed as she reached us. Dean immediately ran up to her.

"Dere a bump on Ywah's thomach!" he exclaimed, pointing over at me where I was still sitting on the ground. We all laughed as Dacek scooped Dean up.

"I heard, Dean. I heard," Dacek replied as she continued toward us and Tyler helped me up from the ground.

"I look like I just have a constant food baby right now," I breathed. "But it's not food."

"Definitely not. It's a human bay-beh," Karen laughed. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"I think I know that, Karen," I added as Tyler chuckled. Laura on the other hand, was staring at Dacek with raised eyebrows. Then, Dacek noticed her and she gasped.

"Oh my goodness!" Dacek exclaimed, looking over at her. Laura smiled and shook her head.

"Dacek appears once again," Laura added. Dacek laughed.

"I've been down here almost five years now. You're the one who is appearing again," Dacek replied.

"Valid point, Dace," Tyler said. Then, he let out a long breath. "Man, Kyr. We've spent every summer for almost five years at this camp."

"Mhm," I agreed, smiling as I looked around. Dacek smiled and rolled her eyes as she shifted Dean to her other hip.

"Why don't you kids show Laura around instead of reminiscing?" she asked us.

"Lame, Dace. Lame," Tyler and I replied as Karen laughed and Laura smiled slightly. Dacek just smiled and walked off, waving a hand over her shoulder as Dean smiled widely and waved at us enthusiastically over her shoulder.

"C'mon. We'll show you some of lovely Camp Dragon Fire," I said to Laura, taking Tyler's hand into mine as we began to walk off, Karen and Laura following us.

"So, you guys are the same age as Karen?" Laura asked. Tyler and I looked back at her and nodded. "Do you know where you're going to college?"

"We're taking the year off," Tyler replied as we swung our hands between us.

"Is this because of the pregnancy?" Laura asked. I shook my head.

"Nah. We were taking the year off anyway," I added. "Though, now our parents won't let us travel as far, which is pretty ridiculous in a way."

"Eh, after meeting your parents, Kyra, it's explanatory. I'm sure your mom is going to fuss over you all the time," Karen said. I rolled my eyes.

"And I will yell at her. She was two years younger when she had Piper," I said. Tyler snorted with laughter.

"Like Vicky cares," he added. I smiled and rolled my eyes, shoving him lightly.

"Whatever. We'll go take you to see the sword cabin first. I can guarantee you won't want to choose it," I said, looking back at Laura. She smiled slightly.

"Ah! Oh my god! Matthew!" Jason screamed, running out of the cabin as we approached.

"I would say we don't want to go in there right now," Tyler said. Jason looked at us, coughing and shaking his head.

"I swear, that kid is not human!" Jason exclaimed. I laughed.

"What did he do now?" I asked.

"He just let one rip, and it literally smells like elephant ass," Jason coughed.

"Ew, oh my lord," Tyler said. "I think Matt needs to go see a doctor."

"You're telling me," Jason agreed, taking a deep breath. Then, he noticed Laura. "Who's the chick?"

"Jason, honestly," Karen breathed. "This is my sister, Laura. Laura, this is Jason."

"Oh, sorry," Jason said. Then, he looked at Laura and smiled widely, waving frantically. "Hi!"

"Hello," Laura laughed, waving back. I giggled.

"Don't worry. He is just a little more enthusiastic this summer now that he is with someone and he knows that person is not going to leave him," I told her.

"For Logan! I mean, come on. Logan is gorgeous!" Jason exclaimed. Karen, Tyler and I laughed.

"He's not so gorgeous after pissing himself," I added. Jason giggled enthusiastically.

"He blushed so bad when I asked him about that," he said.

"Well, yeah. He didn't think that event would go past the group who was with him. He is so dumb," Tyler snorted. I smiled and rolled my eyes as Karen shook her head and Laura just stood there. Then, Jason giggled and pulled me towards him to poke my stomach.

"Baby bump," he added. I smiled and shoved him away.

"Leave my stomach alone, please and thank you," I replied. Tyler chuckled and then pulled me back to his side to kiss my cheek. I giggled and kissed him lightly.

"Okay, you can stop it now," Jason told us.

"Ha, ha. Look who is talking. Remember our conversation over Christmas break?" Tyler asked. Jason made a face at us in response and Tyler, Karen, and I laughed.

"You got owned then," Karen added. Jason smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Uh, no. Kyle got owned," Jason replied as we began walking over towards Tyler's and my cabin.

"True statement," Tyler agreed. "You and Ernesto were reading Percy Jackson, screaming monsters were chasing you."

"That was so much fun," Karen giggled. Then, Jason snorted with laughter.

"And it's a wonder Allen won't just spit it out," he whispered in my ear. I smiled and rolled my eyes before slapping him on the arm lightly.

"Shush. We had a conversation with Allen about it already," I added. Tyler looked over at us.

"Oh, the whole Nesto thing?" he asked. I nodded. He snorted with laughter. "Allen and Kyle are alike in more ways than they realize."

"Mhm," I agreed. Karen just looked up at the sky, sighing, while Laura shrugged and Jason giggled.

"Except Allen is straight," Jason added.

"Straight up," Karen agreed, smiling.

"Mhm, mhm. Let's not go there right now, Karen," Tyler said as we walked up to the cabin. Karen pursed her lips and shoved Tyler through the door. He screeched and almost fell to the floor. Then, he made a face at Karen and ran over to his bed, jumping up onto it. Jason, Karen, and I laughed while Laura's eyebrows rose.

"Don't worry about it. He is just special," I told her as I sat down on my bed with my legs crossed.

"Mhm, and what does that say about you as you're having his kid?" Jason asked as he sat down next to me. Before I could say anything, Tyler's head popped down from his bed and he reached out to poke Jason in the nose. Jason giggled hysterically and slapped Tyler's hand before Tyler retreated, laughing.

"I don't think the kid growing inside her uterus has anything to do with this, I think it's the fact that Kyra is dating him and had sex with him, which then caused said pregnancy," Karen said as she flopped down onto her bed across from mine.

"Uncalled for," Tyler said. I only saw his arm as he pointed down at Karen. She just laughed, falling back onto her pillows.

"Everything is called for in its own way," she replied.

"True," Jason agreed. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I leaned back against the wall and then pushed my shirt up to run my hand over my stomach lightly. Laura eyed me.

"How'd you get that scar?" she asked. I looked over at her while beside me Jason groaned quietly.

"Why am I always around when people ask you?" he cried out. I rolled my eyes again and shoved him.

"You didn't do it, Jason! Shut up!" I replied. Laura's eyebrows rose and I looked back over at her. "Last summer during one of our games a girl named Jeannah hid herself so Kyle nor Julia could tell who was coming, and then she attacked me."

"Oh," Laura said. "That doesn't explain why Jason is freaking."

I heard Tyler snort with laughter above us and I looked up, smiling slightly.

"Jeannah is Jason's twin. He blames himself because he's an idiot. He wouldn't talk to Kyra for a week after she got out of the infirmary," Tyler told Laura.

"You're special, Jason," Karen laughed as Laura sat down with her.

"Shut up," Jason mumbled from behind his hands because he had covered his face with his hands. I shoved him lightly again, but he didn't do anything. Then, I leaned forward and looked out towards the door, smiling. Kyle motioned for us to be quiet, and we obeyed. Then, he walked over to my bed.

"Jay-Jay!" he exclaimed, flopping down on top of Jason. Jason immediately began to giggle, trying to push Kyle off of him. We all burst out laughing as Kyle wrapped his arms around Jason and then rolled over, pulling Jason on top of him.

"No sex on my bed," I told them. They both looked over at me. Jason's face was serious while Kyle's was slightly sarcastic.

"Mhm. I would say that doesn't apply to you and Tyler," Kyle replied.

"Hey now," Tyler replied, head and arm poking down from his bed as he pointed. Kyle snorted with laughter.

"Oh please. Winter break. Not like you were the only ones to do it that weekend. I mean, Katie and Aaron were here too," Kyle said.

"Mhm. And you and Jason," Karen said, looking over at Kyle beneath Jason with slightly raised eyebrows. Kyle stuck his tongue out at her while Jason blushed furiously and rolled off of Kyle.

"I would say you two are gay then," Laura said, eyeing Kyle and Jason. Jason nodded slightly while Kyle eyed Laura with a confused expression on his face.

"Who're you?" he asked.

"Oh, sorry, Kye. This is my older sister, Laura. Laura, this is Kyle," Karen said.

"Marcus Taylor!" Kyle added, throwing his hands into the air. Tyler, Jason, and I laughed while Karen smiled and shook her head.

"Hey, Kyle," she said.

"Hey, Karen," he replied, looking over at her.

"How come you sat by Kyra at graduation if your last name is Taylor and hers is Marina?" she asked. Kyle, Tyler, and I all snorted.

"Because my dad is weird," Kyle added. "Instead of putting my name as Kyle Taylor on all those school forms, he put Kyle Marcus. I have no idea why."

"Because he's your dad," I laughed. Kyle smiled and rolled his eyes.

"I can't wait to get out of that house," he added.

"Mmh. I hear that," Jason said.

"Only because his dad doesn't like when you guys are home alone," Tyler snorted, poking his head down from his bed. Jason stuck his tongue out at Tyler and Tyler did the same in response.

"Grow up," I breathed.

"For real. You're gonna be a father by February, Tyler," Karen laughed.

"Exactly, February. I still have about seven months left, Karen, gosh," Tyler replied.

"Yeah, but some of your duties as a father come before the nine months are up, dude," Kyle said. Tyler rolled his eyes and I laughed.

"I'll get him into shape, don't worry," I added, running my hands over the small bump in my stomach. Tyler smiled innocently and reached out to poke my nose. I giggled and bit his finger. He made a face before pulling his finger out of my mouth and then retreating back onto his bed. I burst out laughing and jumped up from my bed to try and reach up to hit him. He laughed as he saw me and pressed himself to the wall, out of my reach. I pursed my lips and stood on top of my bed to reach him.

"Ah!" he screamed, covering his head as the others laughed and watched.

"What? Are you afraid of your pregnant girlfriend?" Karen laughed as I reached over to hit Tyler's arm. He burst out laughing.

"No!" he exclaimed, uncovering his head and then grabbing me and pulling me onto his bed. I screeched, and then giggled hysterically.

"I love you," I breathed. He chuckled.

"I love you too," he replied, kissing me lightly.

"Aw, how cute," Alec snorted as he walked into the cabin. I rolled over and made a face at him. He just laughed. "Act your age."

"No way," we all replied as Laura smiled slightly and rolled her eyes.

"Alec, you don't act your age, so why should we?" Jason asked.

"Valid point, Jason," Karen said.

"Mhm. And he's got a kid and is engaged," Tyler snorted. Alec looked over at us with raised eyebrows.

"Last time I checked, you're the one who knocked up Kyra at prom," Alec said.

"After prom, thank you very much. We did not do it at prom," I said, rolling my eyes sarcastically. Alec chuckled and shook his head while Laura's eyebrows shot up.

"You guys are open," she said. We all laughed.

"Yeah, pretty much," we added.

"I mean, I've known Tyler forever, so yeah," I said.

"Not that you were always friendly," Kyle laughed.

"Oh! That reminds me! I still wanna watch some of the videos!" Tyler exclaimed. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Alright, birthday boy," I giggled. He chuckled and hugged my shoulders.

"What videos?" Alec asked. I looked over at him.

"From when we were little," I replied. Alec immediately burst out laughing.

"Like, when you used to beat each other up?" he asked. Tyler and I smiled and nodded.

"Good times," Kyle breathed as I saw his feet pop out over the side of my bed. I giggled.

"Kye, hand me my computer," I added, sticking my hand down off of Tyler's bed. I heard Kyle sigh, but then he handed me my computer. I smiled and opened it to turn it on. "Someone hand me the cord for the TV to hook up the computer."

"Yoink," Jason said, grabbing the cord and handing it up to me. Another advantage to being a counselor, you got a TV in your cabin.

"Thank you," I said as I plugged in my computer and Tyler turned on the TV, giggling to himself. Alec chuckled and jumped up onto the bed above Karen. She looked up skeptically.

"You better not fall on me, you fatty," she added. Alec chuckled.

"These beds are strong, they won't break," he told her.

"I don't even want to know how you figured that one out, Alec," Kyle breathed as he stretched out on my bed. I snorted.

"Well, Piper was here last summer," I added.

"Ha, ha," Alec said. "I have my own cabin, and it does not have bunk beds."

"Tee, emm, eye," Tyler breathed.

"Seriously. That's my older sister you're talking about," I snorted. Alec rolled his eyes.

"Shut up. I want to see a video of toddler Tyler and toddler Kyra beating each other up," he replied. Tyler and I smiled as I opened up videos on my computer and then began looking through for a good one. Tyler burst out laughing as he saw a thumbnail for one of them.

"That one!" he exclaimed. I smiled and obeyed. Immediately, a bigger screen popped up, and there was four year old Tyler standing in front of the camera, smiling and giggling, his toy jaguar hanging in his hands.

"And, and then, Jonah came, and, and, he rethcued me!" he exclaimed. I giggled, covering my mouth with my hands as the four year old Tyler flung his hands into the air.

"I forgot about your lisp," I added. Tyler smiled and rolled his eyes as we heard Dad and Lorraine's laughter coming from my computer. The others laughed also as the four year old version of Tyler continued to ramble on about things that happened in his imagination with his toy jaguar.

"Man, you got your work cut out for you with this one, Lorraine," we heard my dad's voice laugh. He had been taping.

Then, I ran out of nowhere and pushed Tyler down. I stuck my tongue out at him and then ran away, laughing hysterically as Tyler began to cry.

"Mhm. I could say the same for you, Rick," Lorraine's voice snorted as Eileen popped up and scooped Tyler up from the ground as he cried. I was standing a bit off, pointing and laughing in my high-pitched, four year old voice. Piper walked up from the other side and kneeled down in front of Tyler as he sniffled, holding Jonah to his face.

"Aw, what happened, Ty?" Piper asked. Tyler just sniffled and hugged himself to Eileen's leg before pointing over at me where I stood giggling and making faces at him. Eileen rolled her eyes and sighed, running her hand over Tyler's dark hair. Piper got up and then walked over to me.

"No!" I screeched in the video, kicking and hitting my older sister as she picked me up and then dragged me over towards Tyler and Eileen. Dad and Lorraine were laughing as they watched. Tyler watched our progress, his green eyes sad and his cheeks tear-stained.

"No, Piper!" I screeched, still kicking and screaming at her.

"Kyra Alexandra, apologize," Piper said, placing me on my feet, but forcing me to stay where I was, facing Tyler. I crossed my arms over my chest stubbornly, lips pursed.

"You were a sassy four year old," Jason snorted. I smiled and giggled slightly as Tyler shook his head.

"I don' wanna 'pologize," I hissed, glaring up at Piper. She stared down at me forcefully, her bright brown eyes serious. I stared back, my blue eyes hard.

"It's only two words, Kyra," Piper added.

"Don' wanna, don' wanna, don' wanna," I began to sing, shaking my head. Tyler watched me, his nose beginning to flare slightly. He always did that when he was about to cry.

"Kyra…" Piper and Eileen breathed at the same time.

"Don' wanna!" I screamed, throwing my arms down to my sides and stomping my foot. Then, I began to cry too, but it was more for show. Tyler's eyebrows knit together, his nose still flaring as he hugged Eileen's leg, Jonah clutched tightly to his chest.

"Kyra," Dad's voice suddenly said from behind the camera, stern. I just continued to cry.

"Don' wanna!" I yelled again, stamping my foot down once again. Then, Eileen sighed and carefully pulled Tyler off of her leg before leaning down on front of me. I stopped crying and looked at her, lips pursed. I knew she was mature for her age, even when I was only four.

"C'mon, Kyra. All you have to do is say sorry," she said to me. "If he had pushed you down, he would have said sorry."

"Nuh uh, he wouldn'," I replied stubbornly, nose scrunched up slightly. Eileen and Piper both sighed while Dad and Lorraine laughed slightly.

"He probably wouldn't," Lorraine breathed.

"I know. But let's see how this goes," Dad chuckled as they watched Eileen try to convince me to say sorry.

"Tyler nevuh 'pologize," I added, arms now crossed over my chest stubbornly again. "Nevuh."

"Oh, I'm sure he does, Kyra," Eileen said, placing a hand lightly on my arm. I wrenched away from her and buried my face in Piper's legs.

"No!" I added, my voice high and screechy.

Next to me, Tyler chuckled. I smiled and nudged him with my shoulder. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Kyra. I'm sure he apologizes," Piper said, picking me up. I made a face at her, nose scrunched up, lips pursed, and arms crossed over my chest. The way she was holding me had made my shirt move up slightly, exposing my small and pudgy four year old stomach. I shook my head forcefully.

"No," I added, still shaking my head. "He mean to me."

"And you're mean back. So maybe if you apologize to him, next time he'll apologize," Piper told me. I shook my head again.

"Nuh," I had replied. Behind Eileen, Tyler had started to cry again, but he was sniffling to himself. "He won' 'pologize. He mean."

"Ugh, this is useless," Piper breathed, taking a deep breath. Eileen made a slight face, sighing. Then, she leaned down and picked Tyler up.

"Ty-guar, take Jonah away from your face," she breathed. He looked at her with his large green eyes and then shook his head. Piper and Eileen looked at each other and sighed again.

"How about a hug for an apology?" Piper asked.

"No!" Tyler and I both screeched, immediately trying to shove out of our older sisters' arms.

"Come on. One hug won't do any harm," Eileen said.

"No hug!" I screeched.

"No hug!" Tyler echoed, struggling to get out of Eileen's arms as our parents laughed, my dad still taping.

"Hug or simply apologize," Piper said as she put me down, but held me in place. I scrunched up my face angrily, and then looked up at Tyler, eyes narrowed.

"Sorry!" I screeched before stomping off, crying for mom. Dad and Lorraine burst out laughing.

"Good job, kids," Lorraine added, laughing slightly as Tyler buried his face in Eileen's shoulder. Piper snorted with laughter.

"It was nothing," she added, waving a hand. "I know my little sister."

"She's a stubborn thing," Dad laughed, zooming in on me as I ran around, giggling and laughing with Kyle. That had been the summer he had moved to our town, and I had immediately become friends with him.

Then, Kyle poked his head off of my bed to look up at me. I looked back down at him and we both giggled.

"I totally remember that day," he added as the video ended. Tyler snorted.

"Mhm," Tyler agreed. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"You guys were so cute," Alec laughed.

"Did you see little Kyle?" I asked.

"What? Kyle was in that video?" Alec exclaimed, sitting up.

"Mhm. I was the little blonde kid running around with Kyra in the end. I didn't even really know Tyler at that point," Kyle replied.

"Oh my god! You were so little!" Karen exclaimed.

"But adorable," I giggled.

"Damn straight!" Kyle exclaimed.

"He's still adorable, Kyr," Jason added, poking his head out from under the bed to look up at me. I giggled.

"Aw! Thanks, Jay-Jay!" Kyle exclaimed, pulling Jason to his chest as they giggled.

"Wait, I have a question," Alec suddenly said.

"Hm?" Tyler and I asked.

"What was up with Tyler flaring his nose?" Alec asked. I burst out laughing and Tyler buried his face in his bed.

"I noticed that too," Laura said.

"He did that when he was about to cry. Still does," I replied. "I used to always know when he was going to start crying in middle school when his plans backfired, because his nose would start flaring like crazy."

"Mhm," Kyle agreed.

"Shut up," Tyler mumbled into his sheet. I giggled and kissed the exposed part of his ear.

"No wonder his nose was flaring like crazy when he had to walk across the stage at graduation," Karen snorted.

"Shush!" Tyler exclaimed.

"The only reason he cried then was because I was crying," I added.

"Aw, how cute," Alec snorted. I rolled my eyes and then threw Tyler's pillow over at him.

"Hey! That's my pillow, Kyra!" Tyler exclaimed. I giggled.

"I know," I replied. He smiled and rolled his eyes before kissing my forehead.

"Gosh, you guys are mean to me, I'm leaving," Alec added as he slid off of the bed he was on and then leaving the cabin. We all laughed and then rolled our eyes.

"Whatever," we added.

"I think he was truly disappointed you didn't decide to have a beginning of summer battle this year, Kyra," Kyle said. I snorted.

"I know, but I'm not risking anything," I replied. Tyler smiled and pulled me to his chest, hugging my shoulders.

"Most people at our age, at the same stage in your pregnancy are still in freak out mode," Kyle snorted.

"Well, Kyr and I aren't normal people our age," Tyler laughed.

"Don't we know it," Karen replied, shaking her head. I just made a face at her before we all started laughing.


"Aw, look at you!" Karen exclaimed. It was later that night and we were in our cabins. Travis, Kelsey, and Laura were already passed out, but Karen, Tyler, and I were all sitting on my bed, looking through the photo album I had given Tyler for his birthday. He had Jonah sitting in his lap.

"We were, like, six in this picture," I giggled. Tyler just snorted. In the picture, we were standing with our backs to each other. Both of us had our arms crossed stubbornly across our chests and the same stubborn expressions on our faces, noses pointed upward.

"Mom and Rick were always trying to get us to be friends since they were friends," Tyler added as we continued to flip through the book.

"That and trying to get us to join swimming," I snorted. Tyler smiled and shook his head.

"Which is wrong," he added.

"Mhm," I agreed, resting my chin lightly on his shoulder. Karen laughed slightly. Then, she full out laughed before clapping her hand over her mouth.

"Okay, Tyler looks miserable in that picture," she added, pointing to one of them. Tyler and I both smiled.

"I was, at the time," he replied. "I didn't want to go to homecoming, but she was making me go. It was the first school year we were friends."

"Mhm," I agreed. In the picture, I was holding onto his wrists, expression as if begging him to do something. We both had aviators on top of our heads and he was in black pants with a white shirt and a blue tie. I was in a short, bright purple dress with silver heels on my feet. At the time, the two inch heels made me the same height as Tyler. He was making a face, lips pursed slightly, eyes serious. The point of him trying to get out of going had been moot at the time because his ticket was already bought.

"That was still pretty funny seeing everyone's faces as you dragged me into the gym by the wrist," Tyler snorted. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

"I like how this album goes from being little kids and hating each other, to middle school, where you still hated each other, and then high school when you became friends," Karen giggled.

"I purposely made it like that, to show the evolution," I replied as I leaned against Tyler's side and he wrapped an arm over my shoulders.

"I love it," he added, kissing my cheek. I smiled and hugged his chest, kissing his cheek also.

"Okay, this is by far one of the cutest pictures ever," Karen said as she reached one from last summer. In the picture, Tyler and I were sitting by the fire. My hair was up in a ponytail, scraps of hair falling into my face while his hair fell over his face slightly because he was leaning down. It had been night time, so we were only illuminated by the glow of the large fire in front of us. I was smiling widely, eyes closed, as he had pressed his lips to my forehead.

"That was right after we started dating," Tyler breathed, smiling as he looked down at the picture. I smiled also, nodding in agreement.

"That was after the game," I added. He chuckled and nodded in agreement.

"No wonder you're wearing your hat," Karen laughed. Tyler just nodded. He always wore his hat after a game, backwards no yet.

"The hat is always there," Tyler added. I snorted with laughter and rolled my eyes.

"If it's a boy, will you give him your hat?" I asked, looking up at him. He looked down at me and then shrugged.

"Maybe. Plus, why does it have to be only if it's a boy?" he asked. "Girls wear hats too."

"I dunno," I giggled. He smiled and then kissed my forehead. Karen just eyed us and rolled her eyes, smiling.

"I still can't believe you guys are going to be parents. When I first met you guys, I thought you would be the least likely for this to happen to, because Tyler's mom is too chill with it," she added. Tyler and I smiled widely.

"But my parents aren't," I added.

"It evens out," Tyler said. Karen smiled and shook her head.

"Your parents aren't chill like Ms. Anderson, but they are still a lot more chill than other parents," she said. I nodded slightly.

"I can understand that," I replied. "Speaking once Dad walked in when I didn't have a shirt on and just told me to put a shirt on."

"I thought Becky was going to pass out," Tyler snorted. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

"She's so dumb," I added. Tyler chuckled, kissing my cheek as we continued to look through the album.

"Aw, this is cute," Karen giggled, pointing to one of Tyler and me with Lily and Tyson. We were both sitting in the grass next to each other with our legs crossed, and Tyson and Lily were sitting in front of us, tongues lolling out of their mouths as if they were smiling.

"It was our family portrait," I giggled. Karen snorted.

"There's one more adding into your little family now," she added.

"Mhm," Tyler agreed, smiling widely as he wrapped his arms protectively around my stomach. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"We still got a while until they're actually here though," I said. Karen shrugged.

"They'll be here by next summer," she added. I smiled and nodded.

"Obviously," I breathed as Tyler hugged my shoulders. Then, he yawned widely. Karen eyed him and then laughed slightly, sliding off of my bed and heading over to her own.

"Night, guys," she added. I smiled as Tyler closed the book and slid it up onto his normal bunk and then lay down against the wall, pulling me to his chest.

"Night, Karen," I replied.

"One last happy birthday to Tyler," she laughed. Tyler chuckled.

"Thanks, Karen. Night," he added before we all fell asleep.

Okay one: yay for toddler Kyra and Tyler :3! Socute, mrawr!

Two: I do actually have an older sister Laura, but we are not always that freaking nice to each other. Also, in high school I did actually have a teacher named Ms. Dacek who was awesome and friends with pretty much everyone. Though, my sister did not know her because my sister went to a boarding school in PA.

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