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Failure to Stay Quiet

Zander and Tristan stumbled into their room, barely managing to stay upright as their lips molded to each other's. Tristan nudged the door shut with his foot and he and his boyfriend staggered back to the bed. Zander tripped on his pants leg—his jeans were already sliding off his hips since he hadn't buttoned them back up from Tristan's handjob earlier—and fell back onto the bed, Tristan climbing on top of him.

Grinding their hips together, Tristan pressed a kiss to his boyfriend's jaw, slowly dragging his tongue up and nibbling on his earlobe. Zander let out a soft moan and circled his arms around his boyfriend's neck, closing his eyes.

"Ah. Mmm, Tristan, we can't. Giles and Reina are…oh. Right next door." Tristan rotated his hips again, making them both groan. Zander's pants had been shed, so less friction stood between himself and his boyfriend now. He was already hard again, almost painfully so. Tristan pulled back, tugging his shirt over his head, and tossed it aside, immediately rolling his hips again, the lovers groaning softly.

"I guess we'll just have to be quiet." Zander raked his fingers through his boyfriend's hair, moaning softly when Tristan pushed his shirt up and tongued his nipple.

"A-ah. W-why there?" Zander breathed, arching into his boyfriend's body. Tristan nipped on Zander's nipple, making his boyfriend squeak.

"You already know the answer to that," Tristan murmured against his skin, switching and doing the same to Zander's other nipple, both now standing at attention. He pulled back slightly, sliding his hands along the plane of his boyfriend's chest and pushing the hem of Zander's shirt over his head. The garment got tosses onto the floor, leaving him in only dark colored boxers.

"So hard for me already," Tristan said softly, outlining Zander's erection through the thin fabric. Zander made a strangled noise in the back of his throat and thrust his hips up.

"Tristan, touch me. Please." With a smile, Tristan pulled down Zander's boxers, Zander kicking them off the rest of the way, and slid his thumb along the head of his boyfriend's penis, spreading around the bit of pre-come there. He was teasing his boyfriend, knowing that he wanted a blowjob.

So he gave it to him.

Tristan leaned down and wrapped his lips around Zander's penis, making a low moan rip from his throat. Zander bit his lip, trying to keep quiet, but it would do him no good. Tristan pulled his mouth away from his boyfriend and licked a line up his shaft, taking Zander into his mouth again. His hands rested on his boyfriend's hips, and he could feel them quivering, trying not to buck.

"Nngh…ungh…mmm…so good." Zander whimpered softly as his boyfriend sucked him, pushing him closer to his climax. "I'm…getting close." Tristan took one hand off of his boyfriend's hip and wrapped it around his shaft, pumping hard.

Zander gasped. "O-oh, s-shit. Ah, fuck!" Zander couldn't help but cry out as he came, releasing into Tristan's mouth. Without hesitation, Tristan swallowed and pulled back, grinning.

"Thought we were supposed to stay quiet." Zander took a moment to respond—he was still trying to get his breath back.

"You're so good. How can I?" Zander smiled at his boyfriend, the corners of his eyes crinkling up. "Kiss me." Tristan moved back up Zander's body and pressed his lips to his. Zander's tongue slipped into Tristan's mouth, and he could taste himself on him.

Slowly, Zander pulled away, his arms linked around his boyfriend's neck. His blue eyes were half-lidded and darkened with lust, his cheeks flushed.


"Yeah babe?"

"Fuck me," he whispered.

Oh shit.

Tristan quickly shed his jeans and boxers, positioning himself at Zander's hole before he realized that the lube was still in his suitcase. He brushed Zander's hair from his eyes and kissed the corner of his lips, his lip ring colliding with Zander's snakebites. "I have to get the lube," he murmured. He tried to pull away, but Zander wrapped his legs around Tristan's waist, keeping him in his spot.

"That'll take too long. I need you. Now." Tristan smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Fuck, Zan, you don't think I want to screw you right now? You know I love making love to you, but I don't want to hurt you."

"Don't worry, you—"

"Just let me get the lube." Reluctantly, Zander released Tristan and he slid off the bed, moving towards his suitcase and rummaging in it before grabbing out the lube. He popped the cap off and coated his still erect penis as he walked back over to the bed, climbing back on top of it and positioning himself at Zander's entrance.

Leaning down, Tristan kissed his lover as he pushed into him, filling him completely. They both moaned into the kiss at the feeling and Zander wrapped his legs around his boyfriend's waist, pulling him closer so that there was no space between them.

Tristan began to move inside his boyfriend, Zander meeting his thrust so that with each one, Tristan was hitting his deepest spot—his prostate.

"A-ah. Ah! Oh f-fucking s-shit! AH!" Zander cried out with every thrust, getting louder with each one. "F-fuck. T-Tristan…nngh…" Zander squeezed his eyes shut, his hands clenching at the sheets. One of them moved between them to stroke himself, already feeling his penis beginning to pulse in his hand.

"Dammit Zan…ungh…so f-fucking close…shit!" Tristan slammed into Zander one last time, hitting his prostate hard and making them both come. Zander released onto his boyfriend's stomach and Tristan spurted his seed deep inside Zander, both of them clinging to each other as they orgasmed.

Exhausted, Tristan fell into the space next to his lover, slipping out of him. Zander scooted up behind his boyfriend, spooning his body and wrapping his arms around Tristan. Zander pressed a kiss to Tristan's shoulder blade and smiled.

"Ah! Shit! Giles, oh my god!" Both Tristan and Zander laughed softly.

"I would say that Reina and Giles heard your screaming, but they seem to be pretty busy themselves."

"Tristan, I don't even care." He kissed his boyfriend's shoulder again. "I love you."

"I love you too."


The next night, the two couples picked up with the movie where they left off. Once again, Zander and Tristan were curled up on the couch together under a blanket, and Giles and Reina in front of the couch, Reina's head resting on Giles' chest.

Tristan cleared his throat. "So Reina, you missed the movie." Reina picked her head off of her boyfriend's chest and glanced up at Tristan.

"Oh. Yeah, I guess I did. I was tired."

"Apparently you weren't too tired to fuck your boyfriend." Reina closed her eyes and sighed, shaking her head.

"You and Zander were getting it on too." Giles piped up, turning back to look at Tristan too. Zander's cheeks were flaming, and he kept quiet.

"Yeah, we were. Not going to lie. It was some awesome sex." Giles laughed at Zander's pained expression and shook his head.

"I'm sure it was."

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